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US Cars: photo, overview, types, specifications and reviews

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US Cars: photo, overview, types, specifications and reviews
US Cars: photo, overview, types, specifications and reviews

The US car market is very different from the European and Asian. There are several reasons for this. First, in America they love big and powerful cars. Secondly, charisma is highly valued there, which manifests itself in appearance. Let's take a closer look at photos of US cars, their strengths, weaknesses, and distinctive features.

Image"Chevrolet Camaro"

Size matters

Every American would agree with this statement. A big car is a good car. So pickup trucks like Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra and others flooded the market. It is worth looking at least at such cars as the Tahoe and the Escalade. Now the opinions of automotive experts are very different about the characteristics of American cars. But one thing is for sure: no one has yet abandoned the top-end Challenger or Camaro.

When the automobile industry was just beginning in the US, fuel cost little money. Before 1930 hugea number of the world's engineers have been recruited by the US to develop automobiles. Brands such as Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, and Chrysler have driven virtually all competitors out of the market. Roomy cars with V6 and V8 made it possible to feel more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. But all good things come to an end, and so did America's auto market. Depression and crisis broke out - many companies went bankrupt, and sales dropped significantly.

police SUV

What happened next?

When the crisis ended, only the hardiest companies remained. They became the basis of the American automotive industry. Manufacturers took into account their previous mistakes and began to work in a new direction without losing their former charisma. If earlier the cars were powerful and large, with practically no quality inside the cabin, then after the Second World War the situation changed somewhat. Designers from different countries were involved and work began on the interior and exterior, which has borne fruit.

Cars made in the USA are sold all over the world. Models such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang and many others have become iconic. They attracted the attention of the whole world and sold with great success. All models have survived to this day. Most of them are brought to Russia only on order.

Crisis again

After some time, there was a decline again. This time it was the oil crisis. Prices onfuel has risen all over the world and Americans have been the hardest hit. After all, it turned out that feeding a 6-liter monster is no longer so easy. Another thing is a Korean subcompact car. By that time, and this is 1970, the world has already appreciated the German and Japanese quality. Cars in most cases had relatively small internal combustion engines, about 1.5-3 liters. Another thing is the American "muscle cars" with their exorbitant appetites.

Many brands of US cars in these years have disappeared forever. Only the largest companies managed to stay afloat. These are General Motors, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford and several other companies. But even these giants had a very hard time. Being on the verge of bankruptcy, engineers have significantly changed their approach to the development of cars. There were affordable models with small and economical motors. Cult models, in order not to lose their former success, began to be made of better quality, but with the same charisma.

Image"Chevrolet SS"

US police cars

The story begins in the distant 1910s. It was then that the need arose to create motorized vehicles that would partially or completely replace the mounted police. There are currently three groups of police cars in the US.

  1. Police Pursuit Vehicles - vehicles for a wide range of tasks. Simply put, these are patrol and pursuit vehicles.
  2. Special Service Vehicles - special purpose. In the fleet of this classto a greater extent includes off-road vehicles. Most often, these are Chevrolets, Dodges or Fords used by federal agencies.
  3. Special Service Package - cars with special equipment. Often used sports cars and SUVs that have special equipment.

It must be understood that many US police cars, such as the Ford Crown Victoria or the Chevrolet Impala, were equipped with a reinforced chassis. Motors were installed in sports cars, which were produced only for the needs of the police. It is almost impossible to get away from the Challenger on the highway - this was the main emphasis.

american classic

US Cars in Russia

There aren't really many purebred Americans on the Russian market. Cars coming off the assembly line across the ocean are not to the liking of every resident of the Russian Federation. There are a number of reasons for this. One of them is the high customs value of the imported vehicle. But this applies only to those cases when you want some kind of exclusive. In general, the models presented by the official dealer are enough for the average consumer.

Let's start with a review of the Tesla Model S. This American did not live up to expectations in the Russian market. Perhaps because its starting price is 55 thousand dollars. If we translate into rubles, we get about 4.5 million rubles. And if we take into account that Russia is not yet sufficiently adapted for the operation of electric vehicles, then interest disappears altogether. Coming soon tothe more affordable Tesla 3 sedan will go on sale, perhaps the Russians will buy it more actively. Over the past year, about 200 "Model S" were sold in Russia.

Grand Cherokee

Company "Jeep" has been confidently holding the brand for many years. "Grand Chiroki" is a favorite in Russia, as evidenced not only by consumer reviews, but also by high marks from automotive experts. The model boasts a large selection of powertrains, ranging from 240 hp. With. and ending with 500+ on order. Vehicles are equipped with automatic transmissions and always all-wheel drive. The transmission and power units are very reliable and durable, which is especially important for the Russian Federation.

american pursuit car

As for the price, the basic equipment with the simplest engine will cost 2,700,000 rubles. The top version from the SRT tuning studio already costs 5,700,000. But it's really worth it. After all, almost every motorist dreams of getting one of the best SUVs in the world. High quality interior trim, modern exterior and aggressive appearance. The car can surprise not only on asph alt, but also on rough terrain, where it will not be equal.

Cadillac and Ford

The Cadillac car brand is not very confident on the Russian market. The best-selling model, perhaps, is the Escalade. But there are other worthy models that are gradually gaining popularity. For example, the CTS premium sedan. Last year byit surpassed Escalade in sales, so we are considering it.

It is worth highlighting the following characteristics of the CTS car:

  1. Two types of gasoline engines. One 2-liter for 200 horses, and the second - 3.6 liters for 340 liters. With. The maximum speed in the first case is 240 km / h, in the second - 280 km / h.
  2. High quality full leather interior. The steering wheel is classic for an American car - 3-spoke. In the maximum configuration, a multifunctional multimedia center is located in the center of the dashboard.
  3. There are 4 configurations to choose from. The cost of the base is 2,700,000 rubles, and the maximum costs already 3,700,000 rubles.

Currently, the Cuddy is an excellent multifunctional and dynamic car. It is simply superbly equipped. The company has significantly improved the quality of interior trim, well, it’s not worth talking about external uniqueness at all. Everything here is great as always.

police "Dodge" special purpose

What to buy?

You must first start from your needs, as they do in the USA. For traveling from home to work on a good quality paved road, a sedan is fine. For example, the same CTS will be an excellent choice. But if you do not live in the city and often have to travel, then you should take an SUV. It could be an Escalade or a Cherokee. If your work is related to the transportation of goods, then you can safely take an American pickup truck - RAM. Excellent and unpretentiouscar for your money. The US Car of the Year is now the Lincoln Navigator in the SUV section, and the Chrysler Pacific is the leader in minivans.

Dodge Ram pickup


Consumers are not always positive about US cars. The fact is that in most cases such transport is extremely expensive to maintain. This is confirmed by the reviews of motorists. Especially when it comes to a used car. Often there are complaints about the quality of interior trim. But this applies to cars up to 2010 release. Since then, the situation has improved significantly. In general, the engines of American cars are very praised. Motors often have serious torque and large volume. At the same time, their power is not too large. Such a motor has one significant advantage - a long service life.

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