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How to reduce the cost of engine overhaul?

How to reduce the cost of engine overhaul?
How to reduce the cost of engine overhaul?

The words "engine overhaul" for every motorist sound like a sentence, having heard that, it's time to fall into despair. But is he really that scary? In fact, engine overhaul can be significantly reduced in cost, especially for expensive cars. The fact is that the engine of any car is, in fact, just iron, and no matter how complex it may be, they are all very similar.

engine overhaul

All have pistons, piston rings, crankshaft. Of course, some have more valves, some have camshafts, cylinders, but they all work on the principle of four cycles, which makes them almost the same.

Engine overhaul is expensive, first of all, with parts that, say, for German-made cars cost many times more than for brands of cars from other manufacturing countries. But do not forget that for the work of a mechanic, you can also fork out decently.

Overhaul of the VAZ engine can also be carried out in your garage, it is enough to stock up on a simple set of tools, among which there should be a gas burner, since the piston pins are inserted into the upper heads of the connecting rod whentemperature 750-800 degrees.

First of all, it must be taken into account that the overhaul of the engine involves its complete disassembly, so you need to take care of a clean workplace in a timely manner, it is better to perform work on a removed engine without attachments. In addition, you need to stock up on a solid amount of kerosene, you will need "baths" for shafts, as well as for other small things.

If the engine is removed, then the work must be divided into three parts: the cylinder head, the block itself, and the lubrication system. And now - in order and in more detail.

vaz engine overhaul

First you need to take everything apart, but it is worth remembering that the valve mechanism, which cannot be replaced, must be installed in the same order as it was. The valves, after replacing them and replacing the guide bushings, must be lapped using lapping pastes. The camshaft (or shafts, if there are two or more of them) should be measured with a micrometer and, if there are deviations from the norm, replaced. You also need to pay attention to their supports, as they are usually made of cast aluminum (a rather soft material that has less strength).

Now a little about the cylinder block. Here, the repair consists solely of replacement. Of course, if you have a machine for boring and honing cylinders at home, then you can do all the work yourself, but there are very few such people. Therefore, the block itself should be given to a specialized workshop where specialists work.

After he returns, he will have a class of pistons stamped on him, which is worth picking up. ForEach class of pistons has its own class of pins and piston rings. The mass of the kit for each cylinder should ideally be identical, but an error of 2 grams is allowed.

DIY engine overhaul

Let's move on. Next on the list is the lubrication system. Overhaul of the engine also implies the repair of this system, because it is she who is responsible for the safety and durability of the parts. Here, again, a micrometer is needed to determine if grinding of the crankshaft journals is required. If so, then you need to do the same as with the block. If not, you just need to replace the liners. Their size is usually indicated when repairing counterweights on the cheeks. If the size is not specified, then the necks have never been ground, then it corresponds to the face value.

After all these operations, the assembly is carried out, as well as the replacement of consumable fluids and filter elements. Before a test run, it is recommended to add oil to the oil filter and turn the crankshaft by hand. From the foregoing, it follows that do-it-yourself engine overhaul is not so scary, since in our time it is easy to find any instruction manual.

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