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"Land Rover Defender": owner reviews, technical specifications, engine power, maximum speed, operation and maintenance features

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"Land Rover Defender": owner reviews, technical specifications, engine power, maximum speed, operation and maintenance features
"Land Rover Defender": owner reviews, technical specifications, engine power, maximum speed, operation and maintenance features

Land Rover is a fairly well-known car brand. These machines are popular all over the world, including in Russia. But usually this brand is associated with something expensive and luxurious. However, today we will pay attention to the classic SUV in the style of "nothing more." This is a Land Rover Defender. Reviews, specifications, photos - later in the article.


The British have conservative views on the design of the Defender. This machine remained virtually unchanged in appearance throughout its production. And it has been produced since the 80s of the last century.

land rover defender 110 owners

As noted in the reviews, the Land Rover Defender is not a car for those who want to stand out. Outwardly, the car resembles our UAZ. At the front there are conventional round halogen headlights, a simple grille, a flat hood and a metal bumper. The body is arranged quite simply andSpartan - noted in the reviews. The Land Rover Defender 110 (this is a five-door modification) looks the same as the three-door, except for the length of the wheelbase. But I must say that many accessories are provided for these SUVs. These are winches, power bumpers, snorkels, mud tires and more. This Land Rover Defender looks more aggressive.

rover defender 110 owner reviews

What are the disadvantages of Land Rover Defender? In the reviews, the owners say that the car rusts over time. Basically, the frame and doors are covered with corrosion. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically carry out anti-corrosion treatment and preservation of hidden cavities.


Inside, the car also looks Spartan and even more reminiscent of the Russian UAZ. The steering wheel is two-spoke, without any buttons. On the center console - a modest radio, primitive "twists" of the stove and a pair of air ducts. As noted in the reviews, the Land Rover Defender is not a luxury car at all. The quality of finishing materials here is frankly low. Noise isolation is also not at a high level - say the owners. Everything is arranged as in an ordinary army jeep. But I must say that the car is very spacious. The body is wide and there is a good supply of space.

Land Rover

Also note that the car does not have a good level of equipment. Air conditioning and power windows are a luxury. Truly Spartan conditions reign here. Usually the only electronic device inside is a radio, and even then without USB.By the way, the air conditioner (if it is present in the car) works poorly - they say in the reviews. This also applies to the oven. She warms in the winter too weakly. This is especially felt in the second row of seats. Here the temperature can sometimes be below zero. And this is with a working heating system.

The seats on the British SUV are quite comfortable, but not without flaws. So, the driver's seat is too close to the door. In addition, there is no armrest. You get tired quickly behind the wheel - they say in the reviews.

There is a sofa for three people in the back. Among the minuses in the reviews note an overly vertical landing. As an option, you can install a third row of seats. Thanks to the free space, even two adults can be accommodated here.


It is able to fit from 550 to 1800 liters, depending on the number of seats. By the way, the spare wheel is on the fifth door. This was done in order to save luggage space.


For this car, both gasoline and diesel engines were provided. Among them it is worth noting:

  • 2, 5 liter petrol engine. Its power is 83 horsepower. This motor was one of the earliest. Up to a hundred, the car accelerated in "eternal" 24 seconds. The maximum speed is 110 kilometers per hour.
  • 3, 5-liter naturally aspirated unit with 136 horsepower. Torque - 253 Nm. With it, the SUV accelerates to hundreds in 14.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 144 kilometers per hour.
  • 2, 2 liter dieselengine. This motor develops slightly less power (122 horsepower), but boasts a large torque of 360 Nm. In terms of accelerating dynamics, Defender is not a leader. Up to a hundred the car accelerates in 17 seconds. And the maximum speed is 145 kilometers per hour. However, the car was originally imprisoned not for asph alt, but for off-road. As noted in the reviews, the diesel Land Rover Defender is great for kneading dirt.
  • 2, 5 liter diesel engine. It develops 113 horsepower. Torque - 265 Nm. The maximum speed of the Defender is 129 kilometers per hour. And it accelerates to hundreds in 18.1 seconds.
  • 2, 5-liter diesel engine with 122 horsepower. Acceleration to hundreds - 18.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour.
  • land defender 110 owner reviews

As you can see, motors have modest performance. But there are several versions that were equipped with more powerful engines. Among them, it is worth noting the following settings:

  • M52V28 engine, which was also installed on BMW. With a volume of 2.8 liters, the car developed 183 horsepower.
  • V-engine "Rover". The working volume is 3.9 liters, the power is 183 hp.
  • Five liter 405 hp Jaguar AJ133 engine.

In terms of maintenance, engines require regular oil changes every 10 thousand kilometers. This applies to both diesel and gasoline engines. Air filter changes every 20 thousand (or twice as often in extreme conditionsoperation).

Land Rover Defender 110 reviews


What do reviews say about fuel consumption? "Land Rover Defender" has a different consumption depending on the engine. So, on diesel engines, this parameter is 11.1 liters per 100 kilometers. On gasoline engines, consumption is about 18 liters.


Probably, many have heard about the problems of Land Rover cars. Unfortunately, even a simple "Defender" is not highly reliable. First of all, leaks of working fluids are noted in the reviews. This is engine and transmission oil, as well as antifreeze. There are also interior defects. Handles break, buttons fall off. By the way, after washing, you can often find water in the cabin.


Short wheelbase and long wheelbase versions have the same suspension scheme. So, the SUV is built on a spar steel frame with a riveted body. Suspension is completely dependent. Steering - "worm" with hydraulic booster. The brake system is disc, with ABS (the last system did not appear immediately, but in the 2000s).

land rover defender owner reviews

The Land Rover Defender is a real SUV. Dirt is his element. The suspension has huge moves, so that the car is not afraid of any obstacles. Four-wheel drive and locks are what a real SUV needs. Ground clearance on 16-inch wheels is 22 centimeters. Check-in angle - 34 degrees. Departure angle is 50 degrees. As noted in the reviews, the Land Rover Defender has a goodgeometric passability.

land rover 110 owner reviews

By the way, in the late 90s, the British tried to introduce a system of electronic imitation of locks. But it turned out that it was not effective. Therefore, all locks on the Defender are mechanical. Four-wheel drive - permanent.

Summing up

So, we found out what the Land Rover Defender reviews and characteristics are. Is it worth buying such a car? As the owners note in the reviews, the Land Rover Defender 110 (and its modifications) should be purchased only if you really plan to go off-road. The machine is sharpened precisely under these operating conditions. But if you drive mostly on asph alt, then purchasing a Land Rover Defender SUV will not be justified. The car has a high fuel consumption, poor acceleration dynamics and, moreover, is not very comfortable. For this money, you can buy a more comfortable and civilian car.

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