The most powerful tractor in the world: specifications and photos
The most powerful tractor in the world: specifications and photos

The most powerful tractors in the world are not designed to move on standard roads. Their purpose is to carry out transportation work in difficult conditions, where it is simply impossible to do without such equipment. These machines are characterized by huge dimensions, the highest indicators of power and weight. Consider the features of such "giants", their capabilities and comparative characteristics.

The most powerful and largest tractor
The most powerful and largest tractor


The top 10 most powerful tractors in the world with brief characteristics are listed below:

  1. American truck Cascadia.
  2. "Kenworth-900", known for its peculiar exterior, typical for bonnet tractors from the USA.
  3. Western Star from the Daimler concern.
  4. Europeans also have something to be proud of in terms of powerful tractors. For example, Scania-730 has a torque of 3,500 Nm, and a turbine diesel produces about 730 horsepower.
  5. Volvo's FH-16 version has 750 horsepower.
  6. German MAN TGX develops 640 hp. s.
  7. Mercedes Actros SLT produces 625 horses.
  8. DAF XF from the Netherlands has a turbocharged engine.
  9. A few lines about Unkain models of the most powerful truck tractors. Let's start with the KrAZ "Burlak" car.
  10. MZKT. Version 741310 of this Belarusian truck has 660 horsepower.

Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of these unique machines.

Cascadia Freightliner ("Cascadia Freightliner")

One of the most powerful tractors in the world has been produced in North America since 2007. These comfortable cars are the embodiment of a true US truck. They are large, comfortable and spacious. The car is equipped with many electronic systems that facilitate the work of the driver. The cabin is also as comfortable as possible, equipped with a ventilation, air conditioning and heating system.

Main parameters:

  • dimensions (m) - 6, 8/2, 5/4, 0;
  • number of seats - two;
  • engine type - diesel 15.6 liters, 608 "horses";
  • RPM – 2.779 Nm;
  • steering - rack and pinion;
  • gearbox - EatonFuller configuration mechanics.
Powerful tractor "Cascadia"
Powerful tractor "Cascadia"

Kenworth W900 ("Kenworth")

The truck has classic American style features. It is offered with diesel engines of 12.9 liters, with a power of up to 507 "horses".

Other features:

  • torque - 2.508 Nm;
  • length/width/height (m) – 8, 0/2, 7/4, 0;
  • clearance (cm) – 25;
  • curb weight (t) – 9, 0;
  • maximum speed (km/h) – 115;
  • suspension type - dependent node;
  • brake system - drums front and rear;
  • gearbox - mechanics for 15 modes.

Fuel consumption is about 40 liters per "hundred", the hydraulic power steering makes it easier to control.

Western Star 4900 EX ("Western Star")

One of the most powerful tractors in the world is manufactured by the Daimler concern. In fact, the car is a real house on wheels, equipped with a comfortable living compartment. Under the hood is an in-line Detroit DD16 engine with 16 cylinders or a Cummins ISX15. Both powertrains produce 608 horsepower.

Quick Features:

  • wheelbase (m) – 4, 77;
  • number of forward gears - 10/13/17;
  • features - hooded exhaust pipes and rectangular headlights;
  • plating body - chrome.
Tractor "Western Star"
Tractor "Western Star"

Scania R 730 ("Scania")

In the very name of the car, its power is encrypted (730 horses). This car is a real dream of truckers, because it provides the most comfortable transportation of heavy loads.

About parameters:

  • torque (Nm) – 3.500;
  • motor - turbine diesel unit for 16.4 l;
  • transmission - "robot" for 12 modes;
  • number of cylinders - eight;
  • consumption - about 40 liters of fuel per 100 km;
  • length/width/height (m) – 7, 5/2, 49/2, 8;
  • curb weight (t) – 7, 8;
  • wheelbase (m) – 3, 7.

The world's most powerful truck tractor Volvo FH16 ("Volvo")

The Swedish truck is equipped with a 16-liter in-line six-cylinder engine. Back in 2009, this truck was the most powerful in its class. However, manufacturers did not stop there. They brought the car's power up to 750 horsepower, which made it possible today to remain in the top three of the segment in question. The units of the machine provide 3.550 Nm of torque, which leads to an incredible force that makes it possible to transport the most heavy loads.

Other features:

  • dimensions (m) - 5, 69-12, 1/2, 5/3, 49-3, 56;
  • wheelbase (m) – 3, 0/6, 2;
  • tire type - 315-80 R22, 5;
  • speed limit (km/h) – 90.
Powerful tractor "Volvo"
Powerful tractor "Volvo"

MAN TGX ("Man")

The specified German modification rightfully belongs to one of the most powerful tractors in the world. It is equipped with an in-line six-cylinder “engine” of 15.2 liters. The motor is reinforced with a pair of turbine superchargers and a Common Rail injection system. As a result, the resulting power is 640 hp. s, along with a torque of 3.0 Nm.

Other parameters:

  • clutch - single disc element with diaphragm exhaust configuration;
  • transmission - 16-mode manualgearbox;
  • suspension unit - leaf springs with airbags in front and pneumatics in the rear;
  • brakes - disc type;
  • gross weight (t) – 18, 0;
  • wheelbase (m) – 3, 6;
  • track gauge (m) – 1, 98/1, 84.

Mercedes Actros SLT ("Mercedes-Aktros")

One of the most powerful tractors in the world, the photo of which is shown below, is at the top of the Mercedes truck line. The car has a very bright and thoughtful exterior, equipped with a 15.6-liter engine.

Key indicators:

  • wheel formula - 8x4;
  • curb weight (t) – 27;
  • approximate fuel consumption per 100 km -140 l;
  • transmission system - automatic unit with double clutch;
  • suspension - leaf springs;
  • brake unit - drum type.
Tractor "Mercedes"
Tractor "Mercedes"

DAF XF ("Daf")

The Dutch manufacturer offers a truck equipped with in-line six-cylinder engines. They comply with Euro-6 standards, are equipped with turbines, have a volume of 12.9 liters. To perform heavy and long work, the power of 510 “horses” and a torque of 2.500 Nm are enough.

Below are the specifications of the most powerful tractor in the world, produced in the Netherlands:

  • length/width/height (m) – 8, 6/2, 4/3, 7;
  • wheelbase (m) – 3, 6;
  • gross weight (t) – 7, 2;
  • load speed limit (km/h) – 85;
  • carrying capacity (t)– 30, 0.

KrAZ Burlak

Ukraine still produces this truck, which was developed back in the Soviet Union. It has the highest level of cross-country ability, is able to drive where it would not even occur to others. The specified "monster" is equipped with a power unit of 14.9 liters, with a capacity of 400 liters. s.


  • length/width/height (m) – 8, 2/2, 5/3, 0;
  • road clearance (cm) – 37;
  • wheelbase (m) – 4, 6;
  • gauge (m) – 2, 09;
  • maximum speed (km/h) – 70.
Tractor KrAZ "Burlak"
Tractor KrAZ "Burlak"


The most powerful Belarusian tractor in the world strikes the imagination with its exterior and dimensions. The power unit of the car with 12 cylinders is capable of reaching a power of 660 horsepower with a torque of 2.450 Nm. The wide off-road tires of the machine allow you to overcome the most difficult sections on any off-road.

Technical data:

  • dimensions (m) - 12, 6/3, 07/3, 01;
  • curb weight (t) – 21, 0;
  • carrying capacity (t) - up to 24;
  • speed limit (km/h) – 70;
  • power reserve (km) – 1000.

Nicolas Tractomas ("Nicholas Tractomas")

The French largest and most powerful tractor in the world, equipped with a power unit that has the following characteristics:

  • modification - "Caterpillar" 3412;
  • power parameter (hp) – 912;
  • working volume (l) - 27, 3;
  • transmission unit - automaticPPC;
  • number of working steps - 12.

The truck is capable of transporting up to 900 tons of cargo in a road train, produced in a limited series, operated in South Africa to transport transformer structures from ports to power plants.