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Tesla car: range per charge in summer and winter, battery charging time

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Tesla car: range per charge in summer and winter, battery charging time
Tesla car: range per charge in summer and winter, battery charging time

Tesla cars are only gaining popularity in Russia, when the vehicle is almost as common in the US as the Zhiguli is in the CIS. The only thing that stops the popularization of electric cars in Russia is the insufficient number of filling stations for charging electric vehicles. Most gas stations are located within Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moving outside these cities, you can see that the number of gas stations is gradually decreasing, while in the US the number of stations for electric vehicles is almost equal to the number of conventional gas stations. In the article, we will consider the model range of Tesla vehicles and the power reserve of these cars.

Image "Tesla" model X: saloon

About company

Tesla is an American company that produces premium electric vehicles. Was founded in 2003. It is named after the famous physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. At the moment, Elon Musk leads this company.

The company gained the greatest popularity afterthe release of the first generation Tesla Model S, which went on sale in 2012. The car had two modifications: one with a power of 60 kWh, the second - 85 kWh. The electric motor is located at the rear of the vehicle. In 2015, a version with two engines per axle was introduced. After that, each car of the company is equipped with two engines. The Tesla S has a range of 442 to 502 kilometers.

In 2012 Tesla's Model S was awarded "Car of the Year" by the renowned Motor Trend magazine.

Technical features of model X

The technical characteristics of the model depend on the configuration, of which this car has three:

  • 75D, which stands for "double motor", has two electric motors. The number 75 indicates that the battery capacity is 75 kWh.
  • 90D also has two electric motors. Able to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds. This figure is one tenth of a second better than the Porsche Cayenne GTS petrol SUV.
  • The P90D is powered by two electric motors with a total output of 772 horsepower. Most of the power is on the rear axle, namely 503 horsepower. Up to a hundred the car accelerates in just 3.8 seconds. There is also an optional package that allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.
  • Image"Tesla" model X

"Tesla" model X

Model X from the companyTesla is an SUV equipped with two electric motors. Most of the power is located on the rear engine for technical reasons.

Externally, the car looks very futuristic, reminiscent of something extraterrestrial. The main feature of this model from the Tesla company is the rear doors that open like bird wings. This solution was applied by designers for more convenient boarding and disembarking of second and third row passengers. This is also an advantage when parking, as it requires only 30 centimeters of free space on the sides of the car, which is significantly less than conventional vehicles.

At the request of the buyer can purchase a five-, six- and seven-seater SUV. Also a useful feature is the third row of seats, which is able to fold flush with the floor, which increases the volume of the luggage compartment by three times.

Car prices start at $132,000 (8,683,000 rubles) for the base trim and $142,000 (9,339,000) for the top trim with an engine power of 772 horsepower. In this configuration, the maximum range of the Tesla Model X is 400 kilometers, which is 11 kilometers less than that of the 90D configuration.

Image "Tesla" model X: doors

Power reserve model X

The range of the Tesla model X depends on the configuration. For the minimum configuration, this figure is 354 kilometers, and for the maximum 411 kilometers. The P90D version has a power reserve400 kilometers, after which the car will need to be charged, which lasts from 4 to 12 hours depending on the current, charging method and plug.

Tesla reviews X

The main advantage is that the car does not pollute the environment. A car battery consists of many small 18650 batteries. Therefore, after a cell fails, you can find the damaged cell and replace it without buying a whole assembly of batteries.

Also an important plus is the aluminum body, which does not corrode and weighs less than steel. The appearance of the car resembles many serial crossovers, but still has its own characteristics, such as rear wing doors.

A huge tablet with which you can control all the functions of the car, including the navigation system, watching videos, movies, listening to tracks and much more.

Tesla's power reserve directly depends on the temperature overboard. This is considered a disadvantage as the built-in lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to temperature and weather conditions.

As for the seasons, there are also some peculiarities here:

  1. In winter, Tesla X's range is significantly lower than in summer, as batteries drain faster in cold temperatures.
  2. The situation is better in summer. The range announced by the company is based on temperatures close to summer. The power reserve of the Tesla in the summer is maximum, but it is also worth remembering the recharge cycles of the batteries, which significantly affect theircapacity.
  3. Image"Tesla" model X: open doors

Technical features of the model S

The base model S uses liquid cooling. The car is equipped with an AC motor with a capacity of 362 horsepower. The car accelerates to hundreds in 2.7 seconds, which is faster than many production premium sedans.

This car is considered the quietest mass-produced electric car. The top-end equipment costs 140 thousand dollars (9,200,000 rubles), the basic one costs half as much. The top-end Tesla S has a range of 507 kilometers, almost 100 kilometers more than the Tesla SUV.

Image "Tesla" model S

Model S description

Externally, the Tesla model S is a bit like a Ford Mondeo. This is where their similarity ends. The first thing that owners of gasoline cars notice is the absence of a radiator grille, since it is simply not needed here. The front optics look very fresh, here it is fully LED, has the so-called cilia on the top and bottom of the headlight. The Tesla logo is located in a small opening between the bumper and the bonnet.

External door handles are the same as on modern Lexus and Range Rover models, namely, they extend when the car is unlocked with a key and retract when it is locked.

The roof of the car is panoramic, inside the cabin looks very attractive. Through this lightin the cabin is always enough. Since the exterior of the car is not particularly remarkable, it is worth talking about its interior.

Inside the car looks quite minimalist, except for the large touch screen. It is both an on-board computer, a multimedia center and a navigation system.

The car became popular thanks to the introduction of not only lane keeping, but also full autopilot. To turn it on, there are special buttons on the steering wheel. But you can’t just take your eyes off the steering wheel, because the car will require hands on the steering wheel once a minute, otherwise it will emergency stop and will not move until it switches from autopilot to manual control.

Since the car is all-electric, there is no point in having a manual transmission. Therefore, the car has a speedless gearbox. Gear shifting is not audible at all, as is third-party noise, with the exception of the quietest hum of the electric motor.

This car will not run forever, so it needs to be charged. Many gas stations have at least one electric vehicle charger that can fill up a car in a matter of hours.

Image"Tesla" model S black

Power reserve model S

The range of the car in the basic configuration is 412 kilometers, in the top-end, which is designated P100D - 507 kilometers. The charging time of this car will be the same hours as that of a Tesla SUV. Battery "Tesla" S assemblyconsists of 16 blocks, each of which must be replaced separately.

After testing the Tesla car, the Model S was named one of the safest cars on the market, even considering the fact that it is completely electric. He received five stars from the commission "Euro NKAP".

Image "Tesla" model S: saloon

Tesla reviews S

Like the SUV version of the car, the Tesla Model S is technically almost identical to its brother. The exception is the body type and the lack of an additional engine, which is why the car has half as much power as the Tesla X. It makes no sense to rely on Russian-language reviews, since as of 2017 no more than 1000 Tesla cars were registered in Moscow " S. This model can even be found as a taxi company "Yandex".

The main drawback of the car is the lack of gas stations for electric vehicles in Russia. For this occasion, Tesla car owners buy charging stations on their own, with which you can charge the vehicle in your own home.

Tesla car charging

The standard Tesla car charger has a maximum possible 11 kilowatts of power. There is "double charging" which extends the range of the Tesla and the battery is powered faster.

The main advantage of the EuropeanCharging compared to the American one is the presence of a three-phase socket, thanks to which the car charges a little faster. The Tesla car battery charging time is 18 kilometers per hour of charging with single-phase current and 110 kilometers with three-phase current. There are Tesla centers in Moscow where you can fully charge your car in just 4 hours.

You can also buy a car charging kit for your garage. This kit is produced by the German company "Schneider Electric".

Charging "Tesla"


As they say, electric vehicles are the future. Research and testing of vehicles is now underway, the result of which will be an increase in the range on a single charge. Teslas have proven themselves no worse than gasoline versions of vehicles. Moreover, electric vehicles do not pollute the environment, and also produce less noise than gasoline versions. Although the company's cars are more expensive than their gasoline "relatives", in terms of refueling they are much more economical than traditional counterparts.

But it is worth saying that in Russia at the moment the infrastructure for electric vehicles is not sufficiently developed. But experts assure that in the next 2-3 years the number of gas stations for electric vehicles will increase several times, thereby increasing the demand for such cars.

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