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Types of sun blinds on the side windows of the car. DIY curtains

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Types of sun blinds on the side windows of the car. DIY curtains
Types of sun blinds on the side windows of the car. DIY curtains

Sunblinds for the side windows you will need during the summer heat. There are several varieties of such car accessories. Consider them, and also think about whether it is possible to build this device for comfort with your own hands.

Textile curtains

They are sewn from a special knitted fabric. They are universal or suitable directly for the brand of the car. The fabric from which the textile sunblinds for the side windows are made is strong and durable.

Polyester fabric for cars fits perfectly. These curtains protect the interior of the car from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and overheating. In addition, they pass little heat. Polyester curtains are durable and retain their original shape for a long time.

Fabric curtains can only be attached from above; or both above and below the window. In addition to the protective functions, such devices look cozy.

small curtain in the car


This type of sunblind for the side windows is only attached torear side windows. They are an excellent barrier to the penetration of sunlight into the cabin. And they literally look like the blinds that people put in offices and homes, only they are smaller.

Curtains in the form of rolls

Made from various materials:

  • cardboard;
  • plastic;
  • fabric.

A window with such a sunshade on the side windows of the car can be easily opened, this does not require any additional manipulations. Rolls do not require any special care and are one of the most practical types of car curtains.


Such devices for cars are also very practical. They are made from a special synthetic elastic fabric. Even a child can attach a sunscreen to a window. This is perhaps the most compact version of the car side window sunshades.

The frame of the sun screen itself is made of wire. The fabric, which is stretched like a membrane inside, does not gather in folds, so the curtain is easy to care for. Mounts here are either in the form of suction cups or in the form of magnets.

Unfortunately, the sun screen often cannot cope with the task of protecting the interior from the penetration of sunlight by 100%. This is because these blinds tend to be slightly smaller than the window. But the screens are perhaps the cheapest curtains on the market.

curtain and a piece of the cabin

Plastic curtains

This option is very convenient. Sunscreens attachedcurtains on the side windows using self-tapping screws. But they have a significant disadvantage: most likely, you will not find a universal option. So, you will have to look for an accessory specifically for your brand of car. Fortunately, these movable and easy-to-use curtains still cope with their main functions.

Frame curtains

This kind of car blinds looks like tinting. But, in fact, it is a well stretched fabric. The advantage of such curtains is that they protect not only from the sun and heat, but also prevent insects and all kinds of debris from entering the salon.

Frame curtains repeat the shape of the opening, and they can also be made with a cutout. Alas, this accessory has a drawback: it is extremely difficult to lower and raise the glass with it. We'll have to remove this design.

Do-it-yourself sun shades

Curtains can be made independently. You will get both a budget and a unique option.

curtain on a red car

To make your own curtains, you will need:

  • strong rigid wire;
  • stretch synthetic fabric;
  • threads to match the fabric;
  • needles;
  • adhesive tape;
  • satin ribbon.

From the wire it is necessary to make a frame that exactly repeats the shape of the window. Next - we stretch the fabric very tightly, like a drum membrane. To prevent it from slipping, you need to use adhesive tape. The fabric must be manually stitched along the frame, cut off the excess and sheathe the frame with a satin ribbon.

This curtain will be removable. It should simply fit snugly into the opening of the carwindows.

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