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Land Cruiser 105 - another restyling from Toyota

Land Cruiser 105 - another restyling from Toyota
Land Cruiser 105 - another restyling from Toyota

Land Cruiser 105 is one of the modifications of the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser, popularly referred to as "corn" because of the consonance of words. It has been produced since 1998.

Differences from previous variations

Outwardly, this modification is not much different from the previous ones - that was the idea of ​​the designers. They sought to maintain a recognizable appearance, while at the same time increasing the car's compliance with the philosophy of this line, the essence of which is the superiority of simplicity over luxury.

land cruiser 105

Salon Design

The interior of the Land Cruiser 105 has changed quite significantly. Inside, the car has become a little longer and now looks more severe and modern.

Wooden elements appeared on the steering wheel, gear knob and front panel, and metal and carbon inserts appeared on the center console. At the same time, the developers tried to preserve the overall style of the model as much as possible.

Domestic buyers are waiting for a small, but still pleasant, surprise: the car's navigation system is now adapted to Russian roads.

Comfort in the Land Cruiser 105 remained at the same level, because despitenumerous changes, it's still an SUV. The salon is designed for people of average height, so basketball players in such a car will be a little uncomfortable. The second row of seats is designed for two passengers. There is also a third row of seats, but sitting there is not as comfortable as in the first two.

In general, the Japanese did not focus on convenience, but on reliability, durability and strength - and they succeeded.

toyota land cruiser 105 specifications

Toyota Land Cruiser 105. Specifications

First set

The car is equipped with a new engine, the volume of which is 4.5 liters. Its characteristics have become much better than those of previous engines - power has increased by forty percent (235 horsepower), and torque - by fifty (615 Nm). It is also offered with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The combination of these two power units allows the Toyota Land Cruiser 105 to accelerate to two hundred and ten kilometers per hour, and acceleration from zero to hundred occurs in 8.3 seconds.

Second set

In this version, another flagship engine with a volume of 4.7 liters was also updated - its power increased to two hundred and eighty-eight horsepower, and fuel consumption also decreased. It comes with a five-speed automatic transmission. True, the gear change in it occurs with a slight delay, which is especially noticeable in the sport mode.

toyota land cruiser 105

Behavior on the road

The car is not veryit behaves well in corners - it is rather inert and does not respond well to steering. But on a straight stretch of the road, everything is fine. The suspension is very smooth, and the noise isolation is just excellent: even at high speeds, the engine is not audible.

The brakes are also of very high quality, which are equipped with an adaptive system for self-recognition of the quality and type of coverage.


All described features are designed to improve the off-road behavior of the machine. But that's not all! The Land Cruiser 105 is equipped with auto-adjusting anti-roll bars that improve its flotation.

In addition, there is the latest system, which is a kind of cruise control. It allows the car to move at "pedestrian" speeds - one, three or five kilometers per hour. She can also control engine power and, if necessary, slows down the towing wheel. Thus, the driver can only steer.

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