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"Toyota Sienna": owner reviews, review and specifications

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"Toyota Sienna": owner reviews, review and specifications
"Toyota Sienna": owner reviews, review and specifications

"Toyota Sienna" - a minivan from a Japanese company, produced since 1997. The name of the model is a city in Tuscany. Initially, the car was not so big, but with the release of the new Toyota Sienna, the dimensions were increased. This model is mainly intended for the American automotive market, but it is also in demand in South Korea.

Toyota Sienna

Description of the model should begin with its brief history. The first generation has been produced since 1997. The car had front-wheel drive, was produced in the USA for another 5 years, after which the second generation was released in 2003. It became a little larger, some exterior features were changed, and some elements in the cabin were also added. The model was produced for six years, after which two whole years were spent on designing a new generation.

The third generation went on sale in 2011. After that, the car became one of thethe most popular on American roads. Over the next six years, it was subject to restyling, and in 2018 a completely new version was released, which turned out to be much more functional and larger than its predecessor.

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Specifications of the minivan "Toyota Sienna"

A car of this size requires a powerful engine, which was added in the last generation. Also, thanks to the addition of all-wheel drive, engine power was increased to 296 horsepower, and its volume increased to 3.5 liters. But the presence of all-wheel drive does not affect its consumption, which has increased slightly. For example, the previous generation model had a consumption of 9 liters per 100 kilometers, while the latest generation - all 12 liters.

Innovation was an eight-speed automatic transmission, which replaced the third-generation six-speed automatic.

toyota sienna owner reviews


According to the owners of Toyota Sienna, over the past ten years, the design of the car has changed for the better. The most noticeable element is the front optics and chrome grille. The large air intake enhances the car's appearance. It is flanked by ellipsoidal fog lights.

The car is also equipped with a retractable door, which makes it necessary to monitor the condition of the door slide located on the third row of the car. On the rear bumper there are size repeaters, as well as four sensors.parking sensors. Due to the addition of a large screen in the interior, it became possible to install a rear-view camera, as well as blind spot monitoring, which makes driving easier and safer.

The wheel arches have a large clearance, so that all the dirt accumulates under them without spoiling the appearance of the minivan.

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Inside the car is very futuristic thanks to the addition of a large JBL display in the center console. On the sides are touch control buttons: accepting a call, switching tracks, applications, a home button and selecting an operating mode. Two encoders are responsible for adjusting the volume and switching frequencies of radio stations. There is a Micro SD card slot on the bottom of the screen.

The main advantage of the cabin is its spaciousness. There are also models with a rear row of seats, which you can also buy on your own. The huge boot space can be made even bigger by folding the rear seat or simply removing it.

All car acoustics are made by JBL. On the center console is the gear lever, to the right of it are encoders for controlling the temperature in the cabin, an alarm button, as well as a small display showing the position of the seats, the temperature in the cabin and many other indications.

The dashboard has a great display with decent functionality, including gearshift, cruise control, mileage and more.

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Reviews about "Toyota Sienna"

Because of their size, the blind spots of the vehicle feel different than those of smaller minivans, which poses a safety hazard. Also, according to the owners, the Toyota Sienna has a low ground clearance, which is unacceptable for Russian roads. The driver's door has changed both externally and technically. The pocket for storing small things is not located in the most convenient place, because of which, when accessing it, the hand touches the seat adjustment keys.

This is where the disadvantages of the Toyota Sienna end, so it's worth talking about its merits. Thanks to its body design, it has excellent aerodynamics. Manufacturers have achieved excellent collaboration between the transmission and the engine of a Toyota car. The suspension is a bit stiff, but that doesn't interfere with a comfortable ride. According to the owners of Toyota Sienna, the main advantage is its reliability. Many owners jokingly say that if there was no need to refuel the car and top up with anti-freeze, then it would not require any expenses. That's what Japanese quality means.

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Toyota has long been at the top of the Japanese car market, ahead of the likes of Honda and Mazda. Thanks to the joint work of designers and designers, the car turned out to be attractive and aerodynamic, which is clearly visible in the video.

Poaccording to the owners of Toyota Sienna, the combination of appearance with the technical characteristics of the car is an excellent choice for a large family. The presence of a spacious luggage compartment and a large number of passenger seats makes the car an excellent choice for a large family. The car is not sold in Russia, but if it was exported to the domestic market, it would have received many satisfied buyers.

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