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Black motorcycle: which one is the most powerful?

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Black motorcycle: which one is the most powerful?
Black motorcycle: which one is the most powerful?

It's no secret that many people like to collect things: some stamps, some coins, and some whole vehicles, for example, motorcycles, which also cost a lot of money. Vyrus 987 C3 4V belongs to such collectible motorbikes. Its price today averages about 104 thousand US dollars.

Black motorcycle

There are several models of this brand, different years of production. Nevertheless, the company producing them still produces bikes, improving every time. The 2010 Vyrus 987 C3 4V has a 170 horsepower engine and a relatively light weight of 163 kilograms. In other models of the black motorcycle, these characteristics are significantly improved. For example, in the latest version, the power is 211 horsepower, and the weight has dropped to 154 kilograms. This is an absolute record compared to previous models. Thus, its maximum speed is 310 km/h.

The latest model, according to known data, will be equipped with modern technology that allows the owner to controlmotorcycle without any problems.

Model 2010 release

Where and by whom it was created

The manufacturer of such a cool black motorcycle is Italy, and the designer of this modern vehicle is the well-known engineer Ascanio Rodorigo, who started his career as a racing team mechanic.

In one of his interviews, a talented engineer assured everyone that, despite the great power of the motorcycle engine, you should not be afraid: the vehicle is perfectly controlled by electronics, so that every rider can ride it without any threat to life.

The most powerful motorcycle

The price of such a bike varies depending on the structure and functions. The most expensive version (the latest release with maximum features) will cost the buyer 120 thousand dollars, the cheapest (base model) is also not cheap - about 70 thousand dollars.

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