Motorcycle "Ste alth 450" and its characteristics

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Motorcycle "Ste alth 450" and its characteristics
Motorcycle "Ste alth 450" and its characteristics

The name "Ste alth 450" enduro accurately characterizes this technique - light, designed for off-road driving and ordinary city roads. The appearance of the model is quite trivial for motorcycles of this class: powerful tire treads, suspension with impressive travel, lightweight aluminum frame, minimal plastic.

ste alth 450
ste alth 450

Despite the impressive engine size, visually the bike is almost indistinguishable from 150 and 200 cc enduro vehicles. The Stels 450 motorcycle is suitable for amateur riding around the city and country roads, and for dashing professional races on special tracks.


Everyone who is thinking about purchasing this model is primarily interested in its performance characteristics. "Ste alth 450" has pretty good performance for its relatively moderate price.

Indicators Meaning
Dimensions (length, height, width) 2, 32 x 1, 30 x 0, 83
Dry weight 117kg
Max speed 150 km/h
Capacity of tank

8, 5 l


1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 449.4cm3

Power 30 l. With. (7500 rpm)
Start Electro / Kickstarter
Brakes Disk hydraulic
Front suspension Telescopic fork (2 shock absorbers)
Rear suspension Pendulum (1 shock absorber)

Target Audience

The Ste alth 450 motorcycle has a very impressive enduro power. Usually, beginners do not chase such an indicator, most often this model is under the saddle of a pilot who already has experience in driving motorcycles. At the same time, the potential owner should understand that this model can hardly be called a serious competitor to Japanese or German technology. This is a budget option for those who cannot afford a bike from a more serious manufacturer.

ste alth 450 enduro reviews
ste alth 450 enduro reviews

Strengths of Ste alth 450 (Enduro)

Owner reviews always help a doubting buyer make a final decision. Most owners speak positively about the ergonomics of the model. Its relatively small mass serves the owner well off-road. The bike is mobile, its high maneuverability allows you to overcome obstacles. Brake reliability is commendable. Many note the conveniencepilot landing.

Flaws of the model

"Ste alth 450" (enduro), reviews of which are not always unanimous, always feels confident in the city. But the wet road, viscous clay, impassable mud - this is not for him. Controllability is greatly reduced. Some owners find the tank capacity too modest.

ste alth 450 enduro owner reviews
ste alth 450 enduro owner reviews

Not everyone likes his appearance, clearly reminiscent of the famous Honda bike CRF 450X. But there are far too many budget bikes like this around the world (like the Forsage 450) to have a serious conversation about individual style.

When buying a new Ste alth 450 motorcycle, you should carefully examine not only the exterior, but also look inside. Experienced riders are advised to disassemble the unit and tighten the bolts. On models that have come off the assembly line, not too developed fasteners are often found. The problem is solvable, it is enough to tinker with a new thing for a couple of evenings.

If you buy a bike in the showroom, take the opportunity to test drive. This will help you get the most objective view of this enduro brand.