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Body type - to each according to his needs

Body type - to each according to his needs
Body type - to each according to his needs

Usually, even people far from the automotive industry have to understand body types when they are faced with the question of buying a car and choosing a body type. Each body type has its own functionality and significant differences in appearance.

Sedan body type is one of the most popular. You can easily recognize it: 2 or 4 doors, as well as 3 main compartments - engine, luggage and passenger. The interior in this car is quite spacious, so most cars for middle-class consumers are produced in this type of body.

Hatchback can be three- or five-door, the luggage compartment in it is not so noticeable. This type of car is considered the most practical and is very popular in Europe as a family car, because, by unfolding the rear seats, you can significantly increase the size of the trunk and easily transport long and bulky loads. Cars of this type look more compact than sedans.

Station wagons look much longer than cars of the types already mentioned. As a rule, they have a very spacious interior and a large trunk, which makes them indispensable in the transportation of large loads. However, the large size of the car makes it difficult to operate in the city, especially for those who are badlyfeels the dimensions of the car.

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Sports car enthusiasts are probably familiar with the coupe body style. Such cars look very stylish and modern, however, as a rule, they have only one row of seats and only 2 doors. Such a machine is not very practical, but it looks very original.

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Convertibles are familiar to everyone from Hollywood films, so it will not be difficult to recognize such a car - they do not have a hard roof, instead of which you can pull up an awning in bad weather. Unfortunately, it is not possible to operate such a car under all weather and climatic conditions, so this body type is more popular in warm countries.

The coupe-cabriolet body type combines all the advantages and disadvantages of its "progenitors".

Limousines are familiar to almost everyone, their distinctive feature is a significant length. Such cars are used, as a rule, for representative purposes or during various holidays.

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Minivan body type combines the features of both passenger cars and minibuses. This type of car is very roomy, sometimes including 3 rows of seats, and often resembles a wagon in shape, but larger in size and height.

Pickups are distinguished by the fact that their back resembles a trailer, an open area for cargo. They are common in the US but are already gaining popularity in other countries.

The body type of an SUV or crossover is often called a jeep, since this particular brand is onefrom the first began to produce cars in this type of body. SUVs have a large serious clearance, increased cross-country ability and significant dimensions both externally and inside the cabin, often they are all-wheel drive. Crossovers are very popular among men.

There are several more body types: phaeton, hardtop, breham, roadster, targa, fastback, town car, liftback, but they are extremely rare on the roads.

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