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KTM-690 is one of a kind

KTM-690 is one of a kind
KTM-690 is one of a kind

KTM-690 - a motorcycle, for an inexperienced rider, nothing but a branded coloring and eminent origin at first glance is not remarkable. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear how much he stands out from the general mass of classmates. Austrian motorcycle manufacturers managed to build and put into mass production a motorcycle, which simply had no analogues among the models of other companies. The KTM-690 was originally designed as a lightweight enduro sport. However, the power unit, which the motorcycle eventually received, expands the operational capabilities of the model, allowing the rider to feel confident both on the highway and on long journeys along routes where asph alt, like, in fact, roads have never been, or the quality of the coating leaves much to be desired. much better.

KTM Jump

The main thing is the motor

Without a doubt, the power unit of this series of motorcycles has outstanding technical potential and excellent performance. It is the enginetakes the performance of the KTM-690 to a whole new level, which, of course, requires the rider to have a certain confidence in himself, and most importantly, the necessary skills to control such a skittish vehicle.

Lc4 ktm motorcycle ktm 690

History of Creation

The very concept of serial use of large-capacity four-stroke single-cylinder power units in the motorcycle community, which made the appearance of the KTM-690 possible, originated in the early eighties of the twentieth century, when motocross competitions, previously regularly held in Europe, receive the status of a world-class championship. It was then that another class of engines was added for participation - four-stroke engines with a working volume of more than five hundred cubic centimeters.

The Austrians were the first to occupy this niche of the motorcycle engine building market. The Rotax company produces an engine, which was later acquired by many companies and installed on many models of various global motorcycle manufacturers, including KTM. The motor turned out to be very successful, the motorcycles equipped with it won prizes in many competitions, and in the early nineties, inspired by the success, KTM engineers decided to develop and put into series a power unit of their own design. This is how the engine appeared, which was later installed on many models of the company, whether it was an urban fighter - the KTM duke 690, or various enduro - modifications designed for operation away from asph alt roads.

KTM Duke 690

Rapid evolution

Initially there was a motor that had 550 cubic centimeters of displacement, 45 horsepower when measured from the wheel and a very high level of vibration. However, the development of the model range was incredibly rapid, five modifications of the KTM-690 saw the light at once, including a rally prototype that won the Dakar race five times. In the middle of the 2000s, the presented power unit received another update, among the changes was an increase in volume. This engine was later used to create a new rally motorcycle, the design of which incorporated many innovative technical solutions, such as the power concept of the frame of the company's own design, as well as a gas tank made of polymer materials, which was installed in the rear of the motorcycle, under the seat. Subsequent changes in the rules of the competition did not allow to fully realize the sporting potential of the motorcycle, and the prototype was retired ahead of time.

Adventure for everyone


However, representatives of the general public have not forgotten about the existence of such promising developments in the company. Connoisseurs of the brand were patiently waiting for the release of a full-fledged "civilian" version of the rally car, and at the end of the 2000s the world saw the new KTM-690 enduro, which inherited all the best from the prototype - about 140 kilograms of weight, with 66 horsepower from the crankshaft, a reinforced plastic tank that performs functions of the power part of the frame. And since the motorcycle was designed for a wide rangeconsumers, full lighting equipment, a highly informative dashboard and comfortable suspensions with working strokes of 250 millimeters were added to the equipment.

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