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Orium SUV Ice tires: reviews, test, manufacturer

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Orium SUV Ice tires: reviews, test, manufacturer
Orium SUV Ice tires: reviews, test, manufacturer

The safety of driving in winter largely depends on the quality of the tires installed. The operation of the vehicle in the cold season is complicated primarily by the instability of the road surface. Asph alt replaces virgin snow and ice, which can lead to loss of control and control over the road. That is why the selection of winter tires must be approached as carefully as possible. In these matters, the opinion of other motorists will provide significant assistance. For example, reviews of Orium Ice SUV tires are often full of contradictions. The opinions of drivers sometimes differ diametrically.


The Orium brand is now owned by the French giant Michelin. The merger with a major tire manufacturer allowed the company to modernize its main production lines. Changes in design and manufacturing technologies have had a positive impact on the quality of the final models. This affordable tire brand has even received ISO certification.

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As the name suggests, these tires are designed for crossovers and all-wheel drive vehicles. About itthe size range of tires also unequivocally hints. Available in 16" to 18" fits.

Crossover on a winter road


There are few reviews of Orium Ice SUV tires, primarily due to the fact that these tires are new to the market. Rubber went on mass sale only in 2017. Therefore, many motorists have simply not had time to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. By the way, the presented model also has a "twin brother". Orium SUV Winter tires have the same tread pattern and a similar chemical compound. The only difference from the Orium Ice SUV is the lack of spikes.

During the design, the company's engineers applied the most modern technological solutions. The design of the tire was developed using the most advanced computer programs. The prototype rubber was tested at the Michelin test sites and only then the tires entered the series.

Tread design

Tire tread Orium SUV Ice

The performance of Orium Ice SUV tires is largely determined by the tread design. The presented tires received a classic pattern for winter. The directional blocks of the central part allow the tires to quickly remove water and snow from the contact area. As a result, it is possible to provide good reliability indicators on a snowy winter surface. The directional tread pattern allows you to slightly increase the traction characteristics of tires.

The shoulder blocks are completely open. This allows you to increase the rate of water removal from the area.contact. The presented elements are quite massive. This decision had a positive effect on the quality of braking on asph alt. The braking distance is low, which can significantly increase the safety of movement. The blocks of this functional part of the tire endow the model with stability when cornering.


The main distinguishing feature of winter tires from summer tires is an elastic compound. The center rib of these tires is made from a harder rubber compound. This approach allows you to maintain stability during rectilinear movement. Demolitions to the side are completely absent, the car confidently keeps a given trajectory. Naturally, this is only true if two conditions are met. First, after installing the wheels, it is necessary to balance them. Secondly, the motorist must comply with the speed limit. For example, tires Orium Ice SUV 215/65 R16 have a speed index T. This means that speeds above 190 km / h are not recommended on the presented tires. Otherwise, the stability of movement will noticeably decrease.

The rest of the tire is made from a softer compound. This allows you to maintain the elasticity of tires in a wide temperature range. The presented rubber calmly withstands frosty winters. In principle, this is also reflected in the reviews of Orium Ice SUV tires. Drivers claim that even in severe frost, the contact patch remains stable, which ensures reliable handling.


The specified model is equipped with spikes. These elements improve the qualitydriving on an icy road. The spike heads are rounded. In terms of maneuvering stability, the presented rubber is somewhat inferior to more expensive counterparts. Riding on the ice at high speed is not recommended.

After acquiring wheels of this type, the driver should not forget about the need for a break-in. The first thousand km should be driven in the most gentle mode. Abrupt starts and stops should be avoided. This will allow the studs to best lock into place and prevent premature loss.


Among inexpensive tires, the model stands out primarily for its high durability. The manufacturers themselves claim that this rubber is able to overcome about 50 thousand km. This is not reflected in the reviews of Orium Ice SUV tires. The presented model is a novelty of the company, so drivers simply did not have time to fully appreciate the objectivity of these manufacturer's assurances.

A whole set of measures helped to increase wear resistance. For example, in the composition of the rubber compound, the proportion of carbon black was increased. The substance reduces mechanical abrasion of rubber. As a result, the tread depth remains consistently high for as long as possible.

The sidewalls of the tires are reinforced. This prevents the appearance of hernias and bumps even when driving on poor asph alt. The nylon used in the carcass for the bonding of the metal threads improves the efficiency of the redistribution of excess energy generated by short-term dynamic loads.

An example of a herniated tire

To reduce wear rate manufactureralso improved the distribution of external pressure over the contact patch. Abrasion of the central part and shoulder zones occurs evenly. Naturally, in this case, you should follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer regarding the level of tire pressure. Inflated tires wear out the central rib much faster, inflated tires wear the shoulder zones.


In the reviews of Orium Ice SUV tires, the opinions of motorists regarding the comfort of rubber have been mixed. The tires are soft, which reduces the shaking in the cabin and the load on the vehicle's suspension when driving on poor roads. At the same time, this tire is very noisy. The specific rumble in the cabin of many lovers of a comfortable ride can be quite annoying.

Expert opinions

German trade publication ADAC conducted its own tests of the Orium Ice SUV. In the course of them, the strengths and weaknesses of rubber were revealed. Experts noted, first of all, good handling performance on snow. The tires showed average results in general tests, and in their price segment they became one of the leaders in comparison.

Winter tire testing

Behavior on the ice is quite acceptable. The rounded stud head does not allow for the highest possible stability when cornering, but overall reliability is quite high. There were no particular problems when changing the coating. The tires retained control during a sharp exit from a normal asph alt surface onto an icy road.

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