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Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes: reviews. The best Chinese motorcycles 250cc

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Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes: reviews. The best Chinese motorcycles 250cc
Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes: reviews. The best Chinese motorcycles 250cc

The popularity of motorcycles today is very high. They are used in almost any area and field of activity. In modern society, motorcycles are used not only by individuals, but also by companies.

Types of motorcycles

Classify motorcycles according to different criteria. This may be the mass, and the displacement of the engine, and its purpose, and even the type of its engine. As a rule, the purpose of the bike is taken as the basis for the classification. Thus, they distinguish:

  • sports;
  • cross shoes;
  • travel;
  • record;
  • classic;
  • choppers.

The most common on the roads of Russia and CIS countries is road motorcycles. Chinese road bikes (250cc) have gained great popularity among fans of two-wheeled vehicles. They are good for their relatively low cost, maneuverability and low fuel consumption (which is a huge plus, considering the prices of gasoline in our time).

Chinese motorcycles 250cc
Chinese motorcycles 250cc

The variety of these two-wheelers is verywide. There are more than 130 brands in China, under whose name various motorcycles are produced, and each manufacturer has a fairly wide range of models. In total, tens of thousands of different motorcycles can be found on motor markets.

250cc Bikes

Chinese 250cc motorcycles are an excellent choice for both beginner riders and experienced bikers. Models with this engine size can be placed between heavy motorcycles and small scooters.

The bike has enough power to accelerate the iron horse to a speed of over 120 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed of the machine is directly dependent on the technology of its engine and the gear ratios of the gears in the gearbox and sprockets on the chain drive (if any).

chinese motorcycles 250cc enduro
chinese motorcycles 250cc enduro

These models are considered quite progressive. They are great for city, highway or rural driving.

As practice shows, Chinese motorcycles 200, 250 cubes show themselves quite worthy for several years of work. You just need to remember about the timely technical inspection and repair of the unit (if necessary).

In addition to their own models, Chinese manufacturers know how to make good copies of motorcycles from well-known manufacturers.

Chinese motorcycles 250cc: general characteristics

To buy a "Chinese" with an engine of 250 cubic centimeters, the buyer will have to pay at least 2,000 dollars. For this price you get a goodmotorcycle, the weight of which ranges from 100 to 150 kilograms. This is a great indicator for city driving.

Cheerfully and boldly, the motorcycle picks up speed before the speedometer needle shows 70 kilometers per hour. After that, the agility will begin to decrease and the bike will accelerate gradually.

Engine torque is taken over by the gearbox first. As a rule, Chinese manufacturers put a four-speed gearbox on Chinese 250cc road bikes. This is quite enough for good traction in low gears and high speed in high gears.

Often, prestigious companies provide their customers with a one-year warranty, under which the buyer can use the service for his motorcycle for free.

About enduro models

Chinese 250cc (enduro) motorcycles are made for asph alt and off-road riding, they come in a wide variety. One of the most common models is the Geon Dakar 250E motorcycle. This is a typical Chinese four-stroke enduro bike. Like the rest of the mass of such motorcycles, it is equipped with a single-cylinder engine, which can be ignited using a kick start or an electric starter. The gearbox is mechanical, six-speed. Multi-plate clutch, oil bath.

Chinese motocross bikes 250cc
Chinese motocross bikes 250cc

This is a relatively light bike, with a dry weight of 115 kilograms. Even a novice can keep an expensive two-wheeled car.

Also popular is the Viper ZS 250-GY. Differs in a gear box, inThis model has five steps. In principle, this is quite enough for a motorcycle of this type. AI-95 fuel consumption is only 2.6-2.7 liters per 100 kilometers. The weight of this enduro bike is slightly larger than the previous one, at 138 kilograms.

Mostly Chinese 250cc (Enduro) motorcycles have similar specifications to those shown above.

Cross bikes

Chinese 250cc motocross bikes, unlike enduros, are designed for riding on uneven and difficult terrain where good traction is needed.

One of the most common models is the Kayo T6 bike. Its characteristics:

  • Progressive water-cooled engine has 31.5 horsepower.
  • One cylinder - four-valve.
  • The electronic ignition system is quite reliable and unpretentious.
  • Curb weight - about 125 kilograms.
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes reviews
    Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes reviews

The Irbis TTR 250 bike corresponds to similar characteristics. This model differs in design, cooling system (air), motor (less powerful). Its maximum thrust is 16 horsepower.

Nevertheless, this is quite enough to lift the front wheel off the ground even at low speed. Chinese 250cc motocross bikes are very diverse. The characteristics of most are shown above.

Chinese motorcycles 250cc: price

To purchase a new Chinese bike (250cc),buyers will have to pay for this pleasure from 55 thousand rubles for the most modest model. The cost of a motorcycle depends on:

  • Two-wheeler manufacturer's price policy.
  • Quality parts used to make motorcycles.
  • The presence of modern and innovative systems and mechanisms.
  • Motorcycle specifications.
  • Destination motorcycle.
  • Other factors.
Chinese sport bikes 250cc
Chinese sport bikes 250cc

The cost of some models can exceed 100,000 and even 200,000 rubles. Of the entire line of such bikes, the highest prices are for Chinese sports bikes of 250cc.

Models for this purpose especially need high-precision parts and reliable spare parts, otherwise the behavior of a two-wheeled vehicle at speed may be unpredictable.

Sport bikes 250cc

Sports motorcycles are in great demand in the markets of the CIS countries. Models from manufacturers Zongshen, Spark, Ekonika and many others have been successfully driving on our roads for several years.

The maximum speed of these motorcycles can reach 200 kilometers per hour. Driving at this speed requires smooth surfaces and good grip.

In order to effectively stop a two-wheeled vehicle, manufacturers install disc brakes. It is this braking system that is able to quickly reduce speed, which is very important for bikers.

Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes price
Chinese motorcycles 250 cubes price

Most models of sports motorcycles are characterized by dynamicdesign, comfortable seats, handlebar position and leg holders. Be sure to place the brake foot close to the holders so that the rider can react quickly.

The clutch on these machines is usually multi-disc in an oil bath. The manual transmission has five or more gears for confident acceleration even at speeds over 100 km/h (while Chinese 250cc road bikes lose agility after 70 km/h).

It is worth noting models with a two-cylinder four-stroke engine. Such power units are significantly ahead of single-cylinder ones. Two pistons with a short stroke will be more fun to rotate the crankshaft than one longer one.

Review of popular models

Motorcycles from these manufacturers are very popular in the country's markets:

  1. Viper;
  2. Irbis;
  3. Kayo;
  4. Wels;
  5. X-moto and others.

A common model from manufacturer X-moto is the SX250. This is a road bike designed for normal everyday riding. The maximum speed, according to the technical data sheet, is 105 kilometers per hour. Engine power - 10.5 horsepower, fuel consumption - 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The mechanical five-speed gearbox quickly accelerates the bike to top speed.

Chinese road bikes 250cc
Chinese road bikes 250cc

The Irbis Garpia is classified as a road bike. It looks like a real western bike: equipped with chrome parts, roomy leather saddlebags and a protectivewindscreen.

The model will appeal to beginners and experienced riders, because the four-stroke engine accelerates the 160 kg machine quite quickly.

The best Chinese 250cc motorcycles are presented in the reviews above. These models are most often found in the motor markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR.


The owners of such motorcycles respond positively to the purchased equipment. From the words of buyers, you can understand that these are excellent motorcycles, based on the ratio of their price and quality. Despite the fact that China is "famous" for consumer products, motorcycle manufacturers in this country know how to make quality products.

Customers say their new iron horses run briskly on our roads. The speed and power of a 250cc engine is enough for them.

Undoubtedly, there are also disadvantages, which only occasionally include poor-quality assembly or inconvenient placement of any elements of the non-running part (rear-view mirror, headlight degree or passenger legs).

The last flaw can be corrected by every bike owner, as he pleases. As for the assembly - these are the flaws of the manufacturer. As a rule, each buyer is en titled to a year's maintenance of the motorcycle in the service free of charge.


We found that for urban and rural roads, 250cc Chinese motorcycles are suitable for beginners and experienced drivers. Reviews of the latter are mostly positive.

It is these motorcycles - a cross between mopeds, scooters,100cc motorcycles and heavy powerful bikes with a relatively large engine size and its same power.

They are extremely fast and agile, suitable for experienced riders and beginner riders.

It is easy and convenient to drive such two-wheeled vehicles. The pricing policy of the Chinese manufacturer remains quite loyal, despite the turning points in the country's economy.

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