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"Toyo" - tires: reviews. Tires "Toyo Proxes SF2": reviews. Tires "Toyo" summer, winter, all-weather: reviews

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"Toyo" - tires: reviews. Tires "Toyo Proxes SF2": reviews. Tires "Toyo" summer, winter, all-weather: reviews
"Toyo" - tires: reviews. Tires "Toyo Proxes SF2": reviews. Tires "Toyo" summer, winter, all-weather: reviews

The company from Japan Toyo ("Toyo") was founded during the Second World War in 1945. Expanding, the company began its sales in foreign markets natural for Japan, such as the USA, China, gradually covering the whole world with its products. Toyo tire factories alone are located in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Holland, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia.

How it all began

In 1945, the company was not only founded, but already had a factory and a rubber processing plant in its assets. Therefore, the production of tires, seat belts, tubes for wheel products was launched in the same year. The next significant milestone in the history of the company is 1953, marked by the construction of a new tire plant in Japan. Already by 1958, the company approached the segment of passenger tires and, with the information support of the American General Tire, created a technical center for the development of this type of tires.

The company began building the next plant in Japan in 1965year, and the next year it entered the American market. Such a responsible audience of consumers required special attention. Therefore, Toyota has entered into an agreement with the Italian Pirelli in the development of a new radial type of tire for itself.

Then, in 1974 the company enters the Australian market, in 1975 - Germany, in 1981, rapidly expanding and in need of new capacities, the company forms an alliance with Continental (Germany). In 1985 another alliance of "Toyo" with GoodYear (USA) followed, in 1988 alliances with Yokohama Tire (Japan), already known from the history of General Tire (USA). In 1995, the company also entered the Chinese market by building a factory there.

toyo tires reviews
toyo tires reviews

Tire strategy

"Toyo" is distinguished by the sequence of its actions to achieve a guaranteed result. First of all, this is a team of professional not only managers, but also technical specialists who know and love their job. Many companies are content with the available production capacity, for example, truck tires, have their own consumer audience and do not count on anything else. Toyota takes a different approach. Entering a new market, they keep up with the times. Every year, tire technology improves, making them safer, lighter, stronger, and less noisy. Reviews of tires "Toyo" confirm this. This requires fresh ideas, new knowledge. This is where such an abundance of technical cooperation agreements and alliances with recognized leaders in the tire industry come from.business.

Sales strategy

Toyo's strategy of conquering new markets can be learned not only from history, but also from sales reports of produced tires. The company's 2015 public financial report indicates that Japan is the main market for the company's tires. Increasing domestic tire sales, even though the number of cars produced in Japan has declined, suggests that more Japanese cars will be sold to their owners with Toyo tires. Positive feedback about tires "Toyo" contributed to the fact that in the original configuration they can be seen not only on Japanese, but also on European cars in classes from economy to premium.

toyo tires reviews
toyo tires reviews


On the forums, reviews about tires "Toyo" amaze with their positive content. There is no judgment that they are just good, there are deep, sometimes technically sound studies showing why the TM "Toyo" tires are a great choice. There are reviews about summer tires, winter, all-weather. And they are all positive, except for the average negative percentage. If the world's automotive giants and even sports teams trust the Toyota brand, then this speaks for itself. We need to take a closer look at the tires of this manufacturer according to the seasonality of use.

Toyo summer tires

Reviews about this rubber are numerous, as it is used by car manufacturers in the original equipment of cars. That is, buyingcar in the cabin, the first thing the owner feels is the behavior of summer tires. Happy owners of cars shod from the factory in "Toyo", reviews of tires for summer usually leave contradictory, they say that they are noisy, but durable. Details of the test runs include comments about cornering stability, high cross-country ability. This information is important for those who study reviews of summer tires "Toyo" for crossovers, for example.

What would be useful to know for fans of high-speed driving? They should study the reviews of the tires "Toyo Proxes SF2". And not only this tire model can satisfy the need for high-speed, active driving. Summer is the only time when you can safely engage in sports driving at high speeds. Also in the warm season, the rubber becomes the softest. Accordingly, its adhesion to the road surface increases. This creates additional noise, from which even modern soundproofing of the cabin will not save.

The importance of reviews of summer tires "Toyo" can not be overestimated. After all, every car owner can find out before buying that this rubber should serve reliably and safely for many thousands of kilometers.

toyo tires summer reviews
toyo tires summer reviews

Winter tires

Winter is a special period. Snow on the roads, icing, snow porridge, ice under the snow. Surprises lie in wait for the driver at every turn. It is impossible to predict what the weather will be like and, moreover, what the condition of the road surface will be like. The company's specialists have been working on safe driving technologies for decades. If reviews of Toyo tires for summer are useful in terms of ride comfort, then reviews of winter tires are more about safety. There are certain trends in winter weather in a particular region.

For example, in Europe, snow porridge is often observed in winter, therefore, as car owners say, rubber with sipes will be the best solution. For the Russian winter with an abundance of snow on the roads between major cities, studded tires are suitable. In general, when the rubber becomes less elastic with cold weather, the stopping distance of the car increases. The quality of winter tires begins to play one of the main roles in driving safety. You can find a lot of information about Toyo winter tires in the reviews, but almost everyone confirms that they are reliable.

toyo summer tire reviews
toyo summer tire reviews

All season tires

This type of tire is good for city driving all year round. The only drawback is that all-season tires will wear out faster. Both summer high temperatures and winter frosts with solutions for cleaning roads from ice cannot favorably influence them. But they are not used for high-speed driving, they make more noise than ordinary ones, according to reviews of Toyo tires. All-season tires are usually used on vehicles that perform work functions, without claiming special comfort and improved handling.

Tires for all types of cars

In order not to consider the entire extensive range of Toyo tires, reviews of which will help you navigate better than any guide, you canas an example, take the 2013 model, which is successfully sold in our country to this day. It will be summer tires. Tires "Toyo Proxes SF2", reviews of which are more common than others, have absorbed all the latest achievements:

  1. Chemistry gave the rubber compound a new polymer that reduces driving resistance and saves fuel.
  2. Rigidity of the structure, in balance with the improved chemical composition of the rubber, optimizes the braking distance both on dry pavement and in puddles.
  3. The grooves in the tread pattern are noticeably widened, which prevents the dangerous effect of hydroplaning.
  4. The side surfaces of the tires are designed in such a way as to not only protect the rubber from damage when meeting with pits, curbs, but also reduce the noise level, from which there is no escape in the summer, unless you turn on the radio at full volume.

Proxes SF2 tire sizes are available for economy and middle class vehicles, as the maximum size is limited to eighteen inches.

By purchasing these tires, the owner of the car will receive unsurpassed quality, comfort and safety for the entire service life. With such rubber, driving becomes more pleasant also because the Japanese manufacturer, proven for decades, takes care of safety.

toyo proxes sf2 tires reviews
toyo proxes sf2 tires reviews

Tires for jeeps and crossovers

Large cars, if they are purchased with the aim of performing not only aesthetic but also practical functions, needserious tires that can withstand increased loads, high speeds. By purchasing a powerful SUV, its owner can pursue the goal of traveling over rough and difficult terrain for fishing and hunting.

Off-road driving as a sport is also actively developing. It is impossible to even imagine that the owner of an SUV will climb mountain trails on low-profile tires designed for city driving. To do this, there is a wide range of special tires that Toyota has been producing for many years.

As an example of a car, you can take the Suzuki Grand Vitara, a long-liver on the sales market. It can be used for both off-road and city driving. As expected, when choosing tires for such a car, which has passed dozens of test drives, has been in operation with tens of thousands of compatriots, you can refer to various forums and specialized sites. Toyo tire reviews on the Suzuki Grand Vitara are again the first in terms of publication frequency. Opinions and this time are not divided radically. Safety, low noise, durability and reliability of tires "Toyo" reviews almost all confirm.

toyo winter tires reviews
toyo winter tires reviews

Special Tires

A few words should also be said about tires TM "Toyo", designed for trucks, sports cars participating in competitions, for driving on extreme off-road. Here the company has succeeded. If ordinary car tires are in the public domain and most people know everythingabout a particular model, then special tires are a closed club.

Reviews about tires "Toyo" for special needs are left only by world-renowned high-class specialists. It is unlikely that on the usual forum of motorists you can find reviews of tires for competitions, for example, about the Proxes R888 model or the Proxes PC1 slicks. Toyo specialists work simultaneously in all areas of tire consumption and this noticeably distinguishes the brand in the market.

toyo tires all season reviews
toyo tires all season reviews

Wheels are the beauty of the car

You can't get around the aesthetic component of rubber in the overall appearance of the car. The famous American and automaker Henry Ford suggested that most of the beauty of a car is in its wheels. The word "wheel" refers to a complex structure, visually visible as a combination of rim and tire. Even if you put the wrong tire on the most beautiful disk, the whole picture will be spoiled.

Toyo pays special attention to the appearance of its tires. First of all, technological and design developments are carried out in the field of new materials and design improvements, as new items are shown for the first time at automobile exhibitions, at autodromes, in car dealerships. You can’t make mistakes here, as the buyer will turn around and go to buy the competitor’s products. Accordingly, budget tire models inherit the design of their racing and show predecessors to please the eye of a potential buyer.

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