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Motorcycles in "Terminator 2" - description, specifications and features

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Motorcycles in "Terminator 2" - description, specifications and features
Motorcycles in "Terminator 2" - description, specifications and features

The story of the T-800 robot remained in the memory of many generations for a long time and marked the beginning of the use of computer graphics in cinematography. However, fans of this universe are not always fascinated by the technologies used in the filming process. But what kind of motorcycle was in Terminator 2 when he saved John Connor is of great interest to many. And what kind of stories appeared in this episode? Where can they be found now? What are the characteristics of famous motorcycle models? These questions cover a huge amount of interesting facts about the technique and the nature of the characters.

The role of motorcycles in the film

T-800 is no longer the killer robot that was in the first part. His goal now is to protect the future leader of the opposition in the war against artificial intelligence. To prevent the robots from destroying themselves as a child, John Connor sends a T-800 to become a bodyguard for the boy. As a child, John was not the most obedient child - with the help of hacker methods he robbed ATMs, lost the loot in vending machines, and rode a motorcycle without thinking about his safety and he althsurrounding.

Schwarzenegger motorcycle in terminator 2

To find the tomboy, the Terminator will need a fast transport that does not take up much space and gives room for maneuver. Very fortunately, not far from the landing site at this time, there is a biker club, where they rest for a drink. From one of these motorcyclists, the T-800 takes away pants, a jacket and the transport itself. It was at this moment that the famous phrase was said: "I need your clothes and a motorcycle." "Terminator-2" was henceforth inextricably linked with motor vehicles.

Two-wheel racing

Together with the Terminator, the upgraded robot T-1000 is transferred at this time. It is from him that the former killer must protect John. Why did the choice of the Terminator fell on motorcycles? There are several reasons for this:

  • The maneuverability of this type of transport is ensured by the presence of only two wheels and one drive.
  • Speed. Unlike the truck on which the T-1000 rode, the motorcycle can be accelerated much faster and stopped faster. In a critical situation, this became the decisive factor.
  • Paphos. And where without it? Terminator on a Harley looks much cooler than on a truck. To be honest, coolness can also be called a big plus.
Terminator 2 Motorcycle

Two wheeled vehicles participated in the race: Terminator's Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy and John Connor's HONDA CRM50. If the first is a powerful motorcycle with a 6-speed transmission system, then the second is a 50cc moped. It makes sense that Harley, the motorcycle from the movie"Terminator 2" was able to save the boy. When the T-1000 on the truck picked up speed, the moped did not have enough strength to continue the race. He had already begun to rub his rear wheel against the truck. But this did not happen with the Terminator's motorcycle, and the robot "by the scruff" dragged the boy to him. On the characteristics of the well-known "cruiser" should stop and take a closer look.

Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy

It is the cruiser described above that is a model of the Terminator-2 motorcycle. The American motorcycle brand is time-tested and war-tested, where motorcycles and motorized troops played an important role. The hallmark of the company can be called a certain style and quality, thanks to which a community of Harley-Davidson fans has formed. The engine capacity of this model is 1,745 cubic meters. The fuel used is A95. In total, the tank holds 12 liters of fuel.

Harley-Davidson in "Terminator 2"

However, it is not the technical characteristics of Fat Boy that attracts attention, but the appearance. The Terminator 2 motorcycle has a powerful profile. Photographers often like to capture the beauty of this model from the front, as if he is riding on the person looking at the photo. True, it is worth considering that the data given are relevant for motorcycles of this make and model, but there is practically no information about the condition of the model involved in the shooting.

Brand in crisis

After conquering the American market, Harley-Davidson remained a leader for a long time, churning out identical motorcycles in largequantities and improving only their power. However, this was not a winning strategy in the face of the oil crisis. In addition, Japanese models soon appeared on the world market, which were much cheaper and of better quality. The company began to lose in sales and share price. At the same time, James Cameron, the future director of The Terminator, was hatching a crazy idea, trying to find sponsors. When the critically small budget was issued, it was as if someone waved a green flag in front of James - he began to act.

Motorcycle Terminator 2 model

The cast was chosen and the film paid for itself, although it did not receive enthusiastic exclamations from critics and audiences. When he got the opportunity to continue 5 years later, the image of the Terminator demanded style. Domestic motorcycles could help the director in this. By this time, the new managers pulled the company out of the abyss: they reduced the number of cars produced, achieved tougher taxes on foreign brands and released a new model, the Fat Boy. Terminator 2 served as a powerful advertisement for the motorcycle, and the Schwarzenegger style issue was resolved for the film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and motorcycles

The fact that the huge, 304-pound Harley looks like a medium-sized motorcycle under Schwarzenegger is not surprising - the actor is famous for his sports career and physique. Accordingly, on a moped at least John Connor, he would look extremely strange. What are the references to the athlete's motorized transport? Immediately after filming, Arnold bought himself the same model that he rode in the secondparts. At the age of 54, on a motorcycle, he had an accident where he broke several ribs.

Motorcycle from the movie "Terminator 2"

In 2010, Arnold received a new title - Motorcyclist of the Year. Having the opportunity and desire, he, as the governor of California, improved riding conditions for motorists. Already at a fairly respectable age, the actor and former athlete is not going to part with motorcycles: in the photos he appears again on a tricycle with a sidecar.

Auction sale

The intention to sell the iconic props, until then kept in the Harley-Davidson Museum, generated a lot of whispering. The place of sale is the auction house, the sale of Icons Legends of Hollywood. The planned price is impressive: 200-300 thousand dollars, and the mileage of the transport itself does not exceed 600-700 km. Along with the famous Terminator 2 motorcycle will be exhibited another, known from the painting "Judge Dredd". The price is completely different - 20-30 thousand dollars.

Although there are other iconic items in the auction, the motorcycles attract attention for their power and, of course, their participation in famous paintings. Having changed the owner, they are unlikely to get into the cinema, but in the camera lens - more than once.

John Connor's motorcycle in Terminator 2

The boy also had his own technique, which is worth mentioning. This is a 50 cubic meters moped, effectively “drowned” in the frame under the truck driven by the T-1000. It is worth noting that the choice of transport for John is also very logical: a child living with guardians could not havecruiser or enduro. But there could be an old moped with a small margin of power and a constant need for repairs. Yes, and John would have looked ridiculous on a cruiser.

John Connor motorcycle

So, the history of "Terminator-2" is at times firmly connected with the history of Harley-Davidson. The imposing motorcycle of Schwarzenegger in "Terminator 2" not only immortalized the style of a tough biker, but also gave the world bright memorable phrases and moments. Now the cult brand is delighting motorcyclists with improved versions, allowing them to feel like copies of the Terminator.

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