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Electric motorcycle: transport for children and adults

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Electric motorcycle: transport for children and adults
Electric motorcycle: transport for children and adults

Today, electric transport is gaining more and more popularity, which is valued for its noiselessness and environmental friendliness.

Creating a homemade electric motorcycle is a rather complicated and at the same time interesting event. With the appropriate experience and knowledge, you can get a comfortable vehicle that will be unique and original. An electric motorcycle allows you to easily move around the city and beyond, as well as save money due to the lack of the need to refuel. It is worth noting that special attention should be paid to compliance with the rules and all the subtleties in the manufacture, as the transport must be safe during operation.

motorcycle electric

DIY electric motorcycle

Most often, an ordinary bicycle acts as a basis. This is due to the fact that self-welding the frame can cause some difficulties. In addition, unprofessional seam welding significantly reduces the safety of the bike.One of the main elements is the electric motor. The best option in additionit will be a lithium battery. If this is not available, a lead battery can be used, but it is heavy and may malfunction in bad weather.

In addition, you will need the following components, which can be taken from a sports bike or moped:

  • shock absorbers;
  • mirrors;
  • front fork;
  • lights;
  • chain;
  • brakes;
  • brake hose;
  • fasteners.

The case for the battery and motor can be made of wood or metal. All internal elements, including wiring, are installed last after installing the footboard, lights and painting the body part.

Electronic parts are selected according to the intended use and function. They must be chosen with great care, since even a seemingly insignificant mistake can lead to unpredictable consequences. In addition, it is recommended to install an additional sprocket, which will provide gear shifting.

For the manufacture of the body panel, sheet aluminum is suitable. Before cutting the material, it is worth marking all the details on the drawing paper, and then transfer them to the necessary material. All elements are cut with scissors for metal. The workpiece is wrapped around the frame, holes for fasteners are drilled in the lower part. Painting is done with a can or sprayer in the desired color.

children's electric motorcycle diagram

Children's motorcycle

Self-propelledvehicles are able to delight any child, especially when they completely repeat adult electric motorcycles. Such a device is an optimal replacement for a children's car equipped with an engine. In addition, it has a minimal weight and compact size, which makes walking much easier, for example, when living in an apartment building.

The transport is designed in such a way that the child could not fall from it. Two-wheeled versions are equipped with removable small wheels, and three-wheeled devices are made for the smallest children.

electric motorcycles adults

How to choose?

There are many varieties of children's electric motorcycles. Among their main parameters, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • battery charge;
  • gear type;
  • moving speed;
  • number of wheels and the ability to remove them if necessary;
  • permissible load.

Today, in the assortment of stores you can find various versions of motorcycles, for example, in the form of an all-terrain vehicle or a scooter. With self-production, the basis will be a suitable scheme for a children's electric motorcycle, in accordance with which parts will be selected.

DIY electric motorcycle

What should I consider when making my own?

Wheels for transport should be selected depending on the road surface that is laid in the place of its future use. optional electricthe motorcycle can be equipped with headlights, rubber wheels, rear-view mirrors. The design depends entirely on the gender and age of the child, as well as his wishes. It is also recommended to stock up on an extra rechargeable battery, which will allow you to take long walks without worrying about the charge level.

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