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Removed license plates from the car: what to do, where to go? Duplicate numbers. Anti-vandal frame for car number

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Removed license plates from the car: what to do, where to go? Duplicate numbers. Anti-vandal frame for car number
Removed license plates from the car: what to do, where to go? Duplicate numbers. Anti-vandal frame for car number

Cars have firmly entered human life and have become not a luxury item, but a means of transportation. Unfortunately, a car in the modern life of a Russian costs him a pretty tidy sum, this includes all the costs of maintenance, car repairs, buying various insurances, passing technical inspections and other expenses. Despite all this, none of the car owners are in a hurry to give up their personal car. Today we will touch on a slightly different related topic, namely, we will talk about the situation when they removed the numbers from the car. What to do in such a situation and who can hold such an event? In fact, either government officials or scammers can rent numbers. Consider the issue in detail.

Removed numbers from the car: what to do

First you need to understand who exactly did it. If the numbers disappeared at night, then with a probability of almost one hundred percent they were stolen from you. It is worth noting that such thefts happen during the day, but much less frequently. Number theft is an attempt at some kind of extortion orit’s just child pranks, but this happens much less often than fraudulent schemes.

What to do if the license plates are stolen from the car? You need to decide for yourself which way to go. You can pay the scammers money and pick up your old license plate. You can ignore all the demands of criminals and buy yourself duplicate numbers for your car.

Removing a number

Accepting the demands of criminals

When your number disappears, very often thieves leave a note on your car that says where and how much money you need to transfer in order to get your car number back. Most often, the data of electronic payment systems are indicated, which need to be replenished in the amount of about one thousand rubles.

Of course, after replenishing the electronic wallet, there will be no personal meeting with the thief, he will simply write to you in SMS, where he hid your number from the car and that's it. Or he will send you the coordinates of that place. It is worth saying that no one bothers the criminal not to send you anything at all after you send him money, this is also worth remembering.

Sometimes scammers do not leave notes, but contact you using your phone number, which is taken from the traffic police database, based on the license plate of your car. No one knows where these people get access to the traffic police databases.

Car without number


This is an option for those who never follow the lead of criminals. Even if the license plate of the car is stolen and a note is left with further actions that are plannedcriminals you must accept without hesitation.

Duplicate numbers can be obtained from the respective private companies providing similar services. The number is not cheap, but the demands of criminals are approximately comparable. There are advantages to the option with duplicates, because in the eyes of the criminal you become uninteresting to him, because you do not want to pay him, and in order not to waste time, which in his case is money, he will switch to other cars. After all, nothing insures you against the fact that if your number is stolen, you will pay for it, it will be returned to you and stolen again.

Documents to issue a duplicate

You can't just come and ask for a duplicate number. You need to have the following documents with you:

  • PTS (Vehicle Passport).
  • Driver's license or driver's passport.
  • CTC (Vehicle Registration Certificate).
  • Current insurance (not always needed).
  • A document that confirms the driver's refusal to initiate a criminal case (not always required).
  • Registration plate (if at least one is available).
  • Power of Attorney (if the driver drives this vehicle on the basis of it).

You will also need financial resources to pay for the service. The price of such a service can vary greatly depending on the city, district of the city, or simply the requests of the owners of the company.

Number plates


Of course, there is no complete protection, but you can reduce the risk of number theft by using, tofor example, an anti-vandal frame for a car number. It is made of metal and deprives the criminal of the ability to quickly remove numbers, and time does not play in favor of the thief, in his case everything needs to be done quickly, maybe it will be easier for him to find another victim than to fight with your frame.

Anti-vandal number frame

If you park your car in dark deserted yards, then the chances of losing the number are high. You should try to leave the car in lighted courtyards, closer to the roadway, footpaths, sidewalks and entrances. High-profile locations reduce the chances of theft.

There are also non-standard methods of protection, for example, some craftsmen fix the license plate on self-tapping screws, and then carefully drill out the slots of the self-tapping screw with a drill, so the number will be impossible to remove without a special tool (a drill to drill out the screw heads). As a rule, thieves do not have special tools with them, and they do not want to make noise while working with them, as this can lead to their detection.

Parking in the area of ​​view of surveillance cameras is also a kind of security. There are thieves who are not afraid of cameras, and there are those who are better at finding their prey where there are no cameras. Of course, the best protection is a combination of all the above measures or garage storage of a car (paid car parking can be considered an alternative to a garage).

Where to go?

Recently, stealing license plates from vehicles has become a criminal offense. If you encounter such a problem, then you need to reportthis. The more such statements, the better the police will have to work out this issue. Initiation of proceedings on such an incident occurs within no more than ten days.

There are cases when such cases are disclosed, they are few, but they do exist. In defense of the police, we say that statements in such cases are rare. For example, if a hundred people have their license plate stolen from their car, only three to six of the victims will file a complaint with the police. The rest will either just get a duplicate or pay a ransom. It's not even about the illiteracy of the population or not about disbelief in our valiant police, but simply about the lack of time, submitting an application is a considerable waste of time.

Other variants of theft

Scammers are not limited to single numbers. Sometimes they remove mirror elements from foreign cars, which cost very, very decent money. Also, decorative overlays of rear-view mirrors and, in general, everything that can be easily removed and is quite expensive may fall into the sphere of their interest.

This trick is explained by the fact that the mirror element of some elite premium SUV can cost almost ten thousand rubles and the owner will be interested in getting his spare part back by paying a conditional two to three thousand rubles. Of course, here the calculation is also made on the fact that people who own a car for three to five or more million rubles do not particularly count thousands of rubles in their pocket. But there are also risks, because such people are usually influential and it is better not to mess with them: the consequences can be very, very deplorable.


traffic police

If the traffic police removed the numbers from the car, then the situation is fundamentally different. To begin with, you should make sure that the actions of the authorities are legal. Do they have the right to take number plates off the car? Until a certain time in Russia, there was such a punishment for some traffic violations, but at the end of 2018, the President of the Russian Federation signed a decree, and now no one can legally remove the license plate from your car.

The traffic police officer removes the number

Old violations for which the number was removed

Until a certain time, there were such offenses for which it was possible to temporarily lose your license plate on a car. For what violations did they remove the numbers from the car before? Here are the violations:

  • driver uses a vehicle that exceeds the permissible noise level or harmful emissions into the atmosphere;
  • the car has breakdowns in such components as the brake system, steering, and hitch;
  • driver violates the established requirements for car window tinting;
  • if the number was set in the wrong place, then this also led to such a punishment;
  • using various sound and light devices for special purposes, as well as applying service color schemes to the car;
  • using any headlights of the wrong color on cars (only white headlights are allowed);
  • illegal use of a taxi lantern ("checkered");
  • the driver does not have a valid OSAGO insurance policy.


Of course, many motorists will be delighted when they receive a negative answer to the question of whether they are now removing numbers from the car. It is worth warning, because if earlier a number was removed from a car for some misconduct, now your vehicle for some serious misconduct can be sent to a tow truck to a car pound, and you can be deprived of the right to drive vehicles for a certain period. It is for this reason that it is impossible to violate, but it is necessary to strictly observe the traffic rules, which were not invented by chance. In what case do representatives of the traffic police remove numbers from the car in our time? Again, this punishment no longer takes place.

Other reasons

It is wrong to believe that if you don't have a number, then it has been stolen. There are other cases, which is why you don’t always have to panic and think that your license plates have been removed from your car. What to do is not always necessary to think about. The reason may be simpler and more banal, because you could simply lose the number yourself, it could loosen up on not very high-quality Russian roads, it could come off if you hit it against an obstacle, and so on.

It's hard to give any advice that would be wiser than securely fastening the state number on the car. It is worth saying that if you have lost your license plate, then with a probability of fifty percent it will be returned to you. Usually such finds are taken to the traffic police or they try to find the owner through social networks, using thematic urban communities.

Besides this, people who are looking for where to duplicate their number oncar, sometimes do so because their current license plate has become unusable. For some reason, for some people, the number retains its original appearance for several decades, while for other drivers, the number asks for a replacement in three to five years. Some explain this with different operating conditions, while others talk about the low quality of the license plates themselves.

Number theft

Summing up

Your number from the car will either be stolen or you will lose it yourself. This may sound strange or threatening, but this is just a list of all the options for the corresponding problem. Today we looked at options for actions in the event that they removed the numbers from the car. What to do in such a situation is up to you. You can pay, you can go on principle and get a duplicate. Everyone has their own situations. It is more correct not to pay the criminal, but getting a duplicate is a loss of at least one day of your time. Not all people have that much time, which is why some drivers prefer to pay a scammer so as not to waste time. But it is worth remembering that if you pay the extortionist, then you support his activity, and it is possible as long as it brings him any profit.

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