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KAMAZ 5410 - the first of the truck tractors

KAMAZ 5410 - the first of the truck tractors
KAMAZ 5410 - the first of the truck tractors

KAMAZ 5410 is a real legend. Despite the fact that its production was discontinued in 2002, this car is a frequent guest on domestic roads. It can be seen in all CIS countries and in a number of foreign countries, including far ones.

Kamaz 5410

Its main feature is the ancestor of all truck tractors that have left and continue to leave the conveyors of the Kama Automobile Plant.

The car went into mass production in 1970. True, then it was called ZIL-170. The fact is that the plant itself, as such, did not yet exist - it was just under construction. However, the engineers of the Likhachev plant were already developing a fundamentally new model of heavy trucks for the roads of the USSR.

In order to get acquainted with foreign experience, as well as to develop a practical base abroad, we bought several cabover cars of American and French production.

KAMAZ 5410 has the following specifications:

- powerful V-shaped eight-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 210-260 hp. depending on type;

- the engine fully complies with Euro-1 standards;

- 5-speed manual gearbox;

- Gross vehicle weight slightly over six and a halftons;

- the weight of cargo that can be secured on a semi-trailer is fourteen tons;

- the total mass of such a road train will be twenty-six tons;

- maximum speed when fully loaded - eighty-five kilometers per hour, empty - one hundred.

KAMAZ 5410 specifications

KAMAZ 5410 is equipped with a triple cab. Sometimes there are doubles. Since it was proposed to use the car in work all the time during the day, the designers equipped it with a berth. Although sometimes you can find cars that lack this option that the driver needs.

The main platform for the transportation of goods is a semi-trailer. Depending on the nature of the transported commodity values, it can be onboard, refrigerator or barrel. Lots of options.

For KAMAZ 5410, the main trailer is OdAZ-9370, which initially comes as a side trailer. When fully loaded, it presses on the SSU (fifth wheel coupling) with a force of more than eight tons!

Since air suspension was not used at the time the car was designed, the truck received suspension on springs. It has twelve springs installed on the front axle, for subsequent modifications, due to an increase in the total load capacity, sixteen were installed each.

In principle, the main components and assemblies, taking into account current trends in the truck industry, are considered obsolete. However, there are enough spare parts, people familiar with his device, too.

He is a hard worker, KamAZ 5410. The photos seem to hint at this.

Kamaz 5410 photo

Destinies of more than one generation of truckers are connected with this car. Today's youth cannot understand the quivering feeling that arises in the chest when you see an old comrade. With whom we were both there and there…

KAMAZ 5410 is already a story that has sunk into oblivion. He gave way to new models and cars. More powerful and beautiful trucks have already been built on its basis. Highway expanses with a whistle cut through chrome-plated "Americans" and comfortable "Europeans". However, here and there you can see an old hard worker winding another kilometer of his run on the cardan …

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