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Dark blue metallic: codes and names of colors, tips for choosing, photos
Dark blue metallic: codes and names of colors, tips for choosing, photos

Statistical data obtained through surveys of car owners show that the color of your favorite "swallow" is of great importance for its owner. In practice, color is put on a par with important technical indicators. How to choose it for the "iron friend", about encoding and other tricks - further.

The criteria for choosing a color, whether it be a dark blue metallic or a silver tone, are varied, and each driver makes it in favor of certain qualities allocated to himself. The role is played not only by aesthetics, but also by the practicality of colors.

Choosing the color scheme of the car - a matter of practicality

Choosing a car color

One of the main components of competent painting for a driver who does not have much time to take care of the car, wash it at car washes is an appeal to the tones of a calm plan. This is a gray color, silvery shades. On a dusty car, funny inscriptions of jokers will not be seen, strongly advising you to send the unit for washing. In the palette of colorful tape presented onon the market, many people prefer the color "dark blue metallic", which delights with its original effect. In case of emergencies, you will have to tinker with finding a similar range, but it's worth it. At the same time, using color coding, it will not be difficult to do this.

Psychological aspects

Dark blue metallic color

Every person relies on subconscious sensations. From the point of view of psychology, dark blue metallic can be classified as calm. It is chosen by people who prefer honesty in everything, systematization of facts, order, so it would be appropriate to appear before business partners on such a machine. At the same time, it can be characterized as the choice of a person who is a fan of a certain activity, a dreamer and at the same time a strong, balanced, serious personality. For other road users, such a car will mean that you don’t have to worry about safe movement on the highway.

Secrets of choosing auto-paint by code

Dark blue metallic car

Refinish manufacturers produce a wide range of colors to satisfy the most demanding automotive customers. To facilitate the choice of car paint, a table was invented in which colors are placed by codes. Enamels are also classified into categories glossy and matte. The main difference between dark blue metallic or another option from this line is the presence of a shine that distinguishes the vehicle from the usual track. The name of the color is entered in the data sheet.

Features of selection of auto painting by VIN-code on Toyota

Image "Toyota" dark blue metallic

The automaker took into account the different situations that happen on the way of the motorist. When repairing, restoring the paint surface, you have to think about the perfect combination of the new coating with the old one, you need to find out the code. In this regard, the code for the "Toyota" dark blue metallic can be found by looking through the opening of the driver's door. On the nameplate there will be an inscription: “C / TR”, indicating body painting - the first letter, interior - the second letter. Under this mark, the color code for dark blue metallic is indicated - this is 879 for cars manufactured in 1980.

On vehicles manufactured in the 90s by a Japanese brand, the tone coding is 8E3. On 2010 models, the designation will be in the form of the indication 8U5. This approach will help you choose the right tone and color. Why else are glamorous shades attracting attention?

Principal differences

Dark blue metallic photo

Owners prefer the color "dark blue metallic" not only from the point of view of the aesthetic side. Automakers have invested in it the ability to reflect light. The effect is achieved due to the aluminum plates included in their composition. It is for this reason that it looks energetic, stylish, with aristocratic notes of luxury.

The color pigments involved in the creation of the material are endowed with opaque properties. The essence of the functionality of that “rainbow” is as follows: the rays, falling on aluminum particles, bounce off them like sunbeams. Thanks toIn a similar "work" scheme, dark blue metallic paint looks amazing, giving off sparkling notes. It does not always create shine: looking at the car from different angles, you can notice it.

"Magic" properties

The developers thought that glitter is always inappropriate on the roads, in some cases it can be annoying at all. They managed to achieve amazing results in order to avoid obtrusive coloring. Sometimes in some photos, the dark blue metallic does not give out a sparkling shiny finish. Transport constantly looks different, as if changing masks. What is the mystery?

Metal pigment acts as a mirror surface. The secret lies in the angle of incidence. When aluminum plates are placed parallel to the surface, when viewed from the front, the paint looks a little light. On the side, the “swallow” looks already darker. Experts even appeal in conversations in terms: when considering a car at an angle of 90 degrees, the color tone will be called “face”, from the side - “flop”. In connection with this structure of color reproduction, it is difficult to choose a specific shade, and this is where encoding will help. Another question arises - is it possible to paint it yourself.

Working with paint "in the field"

Navy blue metallic

When considering the issue of applying paints with your own hands, you should know that this is a labor-intensive business, it requires competent preparation and knowledge of some technical nuances. You will need special equipment and perfect cleanliness in the garage so that not a speck of dust falls on the paint material. Very difficult to apply withoutsmudges. Be sure to cover the surface with a primer as a substrate for a coloring agent.

When applying dark grey-blue metallic or otherwise, it is easy to spoil the coating with a poor quality primer. It can provoke whitish spots, an uneven layer. Chinese spray guns let down: the cutter decomposes from the use of a solvent, a defect in the air duct can cause an unpleasant “groats”. Due to such difficulties, what do the experts recommend?

Expert Tips

Dark blue metallic car

It is important for motorists to carefully read the annotations on the banks of soil and take into account the following points:

  1. When processing parts and removing paint and subsequent matting, the best solution would be to use emery P80 and P220. P220 helps to achieve soil treatment without shagreen, with the further use of P400. The most difficult thing in this matter is to qualitatively dilute the soil: when combining the components, it is necessary to achieve the desired percentage of viscosity.
  2. The primer should not be mixed with water when polishing, as the primer passes moisture well. After a few hours, the metal will corrode. It is important to carry out the procedure in a dry garage. Work done in the rain or early in the morning during high humidity on the street will provoke the onset of corrosion of parts under the ground. To avoid this trouble, it is recommended to use the Tsinkar sprayer. You can spray it over the ground, then the substance will not allow corrosion to develop.
  3. During the initial painting of a car in dark blue metallicit is more convenient to putty small cracks and chips. After the final drying of the first layer, the next layers are applied, while you need to follow the torch from the pistol nozzle, avoiding unpainted areas.
  4. Layers should be applied three times in the direction of the car, performing clear and smooth hand movements. The distance between the gun and the metal should be about 30 cm: it is important to strictly observe this value in order to avoid the formation of sagging.

Unfortunate misunderstandings arise with pressure: it is extremely difficult for a non-professional person to choose the right one. "Overdoing" leads to haze, then "farewell, conceived gloss!". The optimal pressure indicator is 4 atmospheres with a nozzle of 1.5, although there are some subtleties here. Smudges can be avoided in the process itself: they are blotted with a sponge.

Rainbow picture about self-painting in practice can "go sideways", is it worth bothering. The way out is to trust the aces so that you don’t have to redo it.

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