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Starline alarm: setup, functions, instruction manual
Starline alarm: setup, functions, instruction manual

Starline products have been on the security market for decades. At the moment, car alarm devices are a key area of development for the company. Mastering advanced technologies and developments in the field of anti-theft systems, the manufacturer strives to produce affordable, ergonomic and functional protection modules for transport equipment. Even in Starline multifunctional alarm systems, configuration can be carried out without the participation of specialists in accordance with individual preferences. The main thing is to initially determine the tasks of the security system and how to solve them through a specific package of devices.

Control functions

The company focuses on telematics for monitoring and managing car alarms. This complex is based on the work of several technologies, including GSM, GPRS andGLONASS. Satellite systems, in particular, communicate with the central signaling unit via radio modules, and the user, in turn, can receive information and send commands through the proprietary Starline application. Setting up the Telematics 2 program in a smartphone is done after registering a personal account on the manufacturer's website. Perform the setup operations after enabling GPRS, thanks to which the service center will send a password to access the alarm control using the application.

Car alarm Starline
Car alarm Starline

Practically this bundle provides the following features:

  1. Working with a virtual map with the designation of geofences and geotags.
  2. Monitoring the current parameters of the car - from the temperature in the cabin to the fuel level in the gas tank.
  3. Control of starting heaters like Eberspaher and Webasto systems, regardless of how they are connected (analogue or digital).
  4. Search for a car with the ability to remotely block its individual systems.

Anti-theft functionality

This is a complex of security mechanical means that prevent unauthorized access to the interior or to the main controls of the machine. The main list of security devices includes door, hood and trunk blockers, as well as window break sensors. Through the key fob, Starline can be configured in terms of the anti-theft complex in three ways:

  1. Activation through sound alerts. Initially, the parking brake must be applied andignition, and the doors with the hood and luggage compartment are closed. Next, on the key fob, the button previously set for the arming command is pressed, after which a single siren signal sounds and the LED indicator flashes.
  2. Turn on without noise signals. The same actions are performed, but instead of a combined alert feedback, a warning will appear in the form of a series of light signals.
  3. Automatic activation of anti-theft modules. On the key fob display, this setting is activated through the corresponding icon using the cursor method. The system will arm the car every time after the owner closes the doors, hood and trunk. Next, the set pause is waited (by default 10 seconds), and the blockers are activated automatically.

Service functionality

This set of functions is associated with monitoring the state of the machine and its systems. In particular, by typing certain commands through the key fob, the Starline application or the control panel, you can find out the current information about the battery voltage, engine performance, fuel system, etc.

Starline alarm sensors
Starline alarm sensors

Special attention deserves work with sensors, which are also associated with important indicators of the condition of the car. The standard car alarm package of this company includes temperature sensors, tilt sensors, glass break sensors and other Starline sensitive elements. The sensors are configured according to one scheme: the main button of the key fob is pressed in the previously approved format with a specified number of times, after which the systemgives a notification signal about the possibility of changing certain parameters of the device. In each case, the settings are individual. For example, a temperature sensor can be configured to alert you when certain readings are reached within a set range. For tilt and impact sensors, the sensitivity value is fundamental (as a rule, anxiety levels are set from 0 to 14).

Basic alarm setting

The alarm itself and the key fob may work in conjunction with each other incorrectly if the basic parameters are initially set incorrectly. These include the current time, alarm clock, countdown timer, volume and type of noise signals. These settings will be important as baseline values for the operation of many automatic and programmable systems. So, through the key fob, setting the Starline time is performed by pressing the corresponding button and then holding it to access changing the target parameters.

Starline alarm keychain
Starline alarm keychain

Again, the number of the activation button on the key fob will depend on the device model and personal settings, since the user can change the assignment of some controls himself. Further, by moving through the time settings (setting hours, minutes, sound alert, etc.), you should indicate the current indicators. In the same format, other values are set by pressing and holding the buttons on the key fob.

Programmable modes and functions

Using the Dialog system, users of someStarline alarm kits can use programming elements. In most cases, this applies to the following options:

  1. Anti-robbery. A mode that allows you to automate the engine lock if the driver is forced out of the car.
  2. Prompt shutdown of locks. A function that allows you to block the engine, even if the main complex of security systems is turned off. By setting the time on the Starline key fob, you can set a specific date for unlocking - including using a schedule by day and week.
  3. Turbotimer. Programming this function is suitable for turbocharged vehicles. The system will automatically keep the engine running for a certain time, taking into account the need to cool the turbine.
Starline alarm package
Starline alarm package

Engine start setting

Using a key fob, the user sets the optimal temperature regime for warming up the engine before starting, the time or time intervals for turning it on. The operating time for the heater is set separately, and separately for the ignition triggering system. If you need an automatic mode of operation of this function, then the setting with the Starline key fob will be carried out in a complex manner, indicating the time intervals according to the schedule. In addition, periodic start is set in parallel with the deactivation of the immobilizer function, which by default blocks the ignition.

Emergency operation

The developers of the alarm system also provided for the operation of the system in emergency cases, when requiredperforming specific setup configurations. For example, it is recommended to use this mode if the key fob is lost or broken. In such a situation, the following Starline alarm setting is performed:

  1. Starting the ignition without starting the engine.
  2. Pressing the service button the number of times set by the instruction (8-10).
  3. Turn off the ignition. The operation will be confirmed by a combined one-time notification with a sound signal and side lights.
Telematic control Starline A93
Telematic control Starline A93

This setting essentially activates the automatic lock mode, which does not require the use of a key fob or remote control smartphone.

Hardware Installation Instructions

The basic set of standard Starline alarms includes a central control unit, an antenna, light and sound indicators, a set of sensors, an electrical relay and radio modules. Installation is carried out using complete fixtures and hardware. The most responsible will be the installation of the main controller - the central control unit, which is integrated behind the dashboard cover using a metal frame.

From a connection point of view, CAN bus operations will be important. In particular, the Starline A93 package is supplemented with this digital interface. The parameters for interaction between the CAN relay and anti-theft devices are configured either through the connected controller or through a computer via the USB interface. The user is required to pinout and test the operation of each line, turning on and off in turn.disabling security zones.

System Maintenance Instructions

Most possible faults will be indicated by the activation of commands issued as a result of the self-diagnosis mode. For example, in the absence of feedback from the reactions from the limit switches of security devices, the system will automatically switch to emergency mode and indicate inactive or problematic Starline coverage areas. Setting the self-diagnosis mode allows you to change the activation parameters of the main security devices.

Starline alarm kit
Starline alarm kit

The order of returning the problem zone under protection in automatic mode will be fundamental - for example, after the problem has been fixed as a result of restarting the system. Then you can proceed to the standard set of maintenance operations, which will include the revision of electrical contacts, checking the physical connections and fasteners, the integrity of the system components, etc.

How do I perform a factory reset?

A factory reset may be required if the system crashes or if you lose control of certain functions. In this case, reset Starline settings according to the following instructions:

  1. Turning on the ignition, press the key fob service button 10 times.
  2. The ignition is turned off.
  3. The service button is pressed again, but already 1 time.
  4. The main command button of the keyfob is pressed (in some models it is red).
  5. The ignition and the alarm system are restarted, after whichsettings will return to their original state.


Starline alarm kits are successful in the market due to their high manufacturability and decent quality of construction. To this we can add an acceptable cost of 30-35 thousand rubles. for the module with telematics functions.

Installation of the Starline alarm
Installation of the Starline alarm

As for functionality and ergonomics, the company's specialists have been paying the most attention to these characteristics lately. The same Starline time setting can be performed through the key fob by simple manipulations with the buttons, as in a conventional mobile phone. Another thing is that in this system the responsibility of installations increases, since they also affect the operation of the protective complex. Of course, different models are presented in the family, but even budget solutions provide the owner with a wide range of options with a convenient and diverse range of control tools

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