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Rotating beacons for cars: colors and installation
Rotating beacons for cars: colors and installation

Every year the number of cars on the roads is rapidly increasing. It's no secret that every day during the movement of vehicles various situations occur, some of them can even lead to death. Therefore, in order for special-purpose vehicles to move freely and without any difficulties around the city and arrive on time at the scene of an emergency, they must somehow stand out. Flashing beacons are designed for these purposes.

Which cars can be fitted with flashing lights?

flashing beacons

Not every driver can equip his vehicle with a flashing beacon. The installation of this technical tool is only allowed on vehicles of the following services:

  • emergency;
  • police;
  • emergency gas service;
  • MES;
  • military transport;
  • fire department;
  • drug control service.

For vehicles of any other services and government departments, as well as for private carsit is forbidden to install flashing beacons according to the rules of the road, otherwise the driver of the car will be punished.

The purpose of the beacons

Any technical means that are installed on cars for the purpose of distinguishing them are designed to distinguish the vehicle from the general mass of road users and give it an advantage on the road. For example, a blue flashing beacon is installed on police cars that patrol city streets. In the event of any incident when the beacon is turned on, other drivers must give way to the police, which will allow them to arrive at the scene of an emergency in time. In addition, the legislation provides that distinctive means also allow the driver to violate certain traffic rules, however, beacons must be clearly visible to other drivers, so their correct installation is necessary. Flashing beacons are very bright, so they are hard to miss at any time of the day and in all weather conditions.

Varieties of beacons

beacon flashing orange

Today, there are several varieties of the described beacons, which differ in color. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation on the road, you need to understand what color of flashing beacons means what and what services are used. These technical aids can be only four colors:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • white;
  • orange.

Each of the flowershas a certain meaning, provides advantages on the road of various strengths and can be used by certain services. Next, each of the colors of the flasher will be discussed in more detail.

Blue Beacons

The flashing blue beacon provides the biggest advantage on the road, especially when accompanied by a horn. This device is equipped with police cars, ambulances, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the fire service. Beacons of this color may be fitted to private and municipal emergency vehicles, however, according to regulations, a permit is required for this.

Very often, flashing blue beacons can be seen on the cars of government officials, which is illegal, since politicians do not have any privileges on the road. Nevertheless, there are a lot of holes in Russian legislation, which officials use.

According to the Rules of the Road, if a driver sees a car on the road with a blue flashing beacon, he is obligated to give way to it, clinging to the side of the road.

Red Beacons

beacon flashing blue

Red color symbolizes danger, therefore such technical means as a flashing orange beacon installed on cars warn all road users to be extremely careful. Are established on construction and special equipment, and also on vehicles of road and municipal services. Alsored flashers can be installed in conjunction with blue beacons on police cars.

The red color of the beacon is very close to blue in strength, so if you see any vehicle moving with you in traffic, you should immediately stop moving and give way to it.

White flashers

The flashing beacon on white LEDs is installed on cash-in-transit vehicles. It does not give a special advantage on the roads and can only be used if there is a threat of attack in order to inform other road users and law enforcement agencies about the need for help.

Orange flashing lights

blue flashing beacon

The flashing yellow beacon can be installed on a fairly large number of vehicles related to a wide variety of services and companies. For example, public utilities independently equip their cars with flashing lights of this color. Trucks carrying fuel and any other flammable and toxic substances also use a flashing orange beacon. Heavy escort vehicles can be equipped with these devices.

Methods of fastening signaling equipment

Flashers may have a different mounting system. In total, two main types of flashing beacons can be distinguished - removable and built-in. The second category is found on specialized vehicles, which, due to the specifics of their activities, are always forced to move with signsdifferences. The most striking examples are ambulances, fire departments and police. Removable flashers have a magnetic cushion, which ensures excellent stability of the flasher on the roof of the car when it is moving. In addition, flashers can be mounted on the roof of the car with a bolt or a special bracket. In this case, power is supplied to it through special tubes that provide excellent waterproofing. And if it is necessary to install equipment on specialized vehicles that move in complete off-road conditions, then a damper mounting system is used that completely suppresses any vibrations.

It is worth noting that the current legislation prohibits the installation of signaling equipment in the passenger compartment, since in this case the flasher will not be visible to drivers. Therefore, it must necessarily be in the place where it will be clearly visible to all road users.

Design features of beacons

beacon flashing strobe

Based on their design features, distinctive equipment can be divided into several categories, each of which uses a different light source. Nowadays, there are lamp, xenon and halogen flashers, as well as a flashing beacon on LEDs. However, today it is LEDs that are used as a light source, since they consume much less electricity, have a very low cost, and also a rather high service life.

Case of flashing lightsIt is made of modern high-quality plastic, which provides excellent tightness of the case and prevents even the slightest ingress of moisture. Also, such material is able to withstand any temperature extremes. This allows you to use flashing beacons both in summer heat and in severe frosts, as well as in all weather conditions. In addition, the plastic does not react in any way to ultraviolet radiation, so it does not change color or tarnish as it is used.

What privileges do flashers provide on the road?

In some cases, the flashing strobe beacon may be accompanied by an audible warning, which is turned on manually from the vehicle interior. An audible signal is necessary in order to notify all road users of an emergency that requires the urgent arrival of a service at the scene. Simultaneously turned on light and sound signal also allows violation of some traffic rules, in particular, it is allowed to cross the yellow marking line and drive to the red traffic light while driving.

flashing LED beacon

However, it is important to understand that ignoring the rules of the road is allowed only in cases where the maneuver does not entail the risk of creating a dangerous situation on the road that could cause an accident. It is for this purpose that not only a flashing strobe beacon is installed on a police car, but also a loudspeaker that allows law enforcement officers to notify othersdrivers about their maneuvers, as well as to regulate, if necessary, their movement in the right direction.

It is worth noting that if for some reason the traffic lights do not work, and the traffic is regulated by the traffic controller, then the flashing lights do not provide any advantage at all even if they are accompanied by a siren. With such a development of events, a police car or an ambulance will be able to perform the required maneuver only after the traffic controller creates safe conditions for this and gives the appropriate signal.

When the traffic lights are functioning properly, flashing beacons, accompanied by a siren, oblige drivers to pull over to the side of the road and give way to a special purpose vehicle. The exception is utility vehicles equipped with yellow flashing lights. They are governed by the rules of the road and have absolutely no advantage other than stopping anywhere on the road, even if traffic signs and markings prohibit it.


flashing beacon color

As you can see from this article, vehicles of some state and municipal services must be equipped with signaling equipment. In turn, ordinary drivers who do not have the right to use such devices should be aware of the meaning of the flashing lights of each color, as well as the rules of their behavior on the road when meeting with another vehicle on which the flashing light is turned on.beacon. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation while driving on the road, always be careful!

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