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How to drain gasoline from a car tank? Accessories and step by step instructions

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How to drain gasoline from a car tank? Accessories and step by step instructions
How to drain gasoline from a car tank? Accessories and step by step instructions

At the time of 2019, all motorists who have been driving for more than three years have ever found themselves in a very unpleasant situation when they had to drain gasoline from a tank with a hose. In many cases, people just don't know how to do it. For this reason, this article was created. After all, this situation can arise not only for you, but also for loved ones. You will want to help them, but you don’t even know how to drain gasoline from a VAZ tank and other brands. Therefore, in the material of the article we will analyze this question and answer it. It is necessary to carry out this procedure, using the safety rules, doing everything according to the instructions and very smoothly. You need to understand when the method is suitable for your situation, and when it is not.

The process of draining fuel from the tank


If you do not know when this need occurs, here is a list of such situations in life:

  1. Learning how to drain gasoline from a tank. The usual interest, as well as a simple learning of this procedure in real life. This can happen both with a domestic car and withforeign car.
  2. When a person in an inevitable situation filled the car with very bad and low-quality fuel and wants to replace it with a better one, so as not to "kill" his power unit. Who does not know, we note that poor and low-quality fuel has a very bad effect on engine components. We need to get rid of this fuel. Is it possible to drain gasoline in this case? The answer is simple: it is necessary! After all, this way your car will drive better than it moved on low-quality fuel.
  3. Fueling the generator.
  4. You need to help a person on the road, share your fuel so that he gets to the nearest gas station. Or simply help a friend you are traveling with.
  5. The tank is full and really needs a little drain of gasoline.
  6. Before repair and maintenance work. When you change the fuel filter or pump.
How is the drain process


No matter what kind of car you own and what kind of tank you drain, you will still be faced with the same concept. It will not happen that in one machine everything happens in one way, and in another - according to a different method. Everything is done the same for everyone. Each fuel tank of a conventional passenger car or off-road vehicle has its own volume. Someone has 20 liters, someone has 100 or more. It doesn't play a role at all. Each tank closes tightly with a conventional screw cap. So the fuel from the tank goes nowheredoes not flow out and, of course, does not simply merge into the external environment. It just burns out and the internal combustion engine uses it to keep your car running on the road.

In general, to go into details and the appointment of gasoline is not worth it. You should understand where the neck is located in order to answer the question of how to drain gasoline from the tank. It is located at the back of the tank, on the left or right side. Between it and the tank there is a fuel line that connects all the parts. This is a tube that can be of different diameters. It depends on the brand, but it does not affect the process of draining the fuel. New cars have pumps, old ones don't. However, this also does not change the procedure for draining gasoline. These fuel pumps help the internal combustion engine deliver fuel. It is worth emphasizing that they are completely safe and can be touched.

Also, newer cars made after 2010 have special gauges that show the level of fuel in your gas tank. This helps to understand how many liters of fuel you have already drained. Also, such machines most often have a ventilation system that maintains an optimal level of pressure. However, this is no longer important. In general, no matter what the car is, in any case, you can drain the gasoline. In this section, the main parts of the fuel tank were disassembled, which help either fill in gasoline, or transfer it to an internal combustion engine, or drain fuel.

Draining gasoline from the tank


It is important to remember and know: to work with suchliquid, as a fuel, should be used exclusively in open areas where there is oxygen. After all, if you do this in any closed room, where all the windows and doors are closed, you can inhale gasoline. And this is fraught with poisoning and other diseases. All in all, it's very dangerous.


Many people are interested in how to properly drain gasoline through a hose. And such people can be understood: this method is the most common, proven and high-quality. It is necessary to carry out this procedure in this way. We take a hose or any other tube that is of sufficient length. One end is lowered into the gas tank through the cap, and the other is inserted into the mouth. You need to tightly wrap your lips around the entire hose. Then you inhale air through your mouth, fuel comes to you, and you immediately tilt the tube into any container that will contain gasoline. Thus, the procedure is done for a long time, but confidently. It is worth emphasizing that the end that you hold with your lips should not be above the gas tank, not at the same level, but below it.


The process of draining gasoline fuel

When you do the procedure for draining gasoline from a car tank, do not forget about these rules. After all, this will help not only to perform the procedure as efficiently as possible, but also not to suffer at the same time. How to drain gasoline from a tank? All safety precautions must be observed in order not to mess things up. Everything else is easy and simple. If it doesn't work, try again. Don't despair!


Draining through a hose

The most important thing when draining gasoline from a tank is to do things away from any smoke and fire. So that your friend does not smoke near you and no fire burns nearby. Just one spark - and something will happen that can not be corrected. Fuel is a flammable product. Just one spark and your car will just catch fire. If you used the same method that suggests draining gasoline through a hose, but still the fuel gets into your mouth, be sure to spit it out, then rinse your mouth. If you swallowed it, immediately go to the hospital for washing. Otherwise, death may occur. Remember this. After finishing the procedure for draining gasoline, be sure to screw in all the bolts and caps tightly so that there are no further problems.


Draining fuel from the car

Which tank to choose, into which gasoline will flow? It is best to take a metal can or something similar. Yes, if you have plastic, it's not bad, but not safe. According to the laws of physics, due to voltage and pressure, ignition can occur, as from an ordinary spark. And this is fraught with consequences. Remember this. In this article, we learned how to drain gasoline from a tank. We analyzed all the methods, their advantages and disadvantages.

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