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Brands of cars, their logos and characteristics. Car brands

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Brands of cars, their logos and characteristics. Car brands
Brands of cars, their logos and characteristics. Car brands

The number of modern car brands is almost impossible to count. German, Japanese, Russian and other cars fill the market without interruption. When purchasing a new machine, it is necessary to carefully study each manufacturer and each brand. The article below gives a description of the most popular car brands.

List of most popular cars

Moving around the city, everyone involuntarily looks out the window. Someone admires nature, someone is interested in looking at architecture, but absolutely every half of the time on the road is devoted to looking at nearby cars. It is impossible to remember all the design features of cars, but almost everyone knows the brands. Below is a list of brands of passenger cars most often found on the road and their small characteristics. The ten most sought after brands:

  1. Toyota is a brand created in Japan back in 1937. The idea for this Japanese car brand came from Toyoda and Kiichira.
  2. Ford is an American brand. Cars under this American brand of cars appeared in 1903.Founding Father - Henry Ford.
  3. Chevrolet is another American. The brand was introduced to the market in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant.
  4. Nissan is a stylish Japanese car. Designed by Jung Joo-young, released in 1967.
  5. Audi is a German automaker that entered the market in 1909. Founded by August Horch.
  6. "Kia" is a brand "born" in Korea. Created in 1957 under the direction of Jang Zhu Yong.
  7. Lada is a Russian automaker that has been operating since 1966.
  8. Opel is one of the oldest car manufacturers. The founding date of this German brand of cars is 1862. Created by Adam Opel.
  9. Volvo is a brand of cars created in Sweden in 1927.
  10. Reno is a popular French brand founded by the Renault brothers in 1899.

In addition to the listed brands, there are dozens of equally popular brands.

Chinese car brands

The development of the Chinese auto industry is taking place in such leaps and bounds that it is impossible to keep track of all its new products. If earlier all the manufacturers of this country worked on the path of copying already well-known brands, now they are aimed at the unification of Chinese car brands.

Now the Chinese are the undoubted leaders of the car market. There are currently more than 100 car manufacturers in the country, most of which bring cars only to the local market. At the international level, motorists are familiar with Chery, Lifan, Geely and several other car brands. All of them have quite complex signs: they containmany lines, often multicolored and include titles.

Among the Lifans, the Lifan 520 is in special demand. The car is capable of speeds up to 170 kilometers and is the product of close cooperation between the Chinese manufacturer and Mazda.

Geely brought cars to the market for all segments. The classic sedan of this brand belongs to class B. It has a five-speed gearbox and a one and a half liter engine. The logo of this brand has a round shape. Inside the circle is a mountain and the name of the brand.

Cheri is one of the most budget brands in the world. Chery QQ has a surprisingly good package for its price segment. Its logo is presented as an oval with the letter "A" in the center.

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Russian cars

The domestic auto industry has made great progress in its development in recent years. First of all, this can be seen from the new products coming out under the Lada trademark. There are also several other active car manufacturers in Russia. The list of Russian car brands includes:

  1. "Lada" - cars of this brand are produced in Togliatti. The company producing such a product is called AvtoVAZ. There are dozens of different models in the product line of this manufacturer. Lada-Vesta and Lada-X-Ray became the latest and most successful cars on the market. The brand logo has changed several times and now the sign looks very stylish and modern.
  2. Volga is a brand introduced to the market by VAZ. "Volga" was a car for executiveclass in the USSR. Unfortunately, since 2007, the production of such a car has been frozen.
  3. Moskvich is a Russian car brand popular in the 1980s. Now such a car is not produced, and the assembly lines of the plant are used to create Renault.
  4. Chinese car brands

Korean car brands

South Korea's automotive production is supported by four world-famous manufacturers:

  1. Hyundai - all models of this brand are innovative and very high quality products. Production is located in Seoul. Despite all the progressiveness of the technologies used in the production of such autos, the cost of them is not too high. This parameter makes Hyundai a favorite of Russian motorists.
  2. KIA is the oldest Korean automaker headquartered in Seoul. These cars are aimed at reaching a large number of buyers. Some of the models of this brand can be bought for less than 700 thousand rubles.
  3. Daewoo is the most frequently rebranded brand. At various times it was called Saenara Motor or Shinjin. This brand is currently owned by General Motors.
  4. SsangYong - originally trucks and buses were produced under this brand. Now under this brand a wide range of cars is produced. In Russia, models such as Rexton, Kyron and Actyon are especially popular.
  5. Japanese car brands

Japanese car brands

All Japanese-made brands enjoy greatpopularity in the world. Everyone dreams of adding one of these brands to their fleet: Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Acura, Lexus, Honda or Mitsubishi.

Japanese car brands have simple yet recognizable logos. As for functional features, Toyota is considered one of the safest cars. Lexus is definitely a luxury brand. Despite the fact that these two brands are produced by the same company, they do not have a visual resemblance.

Mazda is one of the most sought-after cars abroad. Sports cars of this brand are especially popular. More than 20 different models of passenger cars are produced under the Honda brand. The most popular among car enthusiasts is the Honda CR-V.

Nissan has received a huge boost in recent years. All models of this brand have changed significantly and become as comfortable as possible.

american car brands

French car brands

When talking about French cars, the three most famous brands come to mind: Peugeot, Renault, Citroen.

  • "Citroen" - a car focused on the mass consumer. The badge of this firm is presented in the form of two chevrons. This is done in order to show the long-term experience of the company and its significant place in the market.
  • Peugeot is one of the oldest car brands. These machines are considered among the most popular in the world. The icon of this French brand is a silver lion standing on two hind legs.
  • "Renault" - "diamond"French car industry. The brand is called so not by chance. His badge is made just in the shape of a diamond, which symbolizes the we alth and prosperity of the company.

Also on the world market you can find cars of the French brand - "Bugatti". These are premium cars made in a futuristic style. On the road, they are not so common, since not everyone can afford a car at such an exorbitant cost.

German car brands

American stamps

Ford and Chevrolet are the most popular and affordable American car brands. Chevrolet has been through a lot of hardships lately, including a big decline in sales. On the road, cars of this brand are quite common, but they were all produced before 2017. Indeed, in 2017, this American car brand was discontinued.

As for Ford, the situation is more stable here. It was this brand that at one time became the cause of the industrial revolution. Ford tries to cover all segments and satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. This American brand of cars produces sedans, crossovers, pickups, SUVs and even vans.

car brand signs

Deutsche marks

In Germany, there is a whole cult of the local car industry. Almost all native Germans choose cars from local manufacturers. Among them are such German car brands as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

"Audi" - the brand appeared through the merger of four companies. Such an event determines the form of itsicons - 4 circles interconnected. These machines are considered a true example of mechanical engineering. The main buyers of cars of this brand are residents of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Mercedes is a luxury German car brand. All models of cars of this brand are made with the latest technology.

BMW is a brand of sports cars. The huge demand for it is due to very powerful power units.

Volkswagen is one of the most successful representatives of the world market. Under this brand, affordable car models, such as the Polo, and premium ones, such as the Passat, are produced.

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Italian cars

Italy is the birthplace of Fiats. This brand of cars is the pride of the country. Cars of a wonderful brand are not very expensive, but very compact, comfortable and technically modern. Fiat is an Italian car brand aimed at the average customer.

In addition to public cars, Italy produces the world's best premium models. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini are masterpieces of the Italian car industry. These machines are an indicator of the highest technical innovation. They have an incredibly concise, stylish and simply bewitching appearance. Racing them on the road and on the special track is a real pleasure.

Representatives of the Czech car industry

There are four local car brands in the Czech Republic: Skoda, Prague, Tatra, Kaipan. Only Skoda entered the international market. This car industry is proudcountries.

The most popular models are Octavia, Rapid and Yeti. Modern "Skoda" is created in accordance with current trends in engineering. The company's merger with Volkswagen made a special contribution to its development.

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