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Which car to buy for 500,000 rubles: tips and reviews

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Which car to buy for 500,000 rubles: tips and reviews
Which car to buy for 500,000 rubles: tips and reviews

The modern automotive market has a huge range of vehicles. But 500 thousand rubles is not a very large sum. And there is no difference between Russian cars and foreign cars. If you follow some tips and soberly assess the situation, you can pick up something good. What car to buy for 500,000 rubles so that it serves faithfully?

What car to buy for 500,000 rubles


It's time to decide on the needs and opportunities. Car maintenance should not eat up more than 10-15% of the total monthly income. Then, in case of repair, you will not have to lay out a lot of money. The market is rich in new and used cars. And if the question arises, what kind of car to buy for 500,000, you can pay attention to the options for three-door and five-door cars, medium-sized small cars and even jeeps. In the latter case, you can buy a Chevrolet or UAZ, but in both options the consumption will be incredibly high, the same goes for the drive and transmission.

Focusing on which car to buy for 500,000(new, old, but with low mileage) the best option would be brands such as: KIA, Hyundai, Renault, Scoda, Peugeot. Their models look pretty decent, they drive the same way and are not very demanding in maintenance. If you look towards China, you can buy Lifan, Gleely, Chery. And, of course, Daewoo. This car has proven itself very well, which affects its abundance in taxi companies. If we talk about VAZ, then here the new "Grant" will cost a little more. But "Kalina" or "Priora" may come up. On the other hand, their service is more expensive than foreign cars, and their quality is still inferior to them.

For the most stingy, there is a very important trick. They can buy a car with low mileage. The so-called test drive option will always cost 20% less and was serviced by the dealer. This suggests that its reliability is at a high level. After all, customers should buy cars after the trip, and not be upset about them.

What car to buy for 500,000 in 2018

Second step

After you have decided on the car, you need to follow a few simple rules. So, a used car should not be taken at a high price. And the age is better to choose from 3-7 years. This is the best option for good iron, which can be faked within 50 thousand rubles. This amount is also enough for winter tires, wheels, musical accompaniment or a high-quality child seat.

This includes all new foreign cars of Asian and evenEuropean market. The main thing is that they are not premium. Otherwise, the question should arise about their condition and presence in different accidents.

More prestigious foreign cars or domestic versions (modified) are best taken from the age of 10 years. They will be heavily altered, but if the condition is good, then there is nothing to worry about. But regular investments will require numerous costs. Yes, and consumables will have to buy much more often. Therefore, the choice should fall only on those cars that you really like, then every trip will be unforgettable.

What car can you buy for 500,000

Third step

The next important point is the equipment of the machine. It doesn't matter if the car is new or used. And his general condition should please, at least at first. As for the configuration, it is better to pay attention to the technical part and various consumables. So a spare wheel or a whole set of wheels or rubber will definitely not be superfluous. Even if you don't need it, you can sell it.

For reference

In order not to be limited in choice, it is better to go to big cities. There will always be more choice, not to mention the fact that the price tags are noticeably lower. If in the region a car costs 400 thousand, then in St. Petersburg and Moscow it will cost 250-300 thousand. This is a rule that arises due to the presence of an overcrowded market.

What car to buy for 500,000 with mileage

Pros of choosing used cars

Immediately striking is a huge number of the same configuration options. This is not to mention the color arrangements and other tunings.A used car may already be waiting for its owner for more than a year. Yes, you will have to fake something, but it is much easier to meet the specified amount.

The cost will be 3-4 times lower. And even for options that are only a few years old. And the search is better to conduct at once on several options for sites. And often you can just drive the name of the car or class into the search engine.

It is much easier to assess the technical condition. After all, you can go to any service with the owner, and you will have to entrust the car from the salon to his own specialists. And if the age exceeds 5 years, then it is already worth thinking about body repair. But again, due to the price and availability of options, the choice is a matter of taste and time. Those who like to pick things up for themselves will appreciate this option.

What car to buy for 500,000 new

Cons of used cars

For starters, don't forget about wear and tear. We are talking not only about the body, but also the motor, as well as all the units. Those options that are more than 7 years old must be fully tested on all possible stands and with many masters. Therefore, it is better to calculate money based on this.

Well, the second disadvantage of such cars is the great need for consumables. Oil, gasoline, brake fluid go right before our eyes. Yes, and care for the interior requires more thorough. After all, the skin of the seats, torpedoes or roofs will be very worn out. And if you smoked or drank in the car, then dry cleaning with polishing is exactly what is needed at the moment.

Even electronics will need updating. Here we are talking aboutradios, speakers or screens. In general, service will be 20-40% higher.

What new car can you buy for 500,000

Pros of new cars

Breakdowns will be much less. With careful driving, they should not be expected at all. This means that the nerves will be stronger, and the wallet will be thicker. Secondly, the salon even smells of novelty. There should be no past owners or their smoking friends. Any test drive does not include this, unless customers will take the car with 100 percent probability, but then they will be sold this car.

When it comes to maintenance, the warranty comes into play here. The first 200-300 thousand kilometers or up to 5 years of service must take place at the dealer's service center. Moreover, the regulation allows you to call in once every few months. The time interval of service takes a short period. You definitely don’t need to repair or finish anything!

The feeling of calm will greatly please people at all stages. Here we are talking about confident operation, which allows you to go on vacation with the whole family. And if any malfunction is found along the way, the dealer will have to pay for it by checks or other services. After all, it was because of them that it happened. Technique does not just break down, especially the new one.

Well, where without the legal cleanliness of the car. Here the meaning would be that the absence of accidents does not cast unnecessary doubt on the rigidity of the body. In the event of an emergency, you can trust the car much more. Yes, and all electronics will work with 100 percentprobability. Also, such cars do not have arrests or several owners. They are not pawned in pawnshops or loan organizations. Yes, and the mileage will be reliable, because checking it is a sparing mode for the first 1000 kilometers of the engine. Such advantages cannot be faked.

What car to buy for 500,000

Cons of buying new cars

After finding out which car to buy for 500,000 in 2018, it's worth familiarizing yourself with the cons of new cars.

I just want to remind you of the high cost. The choice is limited to small cars and the middle class of vehicles. Thinking about Audi, Mercedes or BMW is definitely not worth it. And there are very few options for color layout with a complete set of interior. There will be no perfectly matched engine tuning or cool interior.

Also, you should not immediately pay attention to cars that are stolen very often. Of the new ones, this may be Lancer-10 2008-2010. Many people love to tune them, and then the cut into details begins. The low price of a Volkswagen Jetta or Golf puts them in the same direction. It is worth paying attention to this factor. After all, even a very cunning alarm is turned off by changing the battery or breaking the integrity of the wiring.

When buying a new car for 500 thousand rubles, it is better to choose something simpler. What car to buy for 500,000 with mileage, you already know. Especially when there is still not enough driving experience or you have to live in northern latitudes. And the insurance for an accident will be much higher if the accident happens in the first months of driving.

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