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"Opel Ampera" - a revolutionary model with a charge "from the outlet"

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"Opel Ampera" - a revolutionary model with a charge "from the outlet"
"Opel Ampera" - a revolutionary model with a charge "from the outlet"

In 2011, the Opel Ampera was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. This is the first hybrid hatchback from the German concern. Stylish, technical, economical - these are the characteristics that apply to this car. Today, it is in rather high demand abroad. Officially, "Opel Ampera" in Russia is not yet for sale. However, many motorists are following this issue with interest.

Opel "Ampera"


The external component of the "Opel Ampera" (the photo confirms this) is modern, attractive and even original. Hybrid Front:

  • Massive, brutal body.
  • Expressive boomerang headlights.
  • Unusual streamlined and curly bumper.

The dimensions of the car allow us to classify it as a C-class:

  • Length - 4498 mm.
  • Width - 1787 mm.
  • Height - 1439 mm.

The Opel Ampera hybrid weighs exactly 1,732 kg in total.

Interior decoration

Opel "Ampera" in Russia

Inside "Opel Ampera" also maintains modern style. The front panel has its own unique design, which is inherent in almostall hybrid cars. Thus, the display shows the following parameters:

  • Energy reserve.
  • Remaining mileage.
  • Indication of modes.
  • Stock of gasoline, etc.

The materials from which all interior parts are made (including buttons, switches) are of excellent quality. The steering wheel is covered with genuine leather. At the same time, it is able to be adjusted in tilt, height. Also, the seat can be set both in height and longitudinally. This is one of the advantages, because. every driver will be able to find the most comfortable position for themselves.

New Opel "Ampera"

"Opel Ampera" is a 4-seater car. Therefore, it has exactly 2 separate seats at the back. There is a tunnel between them. This is where the battery is located.

This new model has a fairly roomy trunk. Its volume is 310 liters. If necessary, it can be increased by folding the backs of the rear seats. The result is a little over 1000 liters.

The infotainment part of the Opel Ampera is very diverse. Package includes:

  • Bluetooth headset.
  • CD|MP3 radio stereo system.
  • Climate control.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Parking brake.

As for safety, in this car, the experts have thought through everything to the smallest detail. There are 3-point safety belts here. They are provided with all seats without exception. Numerous airbags protect the peace of each passenger and driver. Opel Ampera has been tested according to the EuroNCAP method. The result is the maximumpoints (5 stars).

Technical part

Opel "Ampera" photo

Under the hood of the "Opel Ampera" is a 150-horsepower electric motor. Together with it, a 1.4-liter gasoline unit is adjacent. Additionally, there is another electric motor. It is activated automatically if the car develops a high speed. In total, the motor produces 150 hp. At the same time, it functions in several possible modes:

  • Sport (automatically aggravate all reactions of the car when you press the gas pedal);
  • Normal;
  • Hold-charge mode (to save electricity);
  • Mountain (if you need to climb for a long time).

The electric motor is powered by batteries. These are lithium-ion batteries. Their total capacity is 16 kW/h. This is enough to provide about 70 km of track. As soon as the charge completely dries up, the gasoline engine starts. It takes about 2.5-3 hours to charge the electric motor. You will need a regular 220-volt outlet.

The Opel Ampera is a very nimble car. It is capable of accelerating up to 161 km / h. At the same time, from a standstill, he picks up speed of 100 km / h in just 9 seconds.


Opel Ampera in Europe is offered for 45,900 euros. This price is for the basic (lowest) configuration:

  • 8 airbags.
  • Virtual dashboard.
  • Climate control.
  • Audio system and 6 speakers.
  • Complex multimedia.
  • 17-inch wheels.
  • Keyless start.
  • Power windows.

Evaluation by experts

Opel "Ampera" reviews

The new "Opel Ampera" was appreciated by numerous experts. In their opinion, the car won the following ratings:

  • For appearance - 3 out of 5. He looks pretty good.
  • For dynamics - 4 out of 5. Moves very well around the city. There is no need to change gears. On highways, the car moves confidently.
  • Drivability - 3 out of 5. Compared to other electric vehicles, the Opel Ampera is less agile.
  • Comfort - 4 out of 5. Excellent equipment even at the basic level, convenience for both the driver and passengers at altitude.
  • Safety - 5 out of 5. State of the art safety technology.
  • Quality is still unknown. Because the model is still new, time will tell how good the build quality is.
  • Expenses – 5. Although the car is not cheap, it is very economical in terms of fuel and energy consumption.

"Opel Ampera": reviews

What do motorists say about the new car? Despite the fact that the Opel Ampera is not yet sold by official dealers in Russia, many motorists have already managed to sit behind the wheel and evaluate its performance data. The main plus that all drivers pay attention to is practicality. "Opel Ampera" is convenient, maneuverable and comfortable. They especially note the absence of any noise during movement, even if the route is difficult, and the road surfaceleaves much to be desired.

There are those who appreciate the capacity of the trunk. Even for transporting bulky items, this car will come in handy. Its trunk is big. It is possible to further increase it due to the seats in the second passenger row. They fold compactly and double the luggage space. Therefore, some for business would prefer to take such a car.

From the cons:

  • Too light steering wheel.
  • Too high cost of car.
  • Total 4 seats (of which 1 - for the driver), some believe that this is not enough. Therefore, such a car will not be chosen for a family.

Despite these shortcomings, many people emphasize that the Opel Ampera is an economical car. She has enough electric charge for a long time, and she consumes little gasoline.

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