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Buying a children's motorcycle

Buying a children's motorcycle
Buying a children's motorcycle

Eyes run wide when choosing. There aren't any! Bright original colors, with musical options, all kinds of beeps, lights and other "bells and whistles". Motorcycles of famous brands: Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha. Yes, the future young racer will not be bored! But the main thing for you, as parents, is not the design, but the technical characteristics. First of all, read the instructions, study the capabilities of the "bike", see the depreciation and operation periods. Carefully check the braking system, the comfort of the seat. Another purchase depends on age. Let's take this indicator as the main guideline of where to start looking.

kids motorcycle

1.5 to 5 years

Suitable for children's three-wheeled battery motorcycle. It has a single-speed transmission, travel speed is 4 km/h, battery operating voltage is 6 V. Charging time is 1-1.5 hours. Can hold up to 25 kg.

Children from 3 to 8 years old

Children's motorcycle batterytwo-wheeled with auxiliary small wheels on the sides (for balance and stability). With confident driving, they can be disconnected. Travel speed reaches 8 km / h, battery power - 12 V. Some models have two speed modes and reverse. An interesting children's motorcycle on a battery with two seats. What if a gentleman wants to ride a lady, the lady of his heart?

Group from 5 to 10 years old

This range includes large two-wheeled motorcycles. Here, the speed of movement is already developing up to 11-15 km / h, the battery power is 24 V. This allows you to continuously ride for three hours. Calmly rides bumps, copes with hills. Withstands 35-40 kg.

children's motorcycle on the battery

Over 9 years old, for off-road enthusiasts

For this age, feel free to buy a children's motorcycle gasoline. You will not depend on the charging time. It has a large enough gas tank for long trips. Accepts any road. Excellent stable rubber wheels. The maximum speed develops up to 55 km / h with the ability to regulate, limit it. Load capacity - up to 100 kg. Children's gasoline motorcycle is the perfect prototype of an adult motorcycle!

Assembling all the models is easy, it takes about half an hour. Each set comes with an illustrated description.

And finally, let's recall the basic rules:

children's motorcycle gasoline
  • Always follow safety precautions.
  • Let me rideonly in safe places, under the supervision of an adult.
  • Wear a safety helmet, elbow pads, knee pads.
  • First, teach your child how to drive, especially he should be able to stop the motorcycle.
  • Regularly check the integrity of all parts.
  • Charge the battery within 8-12 hours, no more.
  • Use identical batteries.
  • Keep children away from chargers

Give happiness to the kid to try himself as a driver! Instill independence, masculine character traits, sports habits from youth. Your heir will become active, cheerful, because fresh air improves he alth. Having matured, he will already have confident driving skills.

Happy shopping!

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