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Mercedes-Benz Axor: models, specifications, operation and maintenance

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Mercedes-Benz Axor: models, specifications, operation and maintenance
Mercedes-Benz Axor: models, specifications, operation and maintenance

"Mercedes" is a well-known brand in the automotive world. The Daimler company, which produces Mercedes, was not born yesterday and has long taken its place under the sun. It is difficult to name a class in which we will not see the famous circle - the logo of the brand. Cars with a claim to chic, trucks, tractors and even Formula 1 cars. Moreover, all of the above, with the exception of the very last, have many options, each of which can be further divided.

mercedes benz axor

This is how the concern's trucks are divided. At the same time, it should be noted that both the Mercedes truck and the Mercedes tractor, having a common name, are separated only by the last digits in the index. For example, today's flagship Actros was originally a truck, but at the same time, a whole series of tractors with different wheel formulas and payloads comes out under this name. In addition, we note that official circles talk about an agreement between the complex of factories in Naberezhnye Chelny(producing KamAZ) and German representatives, the result of which should be the assembly of the flagship tractor in Russia.


Just like the flagship of Mercedes-Benz, Axor belongs to the family of heavy trucks. The first car was assembled in early 2001. In 2004, a restyling was carried out, then in 2006 the Aksor model range was replenished with two- and three-axle trucks. Their production continues. Having received a modern look, Aksor has become the middle link in the line of heavy trucks manufactured by the Daimler concern. The eldest in the line is the flagship Actros, the junior representative is Atego.

mercedes tractor

Today, the family of the middle brother consists of two-axle tractors, trucks, as well as chassis for installing various types of bodies. Biaxial have a mass of 18,000 kg and are presented in two versions with a wheel formula of all-wheel drive (4x4) or standard (4x2). Also in the line of Mercedes-Benz Axor there are three-axle trucks. Gross weight - 26000 kg. Drive on one or two axles. The Aksora chassis is also available with 2, 3 or even 4 axles. The latter option uses an 8x4 wheel formula (two axles are leading).

mercedes benz axor maintenance

Frame, like many other elements, "Axor" borrowed from his older brother. But before the start of production, all used units were redesigned specifically for this line, which is a transition between the older, mostheavy, and the youngest, the lightest, models. The cabin in Aksor has moved from a younger version, and the customer is given a choice between 4 types, from the shortest to the longest, with one or two sleeping bags. Despite the fact that she has moved from a younger version, a truck driver can be confident in the quality of a Mercedes car. Tractors are equipped with cabs with berths, the width of which is one meter.

Power plants and related

The choice of motors for the line is limited to three versions. The maximum power of the engine offered for Aksora will be 428 hp. With. More powerful motors are put only on the older version. All new cars, regardless of the motor, are equipped with a 12-speed gearbox and disc brakes. Separately, it should be noted auto-lock and anti-slip system. Despite the lower class of the car, on winter roads it will be able to move no worse than its older brother.

Comparable to older model

We will continue the further description by comparing two lines - the hero of our review and the Mercedes-Benz Actros. The first interesting detail that distinguishes these two models is that the Aksor was developed in Turkey, at the Turkish Daimler plant. Accordingly, the car turned out for warmer countries, which does not prevent it from driving around the middle zone of Europe (including Russia). Further, it can be noted that the Turkish model received an in-line engine, in contrast to the traditional V-shaped. The developers claim that this design will reduce fuel consumption andsimplify maintenance for the owner of the Mercedes-Benz Axor. The margin of safety from the frame of the older brother is most welcome on the roads, which sometimes can simply be called directions. The dashboard is simpler than that of the flagship, but has not lost its information content.

It is worth noting that the new car has become more demanding on the quality of diesel fuel, although its consumption is lower than that of domestic trucks. Russian craftsmen managed to solve this problem by adding a couple of additional filters to the fuel supply system. Unlike its older brother, Aksor has problems with oil seals leaking. The factory knows about it, but no changes have been made yet. Therefore, the driver can be recommended to have spares on the road.

Also, the ingenuity of the Turks (read, the disadvantages of the Mercedes-Benz Axor) can be attributed to the unification of fluids, as a result of which the car simply does not want to start in severe frosts. However, if the regular battery is normal, then it is able to pull the motor. Problems can be with the tie rod ends. The rear ones are removable, but if the front ones fail, the part will have to be replaced entirely. Now let's analyze several models of the Aksor line.


First let's look at the specifications of the Mercedes Benz Axor 1835. Let's take the truck tractor as an example.

mercedes benz axor 1835


  • wheel formula - 4x2;
  • load capacity - 18,000 kg;
  • pneumatic actuator;
  • motor - 354 HP p., model OM 457 LA;
  • Euro 3;
  • volume - 12 l;
  • 9 MT;
  • 1 bed;
  • saddle height - 1.15 m.


Like the previous model, the Mercedes-Benz Axor 1840 has a maximum load capacity of 18,000 kg.

mercedes benz axor 1840


  • pneumatic actuator;
  • motor - 401 HP With. OM 457LA;
  • Euro - 3;
  • 6-cylinder, in-line;
  • max. speed - 90 km/h;
  • fuel tank - 650 l;
  • 16 MT;
  • 2 seats + 2 beds;
  • height - 3500 mm;
  • length - 5800 mm;
  • width - 2500 mm (European standard);
  • wheel formula - 4x2.

1840 LS

The Mercedes-Benz Axor 1840 LS has a lot in common with its predecessor. Two additional letters in the name mean an improved version.

mercedes benz axor 1840


  • wheel formula is also 4x2 (in general, 3 axles are used for more powerful tractors and trucks);
  • carrying capacity - 18,000 (like the older brother, the first two digits of the model give an idea of ​​this parameter);
  • motor - 412 HP p.;
  • cylinder arrangement, volume and type are identical.

The package includes air conditioning, branded car radio (Mersedes), engine brake and a more powerful heater (4 kW versus two on the previous model).

Also, due to the higher cabin in the characteristic "cap" above the windshield, there are roomy compartments for all the little things you need on the road.Larger items, such as a jack, are located in a drawer under the bottom bunk. The thoughtfulness of the Mercedes allows you to control the electric sunroof, turn on the light and the heater from the bottom bunk, while the standard buttons are located on the dashboard.


Finally, a few words about pricing policy. When buying a new truck, you are interested in carrying capacity, comfort, ease of operation, etc. Each customer has his own list. And the German Actros has all this. But it is positioned as a flagship, so such a purchase is quite an expensive pleasure. At the same time, he has a younger brother Mercedes Benz Axor, which we described in the review. It costs less, although it is not very different from its older brother. And to overpay for the flagship or not - it's up to the buyer.

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