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Moped Alpha is the best among the “Chinese”

Moped Alpha is the best among the “Chinese”
Moped Alpha is the best among the “Chinese”

The technical characteristics of the Alpha moped was a success. This makes all competitors look at him with envy. Or rather, a variety of companies producing mopeds. Let's analyze all the characteristics of this miracle technology in detail, starting with the engine.

The Alpha moped is equipped with a four-stroke engine, which is cooled by an air stream that hits the surface of the cylinder head. Although it is small in volume - only 72 centimeters cubic, it develops relatively good power, which pleases all lovers of high-speed driving.

The maximum Alpha moped can produce is five horsepower. At the same time, it develops at most seven thousand five hundred revolutions per minute.

One of the positive qualities of such a moped is that it starts from an electric starter. Additionally, it is possible to start the Alpha moped manually using a kick starter. After starting the engine, movement is carried out using a four-speed manual transmission.

Alpha moped specifications


The transmission of power from the engine to the wheel is done using a chain. The moped is one meter eighty centimeters long and half a meter wide. Himself (without additionalcargo) it weighs 81 kilograms. The front and rear wheels are the same size - seventeen inches, however, the rear is larger than the front. They brake on such a moped by pressing a lever located on the steering wheel. Brakes are drum type.

This vehicle is equipped with front hydraulic shock absorbers. The fuel tank is relatively small - only 4 liters. This is due to the fact that the fuel consumption of such a car is only two liters per hundred kilometers.

You can fill a moped with ninety-second gasoline, but if someone takes care of their equipment, then ninety-fifth can also be filled. The carrying capacity of such a moped reaches one hundred and twenty kilograms, which makes it possible to ride it even for overweight people.


moped irbis alpha

The design of the moped was a success. Take, for example, a muffler. It has an interesting shape of a saxophone and perfectly muffles the sound. Shiny coasters are also comfortable and beautiful. The Irbis Alpha moped is especially spectacular, on which there are a lot of chrome elements.

Devices on the panel look impressive and well-coordinated. All operating modes and engine status are notified: near and far color, revolutions and speed, neutral gear, etc. There are also two rear-view mirrors, which is also important.

moped irbis alpha 50

As it has become fashionable lately, each moped model has a place for a wardrobe trunk, which is installed behind the driver's back. It is also used as a comfortable backrest.

Worth speci altalk about the safety of riding such an “iron horse”. So, the Irbis Alpha 50 moped is equipped with side arches at the factory, which are not subject to deformation even when falling. They are made from high-strength alloys of metals with different properties.

Of course, there are many positive moments. Generally speaking, there are no negative characteristics. Therefore, everyone decides for himself. As they say in such a case: “Until you see, you will not understand anything.”

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