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Snow blower auger: specifications and photos

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Snow blower auger: specifications and photos
Snow blower auger: specifications and photos

Very often in northern countries, including Russia, there are very severe winters. Every day there is a large amount of precipitation that can block the road, including the carriageway, thereby preventing people from fully moving around. Most often, the cleaning of public roads is the responsibility of the city or other locality, but not all roads are classified as “public roads”. Accordingly, people need to independently think about how to clear the area from snow. What is the best way to do this? In fact, the best recommendation is an auger snow blower. Then you can find out all the necessary details about him.

What is this?

auger snow blower

There are various devices that can help you clear snow blockages. It's the twenty-first century, and you don't have to use a shovel. It is better to pay attention to snow blowers that will do all the work for you. You can choose an auger snow blower, as it will be the most efficient, but it is used as an attachment. So if that doesn't work for you, you canchoose, for example, the manual version with its own power supply. But it won't be as powerful, and you'll have to put in a lot more effort to use it effectively. Accordingly, it is recommended to choose an auger snow blower, as it offers you high efficiency, the ability to clear large areas in short periods of time and no physical effort.

How does it work?

auger snowplow based on Ural

First of all, you should understand how a rotary auger snowplow works. This is a fairly simple process - the design must be considered, starting with screws, special spiral mechanisms. They are parallel to each other and serve to grind the snow that enters the device. Further, the crushed snow enters the hole, which is located behind the augers, and moves along the pipe due to the rotor blades. And in the end, it is thrown to the side through the pipe, while the ejection distance can be even twenty meters, but this depends on the model of snowplow that you choose for yourself. For example, an auger snowplow based on the "Ural" may have a lower emission, but at the same time it has a high speed of operation and, accordingly, high productivity.

Purposes of using the apparatus

auger snow blower for MTZ

So, in what cases can such a mechanism be useful to you, if in cities snow removal is usually carried out by machines that are used by cityauthorities? In fact, such large models as the FRS 200M auger snowplow are used to supply large organizations that are engaged in cleaning roads and dirt roads. Also, such a snow plow can be used to clean tractor roads. In addition, it is used for clearing snow banks, which are formed by other snow plows with excellent functionality. Thus, this mechanism can be very useful for teamwork. But for personal use, you may need a smaller model if you have special equipment, such as a tractor, on which this device can be mounted. After all, you can often hear about a snow blower for MTZ, for example.

Hitch equipment

auger snow blower for MTZ 82

As you already understood, this is not the most ordinary and versatile equipment. In most cases, these devices are created specifically for certain models of special equipment, so you will have to select the model that suits you, depending on what kind of special equipment you own. For example, the auger snowplow for the MTZ-82 is very popular, because this tractor can be found everywhere. Moreover, it is worth paying attention to the fact that, nevertheless, each snowplow model is not created specifically for one tractor model. Typically, there can be up to ten compatible models, so these devices still have a certain amount of versatility. Accordingly, when you buy a rotary screwsnowplow, photos and technical characteristics you will need to study it for sure, so as not to purchase the wrong model.

How do I connect?

auger snow blower FRS 200m

Of course, the snow blower will not work by itself - you will need to properly hang it on the equipment and connect it. Everything is not so difficult here. The fact is that the mechanism is driven directly from the engine, so you just need to connect it to the power unit, and it will give part of the power to the auger mechanism. However, the power of some models may be so high that snow will be thrown twenty meters or more, and in some conditions this may cause damage to buildings along the road and other objects.


auger snow blower photo

Of course, every person would like to know what the technical characteristics of the device that is being bought will be. The most important indicator for a snowplow is the performance, which is calculated in tons per hour. There are various models, and each of them has its own indicators. For example, snow blowers for personal use most often allow you to clear several tens of tons per hour of operation, and larger options go up to hundreds of tons of snow per hour.

In addition to performance, attention should also be paid to the corridor that the device is able to cover, because there are models whose range isabout three meters, and there are those that clean from a meter to two. It is also worth paying attention to what speed a particular snowplow allows your equipment to develop, since it can also be different. There are other equally important characteristics, such as the allowable snow cover density that the device can clear. Or the same snow throw range, which, by the way, can be controlled by special nozzles that are included in the kit and allow you to change the indicator from five to twenty meters on average.

Extra equipment

It is very important that you can soberly assess the temperature in which the device will be used. If it is too low, freezing problems may occur. Then you are advised to install an additional liquid heater on it.

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