What are the quietest summer tires?

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What are the quietest summer tires?
What are the quietest summer tires?

When driving a car, different sounds are heard: how the engine rumbles, how the wipers creak, how the transmission clicks. And even tires create a certain noise effect. To prevent it, you need to choose the quietest summer tires. Note that there are a huge number of brands offering products, so it is important to make the right choice.

quietest summer tires
quietest summer tires

About the main parameters

The task of tires is to ensure the safety and comfort of road users. The achievement of these characteristics directly depends on the degree of noise generated by the tires in contact with the road surface. But how to understand that the tires are perfect, and they are selected correctly? Before choosing the quietest summer tires, it is worth clarifying the parameters by which the noiselessness indicator is determined:

  1. The softness of rubber. The quietness of the tires directly depends on the softness of the tread - the softer it is, the quieter the vehicle will drive. It should be understood that soft rubber wears out faster during hard braking, sothat in order to maintain noiselessness, it is important that the braking distance is short. It is also important that soft rubber is not resistant to sudden braking and heavy loads.
  2. Tread width is the second important parameter. The wider the width, the more traffic noise will be, especially at high speed.

To choose the quietest and most comfortable summer tires, you need to choose models with moderate hardness and the correct tire tread pattern. It plays an important role, as it affects the quality of adhesion of the wheels to the road surface. Subject to a moderate speed limit and the operation of the car in the city, you can choose tires with a symmetrical pattern. If you like speed and tight turns, tires should have an asymmetrical tread pattern - it also affects the low noise level.

We have described the main characteristics that play a role in choosing silent tires. Now we offer to evaluate which are the quietest summer tires R16 (2017) and get acquainted with the list of the most popular brands.

which summer tires are the quietest
which summer tires are the quietest


One of the world's most popular brands offers a wide range of tires that give you a comfortable ride on all surfaces. Among the distinctive features of summer tires of this brand, one can single out excellent grip, easy handling of cars even when skidding, driving efficiency and smoothness of movement. One of the new products of the brand is Michelin Primacy LC rubber, which pleases with acoustic comfort and fuel economy. If amake a rating of the quietest summer tires R16, then these tires can definitely be recorded as leaders:

  • acoustic comfort is ensured by the use of modern technologies in production using an innovative rubber compound;
  • optimized tread profile for quiet operation;
  • tires can be used on fast cars.

Another tire model popular with drivers is the Pilot Sport 3. Reduced tire weight increases maneuverability and improves vehicle handling.

the quietest and softest summer tires
the quietest and softest summer tires


Goodyear's summer tire range offers several tire models with good acoustic properties. At the same time, they combine high wear resistance, low noise level, good grip with the road surface. If you decide which summer tires are the quietest in the line of this brand, you can first of all note the Eagle F1 Asymmetric. High-performance tires are based on the design of high-performance sports tires. And this affects the achievement of several important benefits:

  • good car handling;
  • low chance of hydroplaning;
  • uniform load transfer to tires.

UltraGripIce 2 tires are characterized by a low noise level. They show their effectiveness at high speeds in any road surface condition.

what tires are the quietest and softest summer
what tires are the quietest and softest summer


The quietest summer tires can also be found among the products of the Finnish manufacturer. Any summer models of this brand are characterized by impeccable movement on any road surface, a high level of comfort and noiselessness. Both on dry and wet surfaces, the rubber behaves equally smoothly, stably, providing good car handling. One of the popular models is Nokian Hakka Blue 2. Among its features are:

  • good handling due to the DRY TOUCH concept;
  • safe behavior and on wet roads;
  • minimum driving noise.

Many drivers note that even when making maneuvers, the car keeps confidently, as the tires are able to withstand an aggressive driving style.


The quietest summer tires for crossovers are produced under the Pirelli brand. Eco-friendly tires are suitable for SUVs and any models of crossovers. In addition to safety, they are distinguished by acoustic comfort and fuel economy, which is achieved by using environmentally friendly materials. Scorpion Verde tires are considered innovative, which are characterized by a minimum level of environmental impact, fuel economy and air purity. The optimal set of characteristics results in a low noise level: it complies with the EURO 2012 standards, which affects the high level of acoustic comfort.

quietest summer tires for crossovers
quietest summer tires for crossovers

If you are looking for not only the quietest summer tires, but also the highest quality ones, take a lookon Pirelli PZero Asimmetrico tires. It is recommended for powerful sports cars. Tires meet the requirements of high reliability, comfort. A fundamentally new type of tread affects better grip, better dynamics and handling. It is also important that the tires have an amazingly low noise level. Most often, this tire model is placed on premium cars.


The Continental brand also produces the quietest and softest summer tires. Solving the problem with silent tires, the brand has introduced a completely new ContiSilent technology. Its task is to reduce tire noise that appears in the car. It is achieved by applying a special coating to the tread - a special layer of foam that dampens the sound waves that occur during the movement of the wheels. The effect of silence will be achieved on any road surface, which will increase the comfort of passengers. This technology is used to produce ContiSportContact 5 and ContiVikingContact 6 tires. According to both drivers and specialists, they deserve attention as the quietest tires for use in summer.

quietest and most comfortable summer tires
quietest and most comfortable summer tires

In terms of the combination of technical properties, Premium Contact tires from Continental attract attention. In addition to good handling, they perfectly show themselves as smoothly and clearly passing any obstacles on the road. At the same time, the acoustic background remains calm, which guarantees the convenience of being in the car. With such tires, you can safely go on a long journey and be sure ofcomfort throughout your journey!


Many drivers, when deciding for themselves which summer tires are the quietest and softest, prefer products of trusted brands. One of them is Bridgestone. Potenza S001 boasts the lowest noise level in the line of this brand. Innovative tires are based on Run Flat technology, so the car will continue to move safely even after a puncture. The brand managed to achieve unique technical parameters due to several production features:

  • the use of polyethylene terephthalate affects better grip due to the strengthening of the sidewalls;
  • Silent AC unit has the effect of reducing noise and helping to achieve a compromise between sporty performance and comfort for the driver and passengers;
  • reinforcement of the outer blocks helps to maintain the optimal trajectory even during sharp turns.

Thanks to the effective balance of the tires of this brand have become one of the best in their price category. In addition, tires are characterized by a balance of technical characteristics, which are enough to ensure good controllability of the car and maintain its stability on any road surface.

quietest summer tires r16 2017
quietest summer tires r16 2017

Finding the perfect solution

We have described the most popular tires of well-known brands that create high-quality and reliable products with good noise performance. The majority of tires are used as standard equipment for leading brands from Audi toAston Martin. Of course, brand products also differ in cost, but it’s still not worth saving. To choose truly silent tires, consider the following tire characteristics:

  • tread pattern;
  • stopping distance;
  • wear resistance of the rubber itself;
  • rolling resistance.

You should also understand that low-noise tires are not resistant to external influences if you like an aggressive driving style. This is especially true for sports and off-road vehicles.


Summarizing, we can say the following: good silent tires should combine a variety of characteristics. Safety, reliable traction, resistance to moisture, proven tread pattern - all this plays an important role in improving both the safety of operation of tires and their noise performance. And not always a low acoustic background indicates that the quality of the rubber is at its best, and the tread is perfectly matched. So, when making a choice, consider all the important functional characteristics of tires.