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Car brands and their logos
Car brands and their logos

Cars filled our cities. Some brands are very famous and easily recognizable by the emblem, while some, due to the high cost, are rare. Modern car brands have their own icon, and always with their own, sometimes deep history. Consider the history of the origin of different brands of cars and their emblems. Let's start with those cars that are more common on Russian roads.


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Young and talented Louis Renault created his first car at the age of 21, and then, together with his brothers, organized a car company. Initially, the emblem of their car consisted of the initials of the three brothers. During World War I, car production faded into the background - France needed tanks. And at this time, the logo has undergone changes - it was in the form of a tank. And the modern form of the logo, which is called a diamond and a trace from the tank, was formed already in 1925. Initially, the color scheme of the logo was yellow, which is rare for car brands.


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Many car brands are known for their quality and chic lineup. One of them is a German concernbmw. The history of this brand began with the production of aircraft engines. Initially, the company logo depicted a propeller, however, highly stylized. The circle from the propeller was divided into 4 quarters, two sectors were made in sky-blue color, two more - in silver-white. These color schemes match the design of the flag of Bavaria. The logo turned out to be simple, but well-remembered, and has not changed much to this day.


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Many car brands have catchy emblems. So, the brand name of the Mercedes company in the form of a three-beam star was patented back in 1901. It is noteworthy that in this case, the logo appeared much earlier than the era of cars in general. The three-pointed star is a symbol of the fact that the company's engines can be used equally effectively in the sky, land and water. Initially, the star became a sign that the founder of the company, Gottlieb Daimler, indicated in a letter to his wife the location of his new home.


Many car brands have strange logos, the origin of which is difficult to understand. "Bow tie" is a Chevrolet badge. The idea to use it as an emblem for cars originated with Louis Chevrolet in a hotel in Paris when he saw a similar pattern on the wallpaper. His wife claims the logo came about after Louis saw it in a newspaper ad.

Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi

As we said, many car brands have a rich history. LogoThe popular Toyota car appeared as a result of a competition announced by the founder of the automobile brand, Kiichiro Toyoda. The winning logo was katakana letters in a design that could convey the speed of the car. The emblem itself was created in 1989. Toyota cars are easily recognizable by their three ovals, two of which are perpendicular.

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It is noteworthy that this logo is not just a set of elements, it is a whole philosophy, which is generally typical of Japan. For example, ovals in the center speak of a strong relationship between customers and the company itself. The space-background carries the idea of ​​the global promotion of the brand in the world and its huge potential. Now the Toyota badge has a three-dimensional design. So we can safely say that the Japanese know a lot about logos and their philosophy and sacred meaning.

Global automotive brands from Japan pay great attention to every detail, including the logo. As we have already said, for them it is not just a symbol, but a whole philosophy. The name Subaru refers to the Japanese name for the center of stars in the constellation Taurus. And these six stars on the emblem are six Japanese companies that have merged into a single Subaru concert.

Mitsubishi's name also has a hidden meaning, because in Japanese the word means water chestnut - diamond-shaped diamond. And in the official translation of Mitsubishi, these are three diamonds.


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This car brand sells premium urban sports carsclass. After the First World War, all of Europe sought to improve the situation in the automotive market. And it was decided to do this through sports teams that could demonstrate the quality of a particular car. Alfa Romeo also had its own team, driven by Enzo Ferrari. While racing, he meets Count Enrico Baraka. His family coat of arms featured a prancing stallion. And it was he who became the prototype of the Ferrari brand logo, which was invented much later. It symbolizes the squeak of brakes, luxury, the roar of engines and speed. Enzo only complemented the badge with a horizontally positioned elongated tricolor of Italy and a canary background, which focuses on the flag of the Italian's homeland, the city of Modena.

Lynk and Co

The number of cars, like the number of brands, is constantly growing. So, a new car brand was launched by the Chinese company Geely. The new car brand was named Lynk and Co. The car will become an intermediate model between Geely and Volvo. True, it is not yet clear what the emblem of this car will be. It is only clear that the crossover will not look like either Volvo or Geely.

Hyundai, Ford and Fiat

In most cases, car company brands do not come up with any special logos. They are guided by the initial letter of the name of the car itself, or the name of its creator. For example, Hyundai has a simple H-shaped badge that is slightly elongated.

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The logo of the American car Ford immortalized the name of the creator of the brand.True, this logo has undergone many changes before it became just an oval with the name of the brand.

The abbreviation FIAT hides the name of an automobile factory located in Turin: Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. But this word also has a translation from Latin - “let there be”, however, it is used mainly in church use.

Unusual decisions: Peugeot and Skoda

To stand out from a number of analogues, it is not enough to change the engine size or upholster the interior with innovative materials. Any car is striking in appearance. Some well-known car brands choose non-standard designs for their logos. For example, the Czech Concert complements its cars with a winged arrow logo, the origin of which is unknown. It is noteworthy that the design of the emblem was originally a stylized head of an Indian in a headdress with feathers. Then only an arrow with five feathers remained. In 1994, a laurel wreath appeared on a special version of the logo, which acted as a symbol of the traditions of the Czech company.

The founders of the Peugeot brand, the brothers Jules and Emile Peugeot, sought to ensure that their company logo was special and easily recognizable. To this end, they turned to the engraver, who came up with an emblem in the form of a lion. It is noteworthy that the companies produced not only cars, but also saws, cutting tools, and all of them were decorated with a symbol in the form of a lion. Note that the image of the lion was constantly changing: at first it was majestic and walked along the arrow, then it was in the form of one head turnedto the left. Then the lion changed its hairstyle, became muscular, was complemented by an arrow. To date, Peugeot has been issued with a lion in armor emblem, which is located in a yellow frame on a blue background.


Each car has its own zest, which emphasizes the perfection, aesthetics and elegance of the vehicle. The best car brands pay close attention to both the performance and styling of their vehicles. An Audi car is easily recognizable by its four circles. The emblem looks very stylish, despite its simplicity. The name itself is a translation of the name of the founder of the automobile company August Hohr into Latin. It turned out Audi. And already in 1932, an emblem appeared in the form of 4 rings interconnected.


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Today we know the logo of this company as the letters “W” and “V” combined into a monogram. But there was a time when the emblem was a stylization in the form of a swastika, which was subsequently inverted. Instead of a black background, blue has been used. The logo itself looks very stylish, which is harmonious and beautiful against the background of modern cars.

Alfa Romeo

Automotive brands in the world often have very different origin stories. The Italian company Alfa Romeo chose a red cross on a white background as a logo. It was originally used as an image on the coat of arms of Milan, and then was borrowed for the car. The second part of the logo depicts a snake devouring a person: this is an exact copycoat of arms of the Visconti dynasty. Today, these cars are rarely seen on the streets of the city.

Chery, Citroen and Mazda

We have combined these cars into one group because of the similarity of their emblems. The similarity is manifested in the apparent linear simplicity. So, Chery has two letters C, which surround the letter A on both sides. In fact, this is an abbreviation for Chery Automobile Corporation.

Citroen has a herringbone logo, but it's actually a schematic representation of the teeth of a chevron wheel. It was not chosen by chance, since the French brand started with the production of these particular components.

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Mazda has always had a logo in the form of the letter M, as well as the emblem of the coat of arms of the city of Hiroshima. But over time, it changed, taking on a vertical composition. Already in the 1990s, the logo changed, now it is a circle symbolizing the sun. In 1997, the logo was further stylized and was already designed as an owl. The new emblem has taken root, but, in addition to the image of an owl, many see a tulip.

Thus, modern car brands delight not only with high-quality vehicles, but also with stylish design. And the style is expressed primarily in the details, and there are many of them. The emblem is a feature of the brand, so every car brand that values ​​itself pays close attention to its design and development.

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