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Winter tires "Dunlop Winter Ice 02": reviews, photos
Winter tires "Dunlop Winter Ice 02": reviews, photos

Most drivers approach the choice of winter tires for a car with the utmost responsibility, because the cold season is replete with various dangers waiting on the road. High-quality tires must have a number of factors that allow them to confidently behave on any surface, whether it be asph alt or primer, regardless of weather conditions. In this article, we will look at reviews of Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires. They will help determine whether this model is a good choice, because they are written mainly by ordinary drivers who have tested it in harsh winter conditions. However, first you should familiarize yourself with the official specifications from the manufacturer.

Briefly about the model and its manufacturer

Dunlop tires are developed and produced in the UK. This already speaks in their favor, since European quality standards are quite strict and constantly encourage manufacturers to improve their own models. Productioncontrolled by a world-famous group of companies under the leadership of Goodyear, which has proven itself on the positive side. The company produces both tires for budget cars and premium tires, as well as specialized products for racing cars and derby cars.

When creating the Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tire model, the main emphasis was placed on combating difficult weather conditions. Therefore, it should cope well with ice, loose and packed snow, but at the same time feel confident on clean asph alt and water during the thaw period. To improve the grip with the track, it has spikes. We will consider their design a little later.

Testing Dunlop Winter Ice 02

Tread pattern

Designers went in an innovative way, creating a unique tread pattern for the updated model. If you look at the photo of Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires, you will not be able to see a pronounced central rib in it, as it smoothly spreads over the entire working surface of the tire. And only the side tread blocks stand out against this futuristic design.

Central units perform several functions at once. They, as usual, are responsible for maintaining exchange rate stability. In a straight line, this is not difficult, however, during maneuvering, the center of the applied force shifts, which includes blocks that are shifted to the edges of the tire. As a result, even turns made at a relatively high speed do not pose a threat, and the probability of falling into a skid iscar is small. Owner reviews of Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires indicate that the central tread elements have sufficient height to provide good rowing performance when driving on snowy surfaces.

The side of the pattern is more familiar and consists of large blocks that provide confident movement in snow, slush and mud, which can appear during thaws.

Winter tire Dunlop Winter Ice 02

Slat system

According to the description of Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires, the main task of designers when developing a tread pattern can be called the desire to achieve a balance between dynamic performance and safety. Thus, the necessary measures were taken to combat hydroplaning and slashplaning.

For effective removal of water and liquid mud, as well as semi-melted snow, a large number of grooves are provided, located at different angles to the direction of movement. So, regardless of whether the car is moving in a straight line or making a maneuver, optimal moisture removal from the contact patch with the track is achieved. Thanks to this, the machine is not able to “float” when entering the water abruptly.

Grooves across the entire working surface also create additional cutting edges on the tread blocks. The higher their area and number, the better the grip of the tire with the track. And different directions provide uniform contact under any load. Thus, the risk of falling intoskidding when driving on slippery surfaces, be it packed snow or pure ice.

Dunlop Winter Ice 02 testing process

Strengthening side blocks

Due to the emerging loads, it becomes necessary to reinforce the tire in the shoulder areas. This is necessary both to protect it from damage and to improve rowing performance.

In the first case, the standard solution was applied. The side part of the tire is made of a stronger rubber than the working surface of the tread. According to the tests of the Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires, this protected it from possible damage that could occur due to interaction with sharp objects on the road, whether it be protruding rebar or just a sharp piece of ice. A reinforced cord added to this effect, extending the life of the tires and preventing the appearance of hernias on their sidewalls.

The second question regarding dynamics is solved with the help of small rubber jumpers located between the tread blocks. They protect them from “gluing” under load by always leaving wide slots between them. As a result, the edges are always open and working at full capacity, providing good rowing performance.

Presence of spikes

According to the latest tire quality requirements adopted in Europe, the number of studs should be relatively small. That is why the manufacturer took care to place them as rationally as possible over the entire work surface.

They have a standard shape, but the landing nests have undergone structuralchanges, which entailed a stronger attachment of each individual spike. According to reviews of the Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires, after a proper break-in, the rubber is ready for tough use without the risk of losing all the metal teeth in the first season of use.

Spikes for Dunlop Winter Ice 02

Special rubber formula

As mentioned above, the tire is made using rubber with different properties. The side parts and the base are made of a more rigid mixture that has the properties necessary to maintain shape and strength. This approach increases the life of each individual tire, protects it from punctures and cuts, and prevents the rubber from becoming too soft during extreme thaws.

The working surface of the tread blocks, on the contrary, received soft rubber that can be elastic even in very severe frosts. As a result, according to customer reviews of the Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires, the grip with the track does not disappear when the “minus” is overboard, and the tire, despite the presence of spikes, has some Velcro properties. In order to prevent this rubber layer from wearing out too quickly due to its softness, silicic acid is added to it, which helps to connect the individual components without losing elasticity. This approach has been adopted by many automotive rubber manufacturers and has worked well over the years, with some tweaks to make it even more effective.

Protector Dunlop Winter Ice 02


In order for as many drivers as possible to use this rubber model on their cars, the manufacturer has put all popular sizes on sale. At the same time, options are available for both cars and minibuses, powerful SUVs, SUVs and even light trucks. This is evidenced by the dimensions of the inner diameter of tires, which start from 13 inches, designed for old cars and Soviet "classics", and end with an impressive 21 inches, which can be used on cars with frisky engines and a large empty weight.

Several common sizes are available for each of these options, each with its own speed and maximum load index. Therefore, when choosing, always pay attention to the requirements of the manufacturer of your car in order to select the most suitable tires.

Testing Dunlop Winter Ice 02 on ice

Positive feedback about the model

It's time to analyze driver reviews and opinions about Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tires to make sure that they are worth buying for your car. To begin with, let's pay attention to the positive points that occur most often:

  • Affordable cost compared to competitors. Tires have received a price tag that allows both drivers of expensive cars and state employees who are worried about their safety to purchase them.
  • Good rowing performance. The rubber handles deep loose snow making it greatchoice for northern regions.
  • The presence of spikes and their strength. Spikes are indispensable helpers during icy conditions, and their fastenings are quite reliable. According to reviews, they are either not lost at all, or fall out in small quantities during the season.
  • Acceptable level of softness. Rubber retains its properties at low temperatures, but does not melt during thaws.
  • Confident course stability. The special shape of the tread pattern allows you to feel safe when driving on any surface, as well as during maneuvering in bad weather conditions.

This is not a complete list of the positive aspects of this rubber, but even he inspires confidence. Still, it is worth paying attention to the negative points that this rubber has.

Stud prints Dunlop Winter Ice 02

Cons of the model in reviews

The main disadvantage of many drivers in their reviews of winter tires "Dunlop Winter Ice 02" is called high noise. Spikes play an important role in this. Therefore, with poor sound insulation, some discomfort may occur during high-speed traffic on the highway, especially if the asph alt is cleared of snow and ice.

Some drivers have experienced poor responsiveness to small maneuvers on clean pavement. However, this may be a feature of their vehicles and not of the tire range. Otherwise, there were no negative sides to this rubber.


As the Dunlop Winter Ice 02 winter tire reviews emphasize, they will fitfor those who want to be sure of their car regardless of weather conditions. Rubber can create noise discomfort when driving, but safety on the road should always be higher than this. However, if you like less noisy options, you should look at models that do not have metal spikes.

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