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Subcompact car. Subcompact car brands

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Subcompact car. Subcompact car brands
Subcompact car. Subcompact car brands

Small cars appeared during the period of economic stagnation in the second half of the 20th century, when gasoline prices rose steadily, maintenance of executive cars became more expensive, and class D (large family cars) and C (average European) cars themselves cost not cheap.


Gradually, consumer demand for B-class cars with an economical engine with a volume of 1.1 to 1.4 liters, a power of 48 - 56 hp was formed, which consumed only 5-6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers in urban mode. Segment B vehicles are compact and subcompact models ranging in length from 3.7 to 4.3 meters, agile and dynamic. The dimensions of a small car were the main criterion that contributed to its popularity among a wide range of buyers. The car took up a minimum of space in the parking lot, it could be "squeezed" anywhere. In the design bureaus of some automotive companies, there were even attempts to improve the already good parking properties of small cars bygiving turning functions to the rear wheels. However, nothing happened, because the driver in this case required completely different skills.

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Some of the most popular small car brands:

  • Daewoo Matiz - produced by the South Korean company Daewoo Motors;
  • Ford Fiesta - manufactured by Ford Motor Company, USA;
  • Mini Cooper - produced by the German automobile concern BMW;
  • Toyota Yaris - a car of the Japanese company "Toyota";
  • Kia Picanto - South Korean manufacturer "Kia Motors";
  • Smart Fortwo - produced by the German automobile concern Daimler;
  • Honda Gear - a car of the Japanese corporation "Honda Motor Company";
  • Suzuri Swift - manufactured by the Japanese automobile company Suzuki;
  • Seat Ibiza - produced by the Spanish company Seat;
  • Skoda Fabia is a car of the Czech manufacturer Skoda.

Small cars for women

All major car manufacturers, along with the main products, produce subcompacts of the B segment. And already in this category, a number of models aimed at women have been formed. The criteria for choosing a car for the fair sex are quite expected: it is a beautiful, spectacular appearance of the car, fantastic throttle response (from a standstill to a gallop) and, of course, efficiency. In first place in the ranking of the most popular "female" carsis a Peugeot 207, a miniature Frenchman. Second place was taken by "Honda Jazz", a stylish left-hand drive Japanese woman. In third place is a pretty "ladybug" Nissan Micra with characteristic contours. Next up are the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, Sitroen C3, Daewoo Matiz, Hyundai Getz, Fiat 500 and last but not least, the stylish Mini Cooper, which only took a place at the very tail because of its high price, otherwise it would be the first.

Subcompact cars, prices for which vary from 500 thousand (Ford Fiesta) to 1 million 450 thousand rubles (Mini Cooper) can be bought at any Moscow car dealership if the model is available for sale or on order. Each model is completed at the request of the buyer.

small cars prices

Subcompact car Daewoo Matiz

This is a front wheel drive city runabout. Produced since 1997, has several modifications. Three-cylinder engine with a volume of 0.8 liters, a power of 45 liters. with., maximum speed - 160 km / h. The model has repeatedly become the leader in sales, enjoys well-deserved popularity. It is reliable, inexpensive to operate.

Ford Fiesta car

Subcompact B-class car, production started in 1976. It is one of the most popular in the automotive market, for the period from 1976 to the present, over 26 million copies have been sold. The name "Fiesta" was given to the car by Henry Ford II, president of the Ford Motor Company. "Ford Fiesta" is equipped with a gasoline engine in several versionsor turbodiesel. Vehicle length is 3950 mm.

Mini Cooper subcompact car

The model was developed by the British Motor Corporation in 1958. Mini Cooper is considered a stylish car with its own image and history. The first few years the car was assembled at two factories, in Birmingham and Oxford, then production expanded, and the Cooper began to roll off the assembly line in Longbridge and Cowley. In 2000, the model with all the documentation was sold to the German concern BMW.

small cars for women

Toyota Yaris

The car has been produced since 1998 and has many advantages over other models of the same class. They say about Toyota Yaris that it is "more inside than outside", its interior is spacious and comfortable. The power plant is a liter engine with a capacity of 68 liters. s., manual transmission. The machine is characterized by ease of control, cornering stability and good maneuverability. Body length - 3885 mm.

Kia Picanto subcompact car

Kia Picanto is the smallest model in the Kia Motors lineup. At the same time, the car is a full-fledged 5-door hatchback with good dynamics, which is provided by a fairly powerful three-cylinder engine. The car is distinguished by a variety of trim levels: "Standard", "Standard Plus", "Classic", "Comfort", "Lux". Body length - 3595 mm.

small car brands

Comfort and safety level

Small cars, photos of which are presented on the page, this is only part of the list. In fact, there are many more models, in different modifications, trim levels and interior arrangement. Business-class small cars differ from their counterparts in expensive interiors, an abundance of various devices, and a high-powered engine. Economy class cars, on the contrary, look more modest in terms of interior decoration, are equipped with an economical engine, and expensive audio and video systems are not included in the package.

However, the level of safety, both passive and active, is the same for all cars in segment B. The ABS system is included in the basic package of all small cars, airbags and seat belts are standard equipment of the car. Ergonomic parameters are also maintained at approximately the same level for all models.

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A subcompact car must be chosen taking into account its maneuverability, this criterion is quite important when driving around the city, especially for household chores. A car with a large turning radius is more difficult to park, the main advantage of a small car - compactness - can be lost if the model is clumsy. For a small car, the optimal turning radius is considered to be no more than 5.6 and no less than 4.7 meters.

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