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"Toyota Land Cruiser 200": specifications, photos and reviews
"Toyota Land Cruiser 200": specifications, photos and reviews

"Toyota Land Cruiser" is a fairly common car in Russia. This machine has been in demand on the market for decades. It has gained popularity due to its reliability and patency. Also, this SUV can be considered one of the most comfortable in the class. In today's article, we will pay attention to the two hundredth body of the Cruiser. What are the reviews of the Land Cruiser 200, features, specifications and disadvantages? Consider now.


It is worth noting that the Land Cruiser SUV series has been produced by a Japanese company since the distant 1951. In our case, this is the eighth generation of full-size SUVs.

toyota cruiser 200

The new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (a photo of the car can be seen in the article) replaced the "hundredth" body and has been mass-produced since 2007 to this day. During this period, the car survivedtwo restyling. At the same time, the successor to the “weave” not only retained the outstanding off-road qualities of the “ancestor”, but also became an order of magnitude more comfortable and technologically advanced.


The appearance of the car "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" is not much different from the look of the car of the previous generation. The car received more streamlined headlights and a different grille. Otherwise, the car has retained its branded, brutal forms and square lines. The design of this SUV can be characterized in a few words - indestructible power and absolute confidence. This car has a massive silhouette, underlined by "muscular" wheel arches and a pronounced side line of the body. Depending on the configuration, the Land Cruiser 200 comes with 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels.

During the two restylings, the car has not radically changed in appearance. In what guise is the new Land Cruiser 200 being produced now? A photo of the car is shown below.

new land cruiser photo

Among the main changes are the head optics, which received double lenses, and a radiator grille with no less chrome. The shape of the bumper has also changed slightly, but otherwise the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is no different from the pre-styling versions.

What do they say about the quality of the body on this SUV? According to reviews, the Land Cruiser 200 has a high-quality paintwork. The car doesn't rot. The metal here is almost eternal, as previous Land Cruiser bodies have already proven. This is one of the main advantages of these cars.

Dimensions, clearance

Carwith its massive form, it has no less impressive dimensions. So, the body length is 4.95 meters, width - 1.98, height - 1.95 meters. The wheelbase is 2850 mm. Despite the massive and low bumpers, the car has an impressive ground clearance. On standard 17-inch wheels, its value is 23 centimeters. We also note that the curb weight of the new generation Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV is from 2.58 to 2.8 tons, depending on the modification.

Land Cruiser showroom

The interior design is no less modest and impressive. The salon looks solid and luxurious. What does the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 look like inside? The reader can see a photo of the interior below.

new land cruiser

Immediately striking is the wide center console with a large 9-inch multimedia display. On the sides there are two vertical air ducts. The steering wheel is four-spoke, height and reach adjustable. The instrument panel is very informative. Very large mirrors in this car. Landing is quite high, but there are still dead zones. The seats on the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV are leather, with memory and electric adjustments. There is also heating and ventilation. Between the front seats - a wide armrest. Under it there is another niche for various little things. The quality of finishing materials is at a high level, according to users. The new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 also has good sound insulation.

In terms of its volume, the interior space of a Japanese SUV has no analogues. And intop-end trim levels have the option of installing a third row of seats. And here, unlike other SUVs, an adult can be accommodated without any infringement.


In the seven-seat version, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 can accommodate up to 260 liters of luggage in the trunk. If we talk about standard five-seater models, there is much more volume here.

new land cruiser 200

It is 700 liters. But that's not all. Additionally, you can fold the middle sofa. The result is a flat cargo area of ​​1430 liters. The spare wheel is under the bottom. This is done to save luggage space.


In the Russian market, the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 can be equipped with one of the two proposed V-engines. So, the base for the Japanese SUV is an eight-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine with an aluminum cylinder block and a timing chain drive. This motor is the heir to what was installed on the "hundredth" body. But thanks to the presence of GDI direct injection and a variable valve timing system, maximum power has increased to 309 horsepower. Torque - 439 Nm. Paired with this unit is an automatic six-speed gearbox.

new toyota land cruiser 200

Acceleration to hundreds of nearly three-ton "monster" with this engine takes 8.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 195 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the motor has a relatively low consumptionfuel. With a volume of 4608 cubic centimeters, this unit consumes 14 liters per 100 kilometers in a combined cycle.

Also provided for the Land Cruiser 200 SUV is a diesel power unit. They became an eight-cylinder engine with direct injection "Common Rail" and two turbochargers. With a volume of 4461 cubic centimeters, this unit develops a power of 249 horsepower. This parameter has been adjusted specifically for a more favorable transport tax. The diesel Land Cruiser 200, produced for other countries, develops more power with the same eight-cylinder engine. The torque of this unit is an order of magnitude greater than that of a gasoline one - 650 Nm. Moreover, the thrust on the diesel Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is already available from one and a half thousand revolutions.

It is worth noting that this power unit was specially deformed to Russian tax rates. The competitors of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (and these are the Cadillac Escalade, Ford Explorer and Nissan Patrol) cannot boast of this characteristic. Their owners have to pay fabulous taxes due to more powerful engines.


Japanese engineers did not change traditions and built the "two hundredth" on the classic frame "trolley". Front and rear mounted independent suspension with two parallel levers. At the back, there is also a Panhard rod. Steering - rack with hydraulic booster. Brake system - disc. The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV is equipped with an ABS system for all types of terrain, as well as other electronic assistants.


Translated from English "Land Cruiser" means "land cruiser". This name was coined for a reason. The car really behaves on the road like a cruiser - reviews say. Inside, the driver does not feel how the car overcomes speed bumps. And potholes and bumps on the road are swallowed without the slightest hint of their existence.

toyota land cruiser

By the way, in the top configuration, the new Land Cruiser 200 is equipped with air suspension, which is even more smooth. As the test results showed, in this regard, the machine surpasses the characteristics of its competitors. Suspension free travel is 59 centimeters. This is higher than the "Range Rover Sport", "Mitsubishi Pajero" and the American "Hummer H3".

About patency

Recently, automakers are making their SUVs more urban, depriving them of their former driving performance. But the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is an exception to the rule, reviews say. This car is not afraid of real off-road and confidently runs on sand dunes and wet primers. A continuous bridge is installed at the back, which is difficult to damage, moving even over stumps. The resource of the gearbox is about 500 thousand kilometers. Also, the car has an "honest" four-wheel drive. Therefore, on a good AT rubber, it can compete with SUVs prepared for off-road - reviews say. But such a suspension also has a drawback. This is overkill. It is difficult for the car to enter corners, so it’s worth talking about aggressive drivingforget.

Price, configurations

"Toyota Land Cruiser 200" is sold officially on the Russian market. The cost of the basic configuration "Comfort" starts from 3 million 992 thousand rubles. This price includes:

  • Ten airbags.
  • LED head optics.
  • Dual-zone climate control.
  • Full power package.
  • Full size spare tire.
  • 17" alloy wheels.
  • Leather interior.
  • ABS systems, A-TRC BAS, etc.
  • Light and rain sensors.
toyota land cruiser 200

The top-end "Lux" equipment costs 5,616,000 rubles. This price includes:

  • Blind spot monitoring system.
  • Surround view cameras.
  • Power tailgate top wing.
  • Adaptive steering.
  • Navigation.
  • 9-inch multimedia system.
  • 18" alloy wheels.
  • Three-zone climate.

As an option for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV, the Safety package is offered. It includes:

  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Driver fatigue monitoring system.
  • Recognition of road signs and markings in real time.
  • Automatic braking system.

"Toyota Land Cruiser 200" in the secondary market

Many people prefer to buy a car "from hand", because it is profitable in terms of price. But the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is perhaps the exception to the rule. The cost of 7-year copies isabout 3 million rubles. SUV "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" does not get cheaper over the years. At the same time, the car is in great demand in the secondary market. As statistics show, all cars, leaving the salon, lose about 25 percent of their price per year. "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" cheaper by a quarter only after five years of operation or 150-200 thousand kilometers.

Disadvantages and characteristic problems

During the operation, car owners identified several problems characteristic of the "two hundred":

  • Weak brakes. Reviews say that this is partly due to the high curb weight (almost like a light truck). With emergency braking, the car begins to “nod”, which creates a certain discomfort. Also, due to the small diameter of the discs, the metal overheated. The grease on the calipers simply dried out. But it is worth noting that after the second restyling in 2015, the situation has changed slightly for the better. So, the Japanese manufacturer increased the diameter of the brake discs by 15 millimeters and finalized the design of the calipers. Thanks to these improvements, the car became more confident in reducing speed. And the brakes themselves rarely overheat even under heavy braking.
  • Body stabilization system. It is also referred to as KDSS. It is installed on SUVs without air suspension. It works as follows. When rolls, the system blocks the anti-roll bars. Thus, the car leans less in corners. But the system is unreliable and fails after 150 thousand kilometers. To resume its operation, it is necessary to changeblocking valves and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Pump. As operating experience shows, the resource of the water pump on the Land Cruiser is about 150 thousand kilometers. By the way, the pump is universal for all engines of the J200 family. Among the signs of a malfunctioning water pump are antifreeze leaks and play in the pulley. When replacing this element, it is also recommended to check the condition of the belt and rollers. Sometimes they need replacing too.
  • Weak head light. Early versions were equipped with headlights with halogen optics. So, the owners complained about the weak dipped beam. The problem was solved after the release of the restyled model in 2015.
  • Tire pressure sensor. He serves no more than five years. And the cost of a set of new original sensors is 16 thousand rubles.
  • Fuel injectors. This applies to diesel engines. They are very picky about fuel quality, reviews say.
  • Turbine. This malfunction is also typical for "solid fuel" engines. There are only two turbines here. Due to untimely replacement or the use of fake oil, the compressor may emit a characteristic whistle and rattle during operation. Also, the owners are faced with such a problem as play in the impeller and notice oil leaks on the outside. According to operating experience, the service life of turbines is about 250 thousand kilometers.
new cruiser 200

It is also worth noting that the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is one of the most stolen cars in Russia. Whatever protection systems the owners put in, the car is stillmay be stolen.


So, we found out what the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is. In general, this is a fairly reliable SUV that combines really good cross-country ability and comfortable suspension. However, the cost of this car is an order of magnitude higher than that of competitors. But there is one plus. This machine is always liquid in the market.

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