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Car amplifier - power and richness of sound

Car amplifier - power and richness of sound
Car amplifier - power and richness of sound

Many drivers prefer good music in high-quality sound, this is why a car amplifier is installed, or even more than one. Sound power and loudness are two completely different concepts. 30-watt tweeters can also play loudly. But at the same time, they will not be able to properly reproduce all the versatility of sound. Therefore, when choosing a car amplifier, you need to take a device with a power reserve.

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So, for example, on receivers it is usually written that it is possible to connect 4 speakers of 50W each, but it is not noted that this power is given only for a short time, and in normal times the sound is supplied at 10-20W. Of course, you can create a car amplifier with your own hands, but will it be as good as the original?

These devices can be divided into different categories: mono or stereo. Of course, mono is practically not used anymore, because the second type of system is much more profitable and pleasant to the ear. Although it can contain 4 speakers (usually the receiver has two front and two rear outputs), but you can understand the music with the help of two front ones. It turns outdue to the fact that stereo itself represents the different sound of the two sides, that is, one instrument plays from one side, and the sound of others comes from the other. Therefore, if you are not very afraid to upset your passengers sitting in the back seat, then you can limit yourself to only the front acoustics.

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The car amplifier is also divided by serial number. It comes in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-channel.

Two-channel audio amplifier is mostly used to connect either one subwoofer or two speakers. The subwoofer is used to reproduce low frequencies and can be connected in mono with two channels. Thus, power boost is achieved. But it is worth noting that for the correct operation of the device, a low-pass filter is required, which must be built into the car amplifier, while on the rest of the sound reproduction equipment, low frequencies are generally removed.

Four-channel amplifiers take the lead among motorists. They are the most versatile devices. If you think about how to connect this type of car amplifier, you can choose different options. Some use a subwoofer and front speakers, while the channels are divided in half. Others connect only speakers (front and rear). But there is also the possibility of a "band" separation, that is, 2 inputs go to the "tweeters", and the other two go to H4.

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Five-channel devices of thistypes, in fact, are no different from the previous ones, only instead of two channels going to the front acoustics, there are 4 here, you can connect them both in front and behind. Bandwidth usage is also provided if the filters meet requirements.

After the amplifier is selected, it remains to connect it, and this is a rather difficult task. It is worth remembering that it must be ventilated, as the device tends to heat up. Also, the entire structure, including wires, must be securely fixed.

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