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Logos and names of car brands
Logos and names of car brands

Each brand has its own logo, emblem, which can reflect the history of the company, emphasize its status and highlight brand features or carry no semantic load at all. Cars are no exception. Surely every person paid attention to the fact that there is an icon on the front bumper, decorative radiator grill or car hood cover, which is the brand logo. At the back, as a rule, nameplates are attached: the name of the brand of the car and the model. Today we will get acquainted with the most famous logos.

How many car brands in the world

It is simply impossible to give an exact figure - every year several new brands of cars appear in the world, and there are also brands that are produced directly for the domestic market of the country. The approximate number is 2,000 units. Therefore, there are just as many logos, because each brand has its own emblem. This articlewill give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the coolest and most expensive, with racing and sports, as well as with simple, previously unknown car brands and find out in which country these car companies were founded.

Sports car brands: emblems and names

Sports cars are not made for racing on the F1 circuit, but for city driving. These cars are more elegant, stylish, beautiful and faster than conventional sedans. No wonder they cost more. They are acquired mainly in order to demonstrate their status, position in society and income level. They are characterized by low ground clearance and a powerful, hardy motor.

Names of car brands

Such cars are produced by many popular brands in the field of mechanical engineering. But there are companies that are directly involved in the production of sports cars. These include the Lamborghini Corporation, created by Ferruccio Lamborghini. The emblem of the brand has a shield-like shape, in the center of which the zodiac sign Taurus is depicted. Only 2 colors used: yellow and black. They were suggested by Lamborghini himself.

The next no less popular brand of sports cars, the emblem of which is familiar to all motorists, is Ferrari. Like Lamborghini, Ferrari is produced in Italy. Many models are designed for F1 racing. Today it is quite an expensive brand, but the price is justified by the quality and reliability. The logo shows a black horse on a yellow background.

Also, sports cars are present in the lineups of other companies whose logoswill also be considered. Most famous brands:

  • Jaguar.
  • Chevrolet.
  • Ford.
  • Cadillac.
  • Bugatti.
  • Mercedes-Benz.
  • Volkswagen.
  • Nissan.
  • Alfa Romeo.
  • Porsche.
  • BMW.
  • Honda.
  • Lexus.
  • Mazda.
  • Audi.
  • Aston Martin.

Expensive car brands: badges and names

What are the most expensive cars in the world? How to recognize them by the badge on the bumper? Let's find out.

Emblems of car brands with photo names

The world's most expensive car manufacturers in 2017 include:

  • Bentley.
  • Rolls-Royce.
  • Hennessey.
  • Porsche.
  • Ferrari.
  • Koenigsegg.
  • Lamborghini.
  • Bugatti.
  • Pagani.

The emblems of some of them are already familiar from the description above. The most expensive today is a car from the Italian brand Pagani Automobili - Zonda Revolucion. Its cost is 4.5 million US dollars. The brand emblem is quite simple and does not hide any secret. This is an oval with the name of the brand in the center. Everything is simple but informative.

The French car brand called Bugatti boasts a Veyron model worth more than three and a half million US dollars. The brand logo has an oval shape. Around the perimeter, it is decorated with 60 small pearls. The name of the brand is written in the center, and the initials of the founder, Ettore Bugatti, are written on top.Colors used are red, white and black.

Lamborghini Veneno costs $3.3 million. The Agera S model from the Swedish brand Koenigsegg will cost much less. It costs only $1.6 million. The logo represents the family coat of arms of the founder of the company. This is a blue shield with red and yellow diamonds on it.

Ferrari's Enzo costs $1.3 million. It should also be noted the brand of cars, whose name is Porsche. The 918 Spyder is valued at one million US dollars. The graceful lid of her hood is decorated with a shield-shaped emblem, in the center of which is a rearing horse. Above it is the inscription "Stuttgart" - the name of the German city, the birthplace of the automobile brand. Black and red stripes and deer antlers are depicted in the corners. These are elements of the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg, whose capital is Stuttgart.

The next brand on the list is Hennessey. The Venom GT model costs $980,000. The logo is also quite simple. On a black background, a white letter “H” flaunts, and “Hennessey Performance” is written around the perimeter.

Considering the emblems of car brands with names in the photo, one cannot fail to mention the legendary Rolls-Royce. The model, called the Phantom, costs $350,000. The emblem of one of the most expensive car brands in the world is rightfully considered the most elegant: a flying lady, symbolizing speed and lightness. The figure has not changed since 1911, that is, since the foundation of the brand. Rolls-Royce also uses another emblem. These are the letters "RR" superimposed on each other. By the way, Bentley also has an emblem symbolizing speed and lightness. On herwings are depicted, in the center of which the letter "B" is enclosed. The list of the most expensive models of this brand includes Mulsanne worth $300,000.

Racing car brands: logos and names

Let's move on to the brands of racing cars, the photos with the names of which also deserve attention. As a rule, such cars do not go on open sale. They are "chased" only on specially designed tracks in sports such as Formula 1 and Grand Prix.

Sports car brands emblems and names

These cars instantly reach speeds of up to 400-450 km/h, are characterized by low ground clearance, elegant body shapes and various sports "bells and whistles". Of course, these are very expensive cars, since their production takes a large number of various expensive materials to create body and interior elements, as well as spare parts. The engine alone can cost several million dollars.

These brands include:

  • SSC (Tuatara, Ultimate Aero TT).
  • Bugatti (Veyron SS).
  • Hennessey (Venom GT).
  • Koenigsegg (Agera R, CCX-R).

The SSC brand is the only one on this list whose logo has not yet been reviewed. The company is young, it was founded in 2004 in America. The abbreviation translates as Shelby Super Cars. Shelby is the name of the founder of the brand. The logo is an ellipse decorated with the letters SSC.

By the way, thanks to the Tuatara, SSC can be considered one of the coolest car brands. The photo with the name of the model shown above allows thismake sure. Tuatara is the world leader in racing cars with speeds up to 443 km/h. Acceleration to hundreds is carried out in just 2.5 seconds. Inside this "beauty" is a 7-liter V8 engine made of aluminum, which is a must for racing cars.

French car brands

Cars of French brands are characterized by elegance, style and neat lines. They are exported to many countries and are the choice of the most demanding personalities. Here are the famous French car brands - names that everyone knows:

  • Bugatti.
  • Peugeot.
  • Citroen.
  • Renault.

Of the brands described above, we have only described Bugatti so far. Quite an interesting logo for the Peugeot brand is a lion with paws stretched forward. The symbolism is borrowed from the flag of the province, on the territory of which the manufacturing enterprise, which is the progenitor of Peugeot, was located. The image was often modified, but it was always a lion: sometimes with an open mouth, sometimes turned the other way.

"Citroen" as an emblem uses a Christmas tree - two "brackets" located one above the other. In a schematic representation, these are the teeth of a chevron wheel. And everyone knows Renault under the logo, the shape of which visually resembles a rhombus. In the view of the developers, this is a diamond, symbolizing prosperity.

English car brands

Some people think that only German cars deserve attention. However, unique models are also produced on the land of foggy Albion. English car brands, nameswhich have already flashed in the article, is the embodiment of luxury and individuality.

french car brands names

We have already mentioned Bentley and Rolls-Royce, whose emblems are reminiscent of speed. Also in the list of English stamps are:

  • Aston Martin - the inscription of the same name, enclosed in wings.
  • Jaguar - the emblem is a jaguar, symbolizing power, speed and strength.
  • Mini – Like some other car brands, Mini chose to use fenders enclosing a circle around the brand name.
  • Land Rover - the logo of one of the divisions of Ford (specializes in the production of off-road cars) is very simple: an oval. This is an oval, which contains the inscription with the name of the brand.
  • Reliant - a symbolically depicted eagle with spread wings, and in the center the letter "R".
  • Caterham - the logo is stylized as the flag of Great Britain, only it is made in other colors: stripes of yellow, green and white.
  • MG is an octagonal sign, framed in a red frame, and in the center on a golden background the letters "MG".
  • AC - Like MG, this is an older sports car manufacturer whose logo uses the letters "AC" in a blue circle surrounded by a pale blue border.
  • Rover - the name of the brand of the car comes from the nomadic people of the rovers who traveled on ships. Therefore, the emblem is a ship on a black background.
  • Morgan is another sports car brand that uses wings in its logo. They frame the circle that encloses the namebrand.
  • Bristol - the coat of arms of the city of Bristol in a black circle is at the heart of the emblem.

American car brands with logos

Many cars made in the USA are very popular all over the world. They are preferred and trusted. Some names of American car brands are well known in Russia. This is:

  • Buick - The logo has changed several times, now it represents 3 emblems in a black circle, each of which symbolizes 3 of the best creations of the Buick brand.
  • Chevrolet - a simple and recognizable logo - a golden "cross", more reminiscent of a bow tie, framed in a silver frame.
  • Ford - the essence of the logo is to be simple and well recognizable. Therefore, a blue ellipse was used to create it, inside of which is the English inscription "Ford".
  • GMC - General Motor Corporation also uses a simple logo in the form of an abbreviation of the company name.
  • Hummer - a simple black inscription with the name.
  • Jeep - gold letters (brand name), as well as an image resembling a powerful radiator mesh and round headlights.
  • Lincoln is a rectangular compass with "beams" pointing to all 4 cardinal directions.
  • Tesla - sword-shaped letter "T", and on top - a stylized inscription with the name of the brand.
  • Plymouth is a white boat with sails in a black circle.
  • Pontiac is a red arrow.
  • Cadillac is a symbolic crown framed by a wreath, and below is the brand name.
  • Chrysler - the emblem of this brand is a wax seal withwings, in the center of which is the brand name.
  • Dodge - an icon framed in a red frame with a silhouette of a bull in the center.
car brand logos with names

Chinese cars: brands and their logos

China can be called a real giant in the global automotive industry. We offer the names and badges of brands of Chinese cars (the photo of the emblems is given above):

  • Lifan - stylized blue sails on a white background.
  • Landwind is an elliptical ring enclosing a red rhombus with a metal letter "L".
  • Changan - a blue circle with jagged edges, inside which is the letter "V" as a symbol of victory.
  • Foton - a metal triangle divided by two slanted lines.
  • Tianye - an oval, inside of which are enclosed 2 parallel upward lines, similar to steps.
  • Roewe is a red and black shield logo featuring 2 lions over a golden 'R'.
  • Chery - The logo intertwines the capital letters of the brand name, merging into an "A" supported by the outlines of the arms.
  • FAW - the number "1" with wings on a blue background.
  • Great Wall is a stylized battlement of the Great Wall of China, organically inscribed in a circle.
  • Brilliance – 2 hieroglyphs are intertwined in the company's logo, speaking of beauty and superiority.
  • Geely is a stylized wing reaching for the blue sky.
  • BYD - somewhat reminiscent of the modified BMW logo. In the black oval is another one - white and blue, and below it is writtenbrand name.

Japanese car brands

Automakers of this country beat all records. Today, these are the most popular and sought-after cars. They are of high quality and excellent technical characteristics. Japanese car brand name list:

  • Toyota is the absolute leader in the Japanese and global automotive industry, the logo of which is an intricate oval shape. The point is that, firstly, they form all the letters of the brand name, and secondly, they mean the unity of the company and the client. The transparent background speaks of Toyota's limitless potential.
  • Mark X is a model of the Toyota brand, which has its own logo - the letter "X" in an oval.
  • Lexus is a division of Toyota with a simple emblem - the letter "L" inscribed in an oval.
  • Subaru - stars on a blue background, forming the constellation Taurus.
  • Isuzu is the name of the brand.
  • Acura - The depicted letter "A" is somewhat similar to a compass enclosed in a circle.
  • Daihatsu is a stylized white "D" on a red background.
  • Honda - A metal "H" encased in a square with rounded edges.
  • Infiniti is a stylized image of a road leading to infinity.
  • Mazda - a circle symbolizing the sun, inside of which is a "winged" letter "M".
  • Mitsubishi - three "diamonds" (red diamonds) touching at the corners.

German car brands and their logos

Let's move on to cars that are no less popular in the world, because German quality is also very much appreciated.

luxury car brandsicons and titles

So, famous logos of car brands with names originally from Germany:

  • Audi - four intertwined metal rings are known today even to a child. They symbolize the companies that once united to create "AUDI".
  • BMW - since the company was originally engaged in the production of aircraft engines, its logo symbolizes a white propeller against a blue sky, which frames a black circle. At the top there is an inscription with the name of the brand.
  • Mercedes-Benz - a star with three rays in a round frame symbolizes the three founders of the company.
  • Opel - Lightning striking a circle speaks of speed.
  • Smart - the letter "C", symbolizing the compactness of the machines, next to which is a yellow arrow indicating high technology, followed by the brand name.
  • Volkswagen - The monogram combines the white letters "W" and "V" on a blue background.

Korean cars and their logos

Cars made by Korean and South Korean companies are also popular all over the world. This is:

  • Daewoo - Literally translated as "Great Universe", but the logo looks like a seashell.
  • Hyundai - the beautiful letter "H" symbolizes the handshake of two people, which means fruitful cooperation between the concern and the client.
  • KIA - the logo depicts the brand name enclosed in an oval frame.

Italian and Spanish car brands

Italy is the birthplace of supercars, the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. We have already met some of them in this article. Let's complete the listfollowing brands:

  • Alfa Romeo - one half of the circle depicts a dragon swallowing a man, and the other half a red cross on a white background. The circle is framed by a blue frame.
  • Fiat - the brand logo is the name of the company on a red background.
  • Maserati - The logo features a stylized red trident.

The quality of Italian car brands is not inferior to the Spanish Seat.

  • Seat - Uses a stylized "S" on a red background as its emblem.
  • Brands of cool cars photo with names

Russian brands of cars with logos

The emblems of the brands of cars with the names, photos of which can be seen in the collage above, were created by Russian automotive companies. This is:

  • "GAZ" - the logo of this brand changed most often in comparison with other domestic car brands. Today it is a graceful gazelle.
  • "ZIL" is a stylized abbreviation for the name of the plant.
  • LADA - boat (ship) on a blue background.
  • "Moskvich" is a stylized letter "M", also reminiscent of the battlements of the Kremlin wall.
  • "UAZ" - a kind of "swallow" in a circle.

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