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Japanese trucks: review and photo

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Japanese trucks: review and photo
Japanese trucks: review and photo

Japanese trucks, like American ones, have long been entrenched on domestic roads. They are famous for their good quality and long service life. Many trucks of this country are capable of being not only a special means for transporting large masses, but are also a common transport device. Given that the Japanese are a very conservative people, they try to use all available resources to the maximum. This is reflected in the quality of cars. They are not only functional, easy to use and relatively inexpensive, but also have their own characteristics. Consider some options.

Hino 300

Hino entered the domestic market back in 2008, but for a long time could not establish itself on it. This is due to the severe crisis of that period. There are three series on sale in Russia: 300, 700, 500. The first of them consists of comfortable, popular, safe and lightest environmentally friendly trucks. From this series, two modifications are presented on the market, each differs from each other in technical characteristics and has three differentoption. Thus, the buyer can choose from six vehicles.

japanese trucks

Japanese Hino trucks are equipped with their own spare parts, including the engine. Modern models of the 300 series are equipped with units that comply with Euro-3/4 standards. Power - 150 liters. With. Fuel consumption is about 17 liters per 100 km. The carrying capacity is 4.5 tons. Gearbox - mechanical. No four-wheel drive.


Nissan Concern is famous for its light trucks. Vivid examples include the Navara and Datsun models. The first one needs to be told in more detail, because even now it is actively interested in consumers. Moreover, spare parts for Japanese trucks of this brand can be bought at almost any service center.

Truck power is 232 hp. with., engine capacity - 3 liters. He received such characteristics after restyling in 2010. You can tow a trailer that is designed for 3 tons of cargo.

spare parts for japanese trucks

The Datsun model was produced for a long time with a gas tank of 75 liters. The cab is quite comfortable, and the body has a beautiful design.

Nissan Atlas

Under the brand, which received such a name, Japanese trucks are produced, differing from each other in their technical characteristics. The first thing that catches your eye is the size of the wheels. They stand out a lot. If we consider the engines that are installed on trucks, then it should be noted that they are of two types: gasoline (NA) anddiesel (TD, BD, FD). The suspension is set absolutely typical for Japanese cars. The Atlas family includes trucks with a mass of 3.1 and 3.4 tons. The wheelbase can be either extended or standard. Most engines produce 130 hp. s.


The most popular models offered by the Japanese store "Tokidoki" belong to the third category. It should be noted that often heavy vehicles are produced either three-axle or four-axle. Tokidoki offers options with 6x2 and 6x4 formulas. Wheels are single. It is possible to order a truck with a more common base - 8x4. Popularly, such models are called "centipede".

japanese dump trucks

Employees offer popular Japanese dump trucks Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu. At the same time, tractors are divided into two different groups, depending on the wheelbase. It should be noted that Japan produces truck engines according to its own technologies, so the units, as a rule, have a large displacement and turbochargers. Models received both nine-liter turbodiesel engines and 26-liter dozens.


Japanese trucks are made from high quality materials. They are powerful, convenient, comfortable, move well both on good roads and on bad ones. If we talk about the price category, then some models are budget options, others are expensive, but the quality fully justifies any price.

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