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The most famous brands and companies of cars: list, characteristics and features

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The most famous brands and companies of cars: list, characteristics and features
The most famous brands and companies of cars: list, characteristics and features

The list of car companies that are especially popular includes models of both domestic and Western production. Among folk legends, it is worth noting the VAZ modifications of the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th series. The most popular analogues of the domestic auto industry include Fords, BMWs, Toyotas and Mercedes. Below is a list of top selling popular models and their main features.

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Most popular car brands

Next, let's take a look at the ten most popular cars in the world. Let's start the review with the Ford brand. Below is the general sales information of this brand's machines:

  • Years of issue - 1908-1927
  • The total number of produced copies is more than 15.5 million cars.
  • Auto Generations – 1.

Ford-Model became the first record holder. It was distinguished by the introduction of all kinds of innovations included in the design at the development stage. Henry Ford initially laid down the principles of versatility and cost reduction of the product. After that, the assembly on the conveyor went in numerous editions. Sales figures show over 15.5 million copies. Some print media voiced an indicator of 16500000units.


Volkswagen cars in this category have been produced since 1973. Cars are still in serial production, there are seven lines in the assortment.

Previously, the Passat was considered as a standard family-type hatchback car. J. Giugiaro worked on the design of the vehicle. The expansion of the model was to identify it with the trade winds that blow all year round on the Pacific coast. The production of the car has spread all over the world, from the USA and Europe to Russia.

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Nissan Almera

Below are the statistics of the Nissan car company, which also broke a certain record in demand in the world market.

Brief information:

  • Number of copies - almost 16 million units.
  • Years of issue - from 1966 to the present day.
  • Generations – 11.

The original Sunny brand is better known to us under the Almera brand. The vehicle is designed for use in the city. Now, after some technological and marketing innovations, this car fell into the category of affordable foreign sedans of category C.

Honda Civic

A well-known model from Japanese designers adds to the list of car brands included in the top ten best-selling.


  • Quantity over 17.7 million.
  • Issue period 1972-present.
  • Generations - 9 pieces

Thisthe company of cars was ranked among the people's cars of Japan. In many ways, such popularity was due to high running parameters and a sports upgrade. After the eighth release, there was a division into sports and household counterparts. The range includes sedan and hatchback bodies. Interesting information: in the domestic market in Brazil (the company's official representative office), such machines appeared only in 1992. It is noteworthy that they began to be produced for export 10 years earlier.

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Opel Corsa

This machine company has the following achievements in its track record:

  • Quantity of copies - over 18 million cars.
  • Issued from 1982 to today.
  • Generations - 5 pieces.

Despite the youth of the model, the Opel-Korsa car has proven itself on a purely positive side, which had a positive effect on sales volumes. This brand has become popular in Europe, Russia, America, New Zealand and other parts of the mainland.

Ford Escort car

Below are the statistics for another popular manufacturer:

  • The number of copies is about 20 million.
  • Years of issue - 1968-2000.
  • Number of generations – 6.

Escort is the exact opposite of classic American-made cars. It is precisely this feature that is especially unique in him. The machine has an attractive exterior, is compact, equipped with a powerful and unpretentious power unit. Now the manufacturing company is thinking about the revival of thismodifications. The designers face one dilemma - how to fit it into competition with another "hit" car ("Ford Focus").

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Volkswagen Beetle

The number of sales of this machine testifies to its huge popularity (more than 21.5 million copies). The release of the vehicle lasted from 1938 to 2003. During this period, seven generations were developed.

The name Beetle ("Beetle") is optimal for this car. In addition, he is a real record holder among the best car companies (the world's first car to overcome the sales of 20 million milestone). It is worth noting that for 65 years the design of the body has not changed much. The last original Beetle rolled off the assembly line in Mexico in 2003. However, its updated version is being sold, the release of which began in 1997. During this time, three generations have already been born.


This is another legend from Volkswagen. The success of this car lies in the fact that a whole class is named after it. Since the mid-80s of the last century, the term "golf" has been applied to almost all compact hatchbacks. The popularity of the new generation is due to the desire of consumers to get in one set a symbiosis of an economical engine and the driving pleasure of a variation of the GTI. In the ranking of lists of car brands, this vehicle is ranked third in terms of popularity. The production of the machine continues to this day (since 1974). Over 30 million copies issued in sevengenerations.

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Ford F-series

Short statistics on this car:

  • The number of samples released is over 34 million.
  • The period of issue is from 1948 to the present day.
  • Features - Designed over 12 generations.

Which car companies producing "pickup trucks" can boast such success? Most likely, the popularity of this "workhorse" is due to the irresistible craving of Americans for powerful modifications. The F-series is almost never sold outside of North America, while being the second most popular passenger car. Every year the company sells more than one million "pickup trucks" in various modifications. This indicates that every half a minute one copy of the Ford F-series is sold in Canada, Mexico or America.

Toyota Corolla

The leader among the brands and models of machines is the unit from Japanese manufacturers. The best-selling car has been produced so far, since 1966. Engineers have implemented an innovative idea that combines the compactness, style and power of expensive analogues. This concept turned out to be very successful. In this regard, the Toyota Corolla remains in the lead as the most massive car.


  • The number of issued copies is more than 40 million pieces.
  • Issue period - 1966 - today.
  • Modifications - 11 generations.
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Abovecar emblems with brand names from well-known and popular manufacturers are given. Judging by the statistics, the best-selling car in the world is Toyota. Second place goes to Volkswagen. The third line belongs to Ford, whose sales either go up rapidly or fall slightly. In the ranking of popular vehicles, one cannot fail to note the steadily growing sales of Korean (Kia and Hyundai) and Chinese-made vehicles (Geely, Chery). They are gradually rising higher in the market for budget cars and premium cars. Among domestic brands, VAZ modifications, as well as vehicles of the above brands, produced under license, remain unchanged leaders.

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