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Snowmobiles of the Taiga lineup from a Russian manufacturer

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Snowmobiles of the Taiga lineup from a Russian manufacturer
Snowmobiles of the Taiga lineup from a Russian manufacturer

When you find yourself in the taiga or on the mountain slopes covered with deep snow in winter, it would be nice to have a suitable vehicle. Snowmobiles of the Taiga model range were developed specifically for rescue services and can go even where there is no way to land a helicopter. In 2015, transport appeared on free sale.

Taiga snowmobile specifications

Snowmobile Taiga from the company "Russian mechanics"
Snowmobile Taiga from the company "Russian mechanics"

The engine power of the vehicle is 60 horsepower. This allows you to move through impassable terrain at speeds up to 80 km / h. The device's skis are made of durable plastic and attached to metal skids. The structure is balanced by a 6 cm wide caterpillar fixed on its rear part. The telescopic suspension and low gear positively affect the patency. Thanks to these characteristics, the equipment can pull a load weighing up to 500 kg attached to it in the snow.

The developers of the Taiga snowmobiles did not forget about comfort either - the height of the seats, designed forseating for two people can be adjusted, and right under the driver's seat is a roomy trunk that will fit a first aid kit and essentials. Thanks to the heating, the handles that the passenger is holding on to always remain warm, which is especially important in harsh climatic conditions. Windshield made of solar-absorbing plastic provides protection from wind gusts.

Manufacturers have made sure that modern snowmobiles of the Taiga model range can be used both for walking and for rescue operations. As you know, the search for people who fell under the snow blockages formed during the avalanche can take several days. So that employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations could not waste time returning to the gas station, it was decided to equip the transport with a gas tank with a volume of 60 liters. If the snowmobile hits a high snowdrift, reverse gear will allow the rider to quickly get out of the situation and keep going. And bright LED headlights allow you to keep searching even at night.


The vehicle is designed for two passengers
The vehicle is designed for two passengers

The following transport modifications can be found on sale:

  1. "Classic" - the basic model, has a 38 hp engine. s.
  2. "Leader" - is in the greatest demand among buyers, engine capacity is 43 liters. s.
  3. "Sputnik" - equipped with a 50 hp twin-carburetor engine. s.
  4. "Lux" - stands out for the increased travel of the rear suspension and the front suspension of the lever type. Engine power - 50l. s.
  5. "Patrol" - differs from the model "Sputnik" in a lower gear.
  6. "Attack" - the most powerful copy, the engine capacity is 60 liters. With. The snowmobile has a linkage front suspension and is capable of speeds of 100 km/h or more.

Standard features of the Taiga snowmobile range:

  • structure length - 321 cm;
  • case width - 102.5 cm;
  • height - 132.5 cm;
  • ski track width - 96 cm;
  • width of reinforced track - 50 cm;
  • track length 39.37 cm;
  • type of power system - carburetor;
  • brake type - adjustable, disc, hydraulically actuated.

Additional accessories

Winter hunting
Winter hunting

Taiga snowmobiles are supplied both separately and together with additional equipment. At the request of the buyer, the kit can be added:

  1. Electric starter.
  2. More powerful powertrain with improved intake and exhaust mechanism.
  3. Separate lubrication system to reduce fluid consumption and air pollution, and extend vehicle life.

The fuel system can also be replaced to increase power to 53 horsepower.

Price range

The cost of a new snowmobile of the Taiga model range ranges from 250 to 300 thousand rubles. The final purchase price depends on how long ago the transport was produced, whatits version (modified or basic) and equipment.

More budget option is to buy a used snowmobile. The cost of such a machine is influenced by the year of its production, performance and mileage. The price can vary from 180 to 240 thousand rubles.

Customer feedback

extreme driving
extreme driving

Reviews from the owners of the Taiga snowmobile testify to the high reliability of the vehicle. The equipment easily overcomes even steep slopes covered with loose snow. Skids soften the ride and minimize the risk of skidding, while a convenient dashboard allows the driver to monitor the condition of the vehicle.

The disadvantages of technology include the lack of a protector on the footrests, which allows you to ride in a standing position. It is also worth noting that the luggage compartment lid does not open completely, as it rests against the wall separating the driver and passenger seats.

Customers who have been using snowmobiles for a long time say that worn parts are easy to replace. The simple design allows you to quickly take care of the vehicle, as well as make minor repairs yourself. Available models are suitable for both professionals and beginners who want to master the snow expanses.

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