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Jeep Grand Cherokee - reviews, specifications and features

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Jeep Grand Cherokee - reviews, specifications and features
Jeep Grand Cherokee - reviews, specifications and features

There is an opinion that modern foreign-made SUVs are no longer adapted to such impassability as their "ancestors" from the 90s. Partly it is. But do not forget about such a manufacturer as Jeep. This company initially specializes in the production of SUVs. The concern produces all-wheel drive jeeps with high ground clearance, transfer case and locks. Therefore, those who are looking for a real SUV should pay attention to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Owner reviews, specifications and features of this car, see our today's article.


Cherokee is truly "American" in design. Rough forms, massive arches and square lines. This car was definitely not designed for the European public. Although in Europe it is also popular (often in Belgium and the Netherlands). In Russia, such specimens are rare. Butseeing this Jeep makes my heart skip a beat. The machine is striking in its massiveness. To be subjective, the Cherokee looks a lot better than the Prado and other Cruisers. This is a men's fashion car - say the reviews of the owners.

jeep cherokee reviews

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK has a massive grille with vertical slots and double "big-eyed" optics. At the bottom, round fog lights are neatly placed. The arches protrude significantly beyond the body line. This gives the car even more extravagance.

What do Jeep Grand Cherokee reviews say? The owners note the good quality of painting. This "American" is not afraid of scratches and steadfastly withstands the blows of pieces of rubble from under the wheels of the cars in front. How corrosion resistant is the Jeep Grand Cherokee? Reviews say that the car, like a tank, is not afraid of either dirt or road reagents. But the most important plus is still the design. In most cases, the car is chosen precisely for its shape and appearance.


Let's move inside the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Reviews note that getting into the car is quite comfortable. However, the doors close with a characteristic metallic click. This scares off some motorists. Still, for this price, I would like quieter door locks. The interior design is brutal, in a masculine style. Here the most angular lines and large devices. The center console is also striking in its size. There is a climate control unit and a multimedia complex. The latter, by the way, supports the voicemanagement. But as the reviews say, the system does not recognize the Russian language well.

jeep grand cherokee 2007

The finish is plastic with wood imitation. The seats are leather and can be decorated in different colors. The armrest is wide enough - the passenger and the driver will not touch with their elbows. This is a big plus. But with the glove compartment, the Americans missed - say the reviews. It is very small, and there are no other niches for things here (or their size does not allow you to put even a half-liter bottle of mineral water).

Many Cherokee owners complain about the quality of the plastic. He's tough enough. However, this is typical of all American brands, such as Chevrolet, Ford and even Cadillac.

Another feature is the absence of the usual hand brake. Instead, a “knife” is used here, as on the old Mercedes. It takes a very long time to get used to it. Fortunately, the system informs about the current state of the brake with a lamp on the instrument panel.

Despite the high seating position, visibility in the car is very limited - reviews say. This is due to the front right pillar. If the windshield is dirty, you may not notice at least a minibus near you. This is, in fact, a blind spot in the Cherokee. By the way, Mitsubishi Pajero has the same disease.

Among the advantages of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, reviews note the presence of parking sensors in the basic configuration. But over the years, he begins to act up, the owners say. So, when snow hits the surface, the sensors start to go crazy. Glitches can also occur duringrain. Therefore, it is not always possible to trust the parking sensors in this car.

Also heated seats are provided in the "base". But here, too, there were exceptions. Reviews say that the system automatically turns on at four degrees Celsius. On the one hand, this is good - you do not need to reach for the button once again. But not everyone likes it - the heating here is quite strong. However, the owners found a way out of the situation. If the package includes an on-board computer, you can manually adjust the heating through it.

jeep grand cherokee reviews

What are the advantages of the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2? Reviews mark the salon space. There is so much free space in the car that up to seven people can comfortably accommodate inside. Moreover, the rear passengers will not touch each other with their shoulders. There is also plenty of headroom. There is a dual-zone climate and power windows.


Another plus of this car is a roomy trunk. Its volume is as much as 978 liters in a five-seater version. Plus, there is a huge tool box under the floor.

jeep grand cherokee diesel

Rear seats fold flat. This allows you to expand the free space up to 1900 liters. However, there are complaints about the trunk. Since the cover is mounted on gas struts, in winter they may not be able to cope with the load and sag. This is the childhood disease of all Grand Cherokees.


The car canequipped with both petrol and diesel engines. The first line includes three atmospheric V-shaped units with a working volume of 3.7-5.7 liters. These motors develop 210-325 horsepower.

As for diesel units, one three-liter V-engine is available for Russia. Surprisingly, it is more popular than gasoline. This unit is equipped with a turbocharger, a 24-valve timing system and a Common Rail direct injection system. Thanks to these improvements, the Americans managed to get 218 horsepower from a 3-liter engine. According to reviews, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 diesel has good traction. The peak torque range of 510 Nm starts already at 1500 rpm.

grand cherokee diesel reviews

What are the disadvantages of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV (diesel)? Owner reviews say that during operation you may encounter the problem of finding a service. Not every service station undertakes the repair of American engines, especially diesel ones. And if you manage to find the right service, the price tag for repairs will be very huge. This deters many from buying this American car. The most expensive components here are fuel injectors that can “pour” through 150 thousand kilometers, as well as a turbine. The latter, in the event of a malfunction, begins to “eat up” oil.


Most SUVs are equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission, and the very first examples are equipped with a four-speed torque converter. But whatAs for the Cherokee of the last years of production, then there may be problems. According to reviews, the Jeep Grand Cherokee IV, equipped with an eight-speed automatic, can "kick" when switching gears. Although the box itself was developed by the leading German manufacturer ZF. This transmission begins to "kick" when resetting the gear to a lower one. By the way, a simple Cherokee had similar problems, but it was aggregated by a nine-speed automatic. This transmission was soon removed from the assembly line. Well, those who choose a car in the secondary market should stay away from these ultra-modern boxes.

Which gearbox should I take?

If you are looking at the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee when choosing, reviews advise purchasing versions with only a five-speed automatic transmission and second-generation Quadra Drive all-wheel drive. This system has active power distribution. If necessary, the torque can be directed to both the rear and front wheels (and in full). This allows you to make an electronically controlled differential and a transfer case with a reduction gear.


As noted by the owners, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 is a real tank with a frame body structure. Moreover, the car has an independent front suspension. A-arms and a stabilizer are installed in front. Behind - a classic bridge with five levers.

jeep cherokee diesel reviews

Helical springs or air springs can act as elastic elements in the suspension. Purchase the version with the latestowners do not recommend. Over time, pneuma can poison the air and crash. But the springs are almost eternal.

As for the steering, the Cherokee uses a power steering rack. The machine is easily controlled, but due to the high center of gravity it is quite rolled. Therefore, you need to be careful when entering a sharp turn or slow down in advance.


On the secondary market, you can find a ten-year-old Cherokee for only 400-500 thousand rubles. At the same time, the car is already well equipped in the “base”.

jeep grand cherokee wk2 reviews

There is climate control, 18-inch alloy wheels, power seats, parking sensors with surround view camera, multimedia center, heated seats, six airbags and ABS.

Summing up

So, we found out what the SUV "Jeep Grand Cherokee" is. This car is in demand only among a certain class of motorists. The car is suitable for those who like to "knead the dirt" (in this regard, the Cherokee deserves the highest praise) and stand out in the general stream. But it is worth remembering such things as the high cost of service and problems with finding a service.

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