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BMW E39 interior overview

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BMW E39 interior overview
BMW E39 interior overview

Despite the fact that the exterior of the car looks quite roomy and large, the inside of the BMW E39 is not the same as the outside. But it is worth saying that the driver's seat is quite comfortable, as the BMW designers expected. Even the center console is angled towards the driver, making it easier to operate the buttons on it.

BMW E39 black
BMW E39 black

BMW E39 exterior

This generation of the fifth BMW series is strikingly different from the third generation of the same series. The E39 is now more aggressive, dynamic, and the body lines are not so angular. Thanks to this, the aerodynamics of the car has improved, and, accordingly, the speed and handling.

The exterior of the fourth generation has become the benchmark for the production of many subsequent BMW cars, having received many positive reviews from both experts and ordinary car owners.

Aggressive exterior added headlights, which have become more angular on the outside. After restyling, the headlights are even more attractive thanks to the addition of LED elements to them.

By length E39became larger by 5.5 centimeters, wider by 5 centimeters and higher by 2.5 centimeters. It seems to be a little, but inside is now noticeably more comfortable. It also became more spacious thanks to the improvement of the interior of the BMW E39. Even three passengers in the back row can sit without limiting themselves in anything. And two passengers will feel as comfortable as possible.

E39 gray
E39 gray

BMW 5-E39 interior

The interior of the updated BMW attracted all its owners. Everything here is focused on the driver. For example, the central panel is turned towards the driver for more comfortable use of multimedia, climate control and more.

The interior of the BMW E39 is predominantly premium materials, including leather, high-quality plastics, aluminum or wood inserts and much more. In the top versions, a monitor is located on the central panel to control the navigation system, multimedia and many other functions.

Deflectors look very attractive and fit perfectly into the interior of the BMW E39. Speakers and climate control deflectors are located on the doors. On the driver's door there are buttons for opening and closing the windows of all doors, as well as adjusting the position of the side mirrors.

The dashboard consists of four circles that display the readings of the speedometer, tachometer, oil temperature and fuel level. Between the tachometer and speedometer is a display showing the total and current mileage of the car.

There are 5 displays at the bottom of the dashboard. The first and fifth shows system errors, the second shows the door opening positionsand headlight status, the third display is the temperature overboard, and the fourth is the readings of the parking sensors.

The interior of the BMW E39 Individual depends on the preferences of the buyer. You can choose from alternative design inserts in the cabin (wooden, aluminum and plastic), certain types of leather for chairs, an advanced multimedia system, ceiling trim with top materials and much more. This makes the car more personal and almost exclusive.

E39 interior
E39 interior


Despite its age, the BMW E39 looks as attractive as it did twenty years ago, perfectly fitting into the traffic flow of cars and even standing out in it. BMW E39 is called a car "with soul", as it has its own unique history.

The interior of the BMW E39 is the pinnacle of design thought. The owners of this car do not like to talk about its shortcomings, because there are many more advantages.

The advantages of this car include:

  • car exterior;
  • excellent handling even in corners;
  • comfortable location in the cabin despite the small size of the car;
  • good noise isolation compared to previous generations;
  • fuel consumption;
  • suspension that allows you to drive through the pits without feeling them;
  • capacious trunk;
  • premium interior materials;
  • interior functionality including climate control, multimedia and more.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the high cost of the car itself and itsservice.

E39 back
E39 back


This generation of the fifth BMW series became popular due to participation in many films. Also, the combination of dynamics and style, comfort and functionality played a role. The leather interior of the BMW E39 emphasizes the uniqueness and uniqueness of the car. Thanks to this, the car gained fans around the world, becoming the most successful and best-selling generation of the fifth BMW series.

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