Tuning salon "Kalina": photo and description

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Tuning salon "Kalina": photo and description
Tuning salon "Kalina": photo and description

Without exaggeration, we can safely say that the tuning of the Kalina salon is one of the most popular services in car workshops. This is due to the fact that the interior of the car is modeled rather modestly, and in some places even gloomily. So motorists have to resort to the services of specialists. In addition, there is another option - do-it-yourself interior tuning, which we will discuss in more detail.


Seat tuning "Kalina"
Seat tuning "Kalina"

The first thing all passengers pay attention to is the seats in the car. And the tuning of the Kalina salon will seem incomplete if you do not improve or completely replace the standard chair models with new seats. The main disadvantage of classic chairs is the lack of lateral support for the arms and the short bottom cushion. You can contact a specialized studio in order to correct these shortcomings, where they will offer you a more suitable option from other car models or tryreshape existing chairs.

The first option is more acceptable because of its cheapness. Specialized studios charge a lot of money for their services, and if you are lucky enough to find original chairs that are right for you, then you can redo the mounting connections on your own.


Tuning the dashboard "Kalina"
Tuning the dashboard "Kalina"

A torpedo has a great influence on the interior of literally the entire cabin. And if we compare the tidying of the Zhiguli with the Kalina, then you can see with the naked eye that Togliatti engineers have stepped far ahead in design. But the ideal option is still very far away. For the manufacture of torpedoes for domestic cars, the factory uses plastic of a rather low quality, which negatively affects the performance of the entire instrument panel. Over time, the color of the material fades. Plastic elements are covered with small cracks, and the whole structure of the torpedo begins to make unpleasant creaking sounds when driving.

Do-it-yourself tuning salon "Kalina":

  1. Carefully disassemble the torpedo structure and apply glue to all places where plastic touches metal and other materials.
  2. Fix all electrical wiring with plastic ties.
  3. Fix the air ducts.
  4. Replace all plastic fasteners with new ones.
  5. If you wish, change the color of the torpedo by pasting it with a special wear-resistant film. This procedure is not difficult to perform on your own.
  6. Improve the appearance of the interior of the central tunnel with cup holders, which you highlight in a different color, alsopasting it with a thick vinyl film.
  7. Install the armrest between the front seats. This will significantly reduce the fatigue from driving over long distances. In addition, the armrest serves as an additional niche for storing all sorts of little things.

Noise isolation

Noise isolation "Kalina" tuning
Noise isolation "Kalina" tuning

When driving "Kalina" on the road there is a lot of extraneous noise that can distract the driver. Noise appears from the wheels, gearbox, motor and other elements of the car. Regular sound insulation was installed on the Lada Kalina, but it is not enough and, it is worth noting, it is of poor quality. Tuning the Kalina salon, the photo of which clearly displays one of the stages, is as follows:

  1. Remove both front and rear seats.
  2. Remove the carpet. If you do this carefully, you can re-lay it when you're done.
  3. Remove the old Shumka and factory anti-corrosion treatment.
  4. Apply a new anti-corrosion coating and install sound deadening. Next, collect all the parts in place.

This work is very long and dirty, but with the correct installation of the Shumka, you can protect your car from extraneous sounds as much as possible.

Interior lighting

Internal lighting of the domestic "Kalina" leaves much to be desired. Only the front of the car is equipped with a small lamp. There are no lights in the back row at all. Tuning the Kalina Sport salon may include the installation of an LED strip in the back row area. It is allowed to power it from the front lamp. You can hide the wiring under the ceiling card. For greater convenience, mount a separate switch in the back row area. This will allow passengers to independently turn on the light if necessary.

Floor lighting

Illumination of the floor "Kalina"
Illumination of the floor "Kalina"

It will be comfortable to be in the Kalina salon if you equip additional lighting in the leg area. For this you will need:

  • about three meters of LED strip;
  • a few meters of wires;
  • corners – 2 pieces

To organize the illumination of the driver's floor, attach the LED strip to the double-sided tape. The second option is to use a plastic cable channel, which is installed using self-tapping screws. The front passenger floor lighting is done in the same way, that is, fasten the LED strip under the glove box. To create illumination for the legs of the rear passengers, mount the light source on the corners that you install on the air ducts. It is not necessary to remove the seats for this work. It is enough just to move the seats as far forward as possible.

The glove compartment light can also be used as a backlight. It can be installed on the side trim of the dashboard. Attach an LED instead of a regular light bulb, and the lighting will be several times brighter.

Factory door upholstery

Tuning doors "Kalina"
Tuning doors "Kalina"

Classic upholstery is not bad, but the tuning of the Kalina salon will not be complete if it is left untouched. Interior door trimneeds to be dismantled, installing in its place a new durable and stylish upholstery with cup holders and audio preparation. The material can serve as eco-leather, leatherette, carpet, alcantara, vinyl. How to do in this situation without armrests? In fact, this is a necessary detail for tuning the Kalina salon. When idle in traffic, it will be more convenient to put your hand on the armrest.


Floor mats "Lada Kalina"
Floor mats "Lada Kalina"

It is important to remember about rugs, which for Kalina are not a tribute to fashion, but a really necessary thing. They help keep the interior of the car clean, protect from dust, dampness and dirt. Don't forget to cover the trunk as well, because you carry the main cargo in it, which is not always clean.

It will take a little time to tune the Lada Kalina salon, the photo of which is given in our article. By doing it yourself, you will also reduce significant financial costs for its implementation.