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Car brand logos with names. History of Emblems

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Car brand logos with names. History of Emblems
Car brand logos with names. History of Emblems

The tradition of decorating cars with branded emblems appeared a long time ago. As a rule, they practically do not differ from the logos of automobile brands with names. Very often, car manufacturers use images of animals as emblems. No less popular is the use of elements of the coats of arms of cities and regions as logos for car brands. The names, history and photos of some of them can be found by reading the article.

Logos of foreign cars

The first BMW emblem was a spinning propeller. The company produced aircraft engines. Later, the logo of the automobile brand with the name was stylized as a circle, divided into four equal parts. This is what a spinning propeller looks like when viewed from a right angle. The car brand logo with the name is painted in the colors of the Bavarian flag:blue and white.

Mercedes was part of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. At the beginning of the last century, the company produced engines for cars, ships and aircraft. Her logo was supposed to symbolize superiority on land, sea and air. The emblem of the company was a three-pointed star. After the merger of Mercedes with Benz, the logo was inscribed in a circle with a bay leaf. It symbolized the victories of the Benz team in car racing. The logo was later simplified and the leaf disappeared from the emblem.

Mercedes logo

In the center of the Porshe logo is the coat of arms of Stuttgart - a rearing horse. The remaining elements are borrowed from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg.

Mitsubishi was created from the merger of two family businesses. Their coats of arms - three rhombuses and oak leaves - were combined into one. The name of the company is translated into Russian as "three diamonds".

The Chevrolet emblem was created by the founder of the company, W. Durant. There are several versions of the origin of the logo. According to one of them, during a trip to Paris, an unusual pattern on the wallpaper in a hotel room caught his attention. Durant tore off a piece of wallpaper and brought it home. So, the bow tie became the company logo.

Chevrolet logo

Another logo with an interesting history is the trident on Maserati cars. It appeared thanks to the fountain of Neptune, located in the historical center of Bologna. It was this imposing design that became the inspiration for the Maserati brothers when they worked oncreating an emblem. The Maserati logo is featured on the main photo of the article.

Logos of automobile brands of the USSR with names

The first GAZ cars were created on the basis of Ford models. The GAZ emblem also resembled the Ford emblem - the letter G in a blue oval. The logo was changed in 1950. A running deer, a traditional symbol of the Nizhny Novgorod region, appeared on Volga cars.

GAZ logo

The VAZ logo is a letter stylized as an old Russian boat. It was created by one of the directors of the plant - A. Dekalenkov. The logo was finalized by designer Yuri Danilov. The emblem became more rounded, the inscription "Togliatti" appeared at the bottom. The first VAZ model was produced jointly with the Italian company Fiat. A photo with the logo of a car brand with the name was sent to Turin. The Italians confused the Russian letter "I" on the emblem with the Latin "R". Emblems with the inscription (erroneous) are considered to be of great value. They were installed only on the first models of Zhiguli. Collectors value them at several hundred euros. In the early 90s of the last century, the shape of the logo was changed to an oval.

Russian manufacturers

UAZ logo

The UAZ emblem is a black bird inscribed in a circle. The color of the logo was later changed to green. The KamAZ logo is a blue horse. This emblem is a tribute to Tatar traditions. It symbolizes the strength, power and excellent technical characteristics of cars.

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