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What kind of oil to fill in the Niva-Chevrolet: types, characteristics, composition of oils and their effect on the operation of a car

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What kind of oil to fill in the Niva-Chevrolet: types, characteristics, composition of oils and their effect on the operation of a car
What kind of oil to fill in the Niva-Chevrolet: types, characteristics, composition of oils and their effect on the operation of a car

The motor is the main part of any car. For the smooth operation of all parts of the machine, the condition of its motor must be excellent. To maintain its performance, it is necessary to use engine oil. It is selected for each car individually depending on the type of engine.

Changing the lubricant in the Niva-Chevrolet is an event that requires a serious approach and a certain amount of knowledge. Before changing the oil in this car, it is recommended to find out which oil is better to fill in the Chevrolet Niva and how to perform this operation correctly.

Refueling Niva Chevrale with oil

Modern realities

Despite the fact that this car is considered one of the most enduring domestic cars, not every oil can be poured into it. The main thing to consider before making a choice is at what temperatures the car will be driven. Another important point is how much money you have to buy engine oil.

Use for Niva-Chevroletmineral-based oils are undesirable. This type of oil has long been outdated and does not have the necessary high-quality characteristics. These oils burn out rather quickly, not providing the necessary lubrication to the car elements, which as a result contributes to their failure, increased fuel consumption and, as a result, leads to additional costs for the car owner. They can be used, but with some reservations. This will be discussed below.

So what kind of oil is better to fill in a Chevrolet Niva? In this case, synthetic oil will come to the rescue. It contains additives that provide excellent lubrication of engine parts. In addition, the use of such oil significantly extends the life of the engine and reduces fuel consumption. Synthetic oils are resistant to low temperatures, which will allow you to start the Niva-Chevrolet even at -40 ° С.

Two containers of oil

Note that the oil used in this car needs to be changed every 10,000 kilometers, and possibly earlier, depending on the conditions in which the car is used.

Most Niv-Chevrolet owners use only foreign-made oils, because domestic ones are often faked. To purchase branded products, it is advisable to contact only stores specializing in the sale of petroleum products.

Pour oil into the Chevrolet Niva: which company to choose?

We have decided on engine oil. But what brand of it is best for Niva-Chevrolet? Select froma huge range of oils, several brands that are most popular.

Lukoil Lux 10W-40

A suitable option for a vehicle that fully meets the specifications declared by its manufacturer. Oil has a beneficial effect on the engine and contributes to energy savings, reducing fuel consumption. This brand shows itself only from the best side even in extreme conditions.

Oil from Lukoil

Lux Hit and Lux ​​Best

If you welcome advanced technologies and the latest modern developments, then you should pay attention to Delfin Industry products. The products of this manufacturer contain the substance molybdenum, thanks to which stable engine operation is maintained and fuel is consumed less.

If the question is what kind of oil to fill in the Niva-Chevrolet engine, and if the car has already managed to “wind up” a serious mileage, then it is recommended to change the oil that you use for a Delfin product.


Another pretty good product on the automotive oil market that can compete with well-known global manufacturers. The oil is formulated with next-generation additives for superior performance.

oil rosneft

What kind of oil to fill in the Chevrolet Niva box if the car is operated in harsh climatic conditions, as well as with significant temperature fluctuations? In this case, the used oil must be replacedfor Rosneft products. The consumption of this oil is minimal, which means that you will replace it 1.5-2 thousand kilometers later.

Shell Helix Ultra

Shell oil is the undoubted leader among well-known brands. The vast majority of drivers trust their cars to this oil. Oil production is carried out with the complete secrecy of the technology used. The entire product line of Shell brand products is great for Niva-Chevrolet.

Mineral oils

Motorists often ask what kind of oil to fill in the Chevrolet Niva transmission and is it possible to use mineral species? This is a rather controversial issue, since there are many known advantages of using mineral oils due to their unique properties, due to which the interfaces are destroyed much more slowly, and also the anti-corrosion properties increase. During the internal combustion process, unwanted deposits are formed, which mineral grease successfully copes with. Therefore, if the car has a high mileage, then mineral water is also suitable for it.

But it cannot be used in winter, because at temperatures below 15 degrees this oil thickens, which interferes with the normal operation of the mechanisms. In addition, the car will have to warm up much longer. Moreover, the "mineral water" can burn out, and for this reason the lubricant will deteriorate, which will ultimately lead to sad consequences. The nodes will wear out faster, fuel consumption will increase. Sometimes it comes to engine damage. Therefore, the result of all this isthe following recommendation: the use of "mineral water" is possible only at a temperature not lower than minus 15 degrees.

Different types of oils

Using synthetic oils

What kind of oil to fill in the Chevrolet Niva dispenser, and is synthetic oil suitable for this purpose? So, synthetic substances are obtained using complex chemical processes. Their advantages are that they are resistant to thermal activity, and in the long preservation of their original properties. In addition, additional components added to the composition of lubricants improve their properties. Due to this, the wear of engine parts (shaft, connecting rod, pistons) is reduced. Unlike mineral water, they do not thicken in winter. Therefore, the engine starts absolutely calmly. The specific benefits of synthetic oils are as follows:

  • the temperature at which they freeze is minus 60 degrees;
  • low evaporation;
  • are resistant to temperature and oxidation;
  • high lubricity;
  • possibility of much less frequent replacement of synthetic oils;
  • quality oil saves good amounts of fuel.

And this is not a complete list of the advantages of synthetic lubricants.

Semi-synthetic oils

What kind of oil to fill in the Chevrolet Niva, and is semi-synthetic suitable for SUVs? Semi-synthetic substances are a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils in a ratio of 70 and 30 percent, respectively. They are recommended to be used by cars that already have some kind of mileage and are already “tired” ofsynthetic oils.

Oil Mobil

Unlike "mineral water" and "synthetics", the frequency of replacement of semi-synthetic oils depends on many factors. For example, on the frequency of operation of the car, its condition, oil quality, and so on. Naturally, if you want to extend the life of your car, you need to change the oil as often as possible.

How to change oil

If you have already decided which oil to fill in the Niva-Chevrolet bridges, then it's time to figure out how to replace the product. At the very beginning, you should pay attention to the reason for the replacement. A lot will depend on this factor. Remember that according to the technical regulations, the Niva-Chevrolet should be serviced every 15 thousand kilometers. So, next, let's look at the specific steps for changing engine oil:

  1. You should drive up to the inspection hole or put the car on a lift.
  2. Remove the engine protection below.
  3. We substitute any container (preferably from 5 liters) and remove the drain plug.
  4. We are waiting for the oil to drain, at this time you can replace the filter. First you need to unscrew it. Then we take a new filter, fill it with engine oil and put it back.
  5. Change the seal and tighten the drain hole.
  6. Install the engine protection in its original place.
  7. Open the neck and fill in 3.5 liters of oil.
  8. Start the car and wait for the engine to warm up. Next, add the remaining oil and let the engine run for another 5-10 minutes.
  9. At the endends, using a dipstick, determine the amount of oil and, if necessary, add grease.
Oil filling

In conclusion, I would like to say that now you know what kind of oil to fill in the Chevrolet Niva, and also that when using high-quality engine oil and replacing it in a timely manner, the car will work without problems for many years. So watch your car and remember that the best repair is prevention.

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