How to name a car: the most common options

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How to name a car: the most common options
How to name a car: the most common options

It so happened that the car becomes for many motorists not just a means of transportation. She turns into a helper, friend and even a family member. And, as a result, the owner tries to figure out how to name the car, choosing an interesting nickname for it or just an affectionate name.

Transport with a human soul

And what could be clearer than our ordinary and familiar human names? For example, many pet breeders do the same by choosing a favorite or meaningful name as their pet's nickname. Car enthusiasts are not trying to be particularly original here either.

Without reference to the brand or model, you can name the car the same as your good friend or girlfriend: Vasya, Lusya, Kostya, Anya. For the sake of variety, experiment with foreign names: Bella, Jack, Connor, Mustafa, Angelica.

My sweet and gentle beast

By the way, many owners believe that their car has a soul. And if, for example, you talk to him affectionately, then the driving process will become safer and more comfortable for them. Therefore, another category of drivers is tryingaffectionately call the car as a beloved and dear companion on the road. True, now without names, but simply "baby", "beauty", "girl", "boy", "baby", "buddy", "girlfriend" and the like.

car named boy
car named boy

It is interesting to note that most often the owners of transport, belonging to the beautiful half of humanity, treat their cars as a representative of the stronger sex. Conversely, men perceive the car as a girl or woman.

Where did this zoo come from?

Did you like to compare clouds with various animals or objects as a child? Now you can try to draw a similar analogy with your car. Nimble and playful, like a cheetah, or powerful and confident, like a buffalo. A small and nimble car can be compared to a mouse. And the purring engine is able to remind the purr of a kitten.

car named cheetah
car named cheetah

So on the roads you can always meet a proud "mustang" and a leisurely "hippo", a perky "tiger cub", a leisurely "turtle" and an imposing "cat".

And the notorious and most common "swallow" remains in the first place.

Celebrity incarnation

Not to be overlooked by fans and fans of movies, series or cartoons. This category of drivers can name the car like the heroes of their favorite films. This means that Terminators, Green Arrows, Rambo, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hoods are on the road.

terminator machine
terminator machine

"Funtik" and "kolobok" can meet at onetraffic light. "Batman" and "Cheshire Cat" can be not only characters on the TV screen, but also neighbors in garages.

What could be more logical

Diminutive nicknames for car models and brands are already becoming popular among the people. Cars are named after their official names.

So, if you have "Avensis", then the name "Venya" is stuck tightly. "Nexia" turns into "Ksyusha". "Mazda 3" becomes "matryoshka", and Nissan X-trail - "cunning". "Toyota Corolla" is called "cow", "Chevrolet Cruz" - "Kuzey", and "Volkswagen Taureg" - "stool".

Peugeots are called "fawns" to any cars, "Suzuki" - "Zuzuka" or "Zhuzhuka", BMWs have become "behs" or "boomers". Huge "Humvees" are affectionately called "hamsters".

Honda Civic received the symbolic nickname "Sivka", and "Mercedes" - "gelding".

Sivka machine
Sivka machine

So every car in the common people has its second unofficial, but understandable name for every car owner.

I just felt like it

It is worth noting a number of nicknames for cars that are not related to the above.

The appeal "bibika" or "machine" remains quite understandable and popular.

Some vehicle owners may name the car as another mode of transport, for example, "tank" or "tanchik", "cart", "airplane", "rocket". Associating your car with them because of its appearance or driving characteristics.

Nicknames associated with the color of the car quickly stick. So, a white body is compared with a "snowflake", "squirrel", "white". Green color suggests "frog", "crocodile", "brilliant green" or "grasshopper". A yellow car is easily called a "sun", "lemon" or "chicken".

Another range of names suitable for any car: workhorse, horse, hurricane, bead.


It's clear that you name the car as you personally like it. It can be an affectionate appeal, as if you have a close and reliable friend in front of you. Or you will give a formidable and fighting name to the car, as your strong protector and helper. Some drivers refer to their vehicles with sarcasm, provoking the car to perform better.

By the way, one well-known principle works most often: you call it like a ship, even with four wheels, so it will go.

Despite the fact that the car has no soul, it is a common technique, almost all motorists believe otherwise. By talking to him like a child, you can convince the car to start and go. Promise new wheels or clean the interior, and the machine will gladly stretch the remaining gasoline to the nearest gas station. It is worth starting to aggressively communicate with the car, and you can run into the response of the iron horse.

Do not forget about car maintenance, replacement of consumable fluids, scheduled inspections by specialists. In this case, your faithful horse, your favorite swallow, will serve faithfully for many years.