Dashboard VAZ-2107: tuning, scheme, price. How to replace the dashboard with your own hands

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Dashboard VAZ-2107: tuning, scheme, price. How to replace the dashboard with your own hands
Dashboard VAZ-2107: tuning, scheme, price. How to replace the dashboard with your own hands

The dashboard of the VAZ-2107 is equipped with all the important signaling devices and controllers that monitor the normal operation of the main components of the car. Knowing all the nuances, as well as the capabilities of sensors and devices, you can timely identify a certain malfunction, preventing a more serious breakdown. Consider the functionality of this element, its improvement, as well as a replacement method.

dashboard vaz 2107
dashboard vaz 2107

Oil and AB indicators

If the emergency oil pressure indicator lights up on the dashboard of the VAZ-2107, you need to stop the car and turn off the engine. Be sure to check the oil level, if necessary, replenish the stock to the desired mark, and only after that start the engine. If the warning light remains on, shut off the engine and have the machine towed to the nearest workshop. Further movement with the indicator on will cause the connecting rods to turn, as a result of which the enginewill start to "knock". This can cause the engine to seize and overhaul it.

When the battery control lamp lights up, the first thing to do is check the terminals for oxidation and loss of contact. If the elimination of these points did not help, the cause of the malfunction is in the generator. Most likely, it does not generate enough current required to recharge the battery. It is advisable to turn off all electrical appliances and follow to the nearest service station. A high-quality battery will travel at least 100 kilometers, supplying power only to the ignition system. Mostly, in such cases, the voltage regulator relay fails.

Fuel, brake and coolant level sensors

The fuel control indicator indicates the presence of fuel in the tank. The zero mark indicates that there are less than 5 liters of gasoline left and it is time to visit a gas station.

dashboard vaz 2107 tuning
dashboard vaz 2107 tuning

The ignition of the emergency brake fluid sensor on the VAZ-2107 dashboard requires an immediate stop. Then check the liquid level, add it to the required level. In addition, you need to make sure that the vehicle is capable of braking. If the mechanism works, get on your own to a car service. If there is no response, call a tow truck, a mechanic, or fix the problem yourself.

The refrigerant temperature indicator is in the red zone. A novice driver may not notice the “boiling” of the engine until steam appears from underhood, since this model does not have an alarm that informs about overheating of the motor. In this situation, you should stop and let the power unit cool down. In the absence of a break in the connecting pipes, you should try to get to the garage or service station to find out the cause of the malfunction. Most often, this problem occurs due to the failure of the thermostat or radiator fan.

Dashboard diagram VAZ-2107

Consider the main instruments and indicators included in the scheme of the instrument panel "seven":

dashboard vaz 2107 backlight
dashboard vaz 2107 backlight
  • Voltmeter.
  • Speedometer (speed indicator).
  • Odometer. Counts the distance travelled.
  • Tachometer. Serves to determine the crankshaft speed. The red zone indicates that the maximum allowable value (6 thousand rotations per minute) has been exceeded.
  • Refrigerant temperature sensor. The green zone is the norm, the red zone is the motor overheating. The operation of the car is prohibited when the temperature of the cooling mixture exceeds 118 oC.
  • Econometer. The device allows you to select the optimal driving mode, which is indicated by the location of the arrow in the green zone.

Control lamps

The VAZ-2107 control lamp block, the tuning of which we will consider below, includes the following indicators and sensors:

  • Activation of turn indicators, as indicated by a flashing green indicator.
  • Battery charge control lamp. During startupmotor, the signaling device lights up in red color and goes out. If the glow continues, it is necessary to check the battery charge. Among the main causes of failure: weak timing belt tension, circuit or generator malfunction.
  • Sensor for side lights.
  • High beam activation indicator (in active mode, it lights up in blue).
  • Oil pressure level controller. An insufficient indicator is indicated by a red constantly glowing lamp.
  • Indicator of a malfunction of the power unit control mechanism. The sensor in normal mode lights up in orange, after starting it goes out. A flashing or steadily burning lamp indicates a malfunction in the system. This function is used on the dashboard VAZ-2107 (injector).
  • Parking brake applied - sensor lights red.
  • There are also signaling devices for the distance traveled, fuel reserve, fuel level.
dashboard vaz 2107 price
dashboard vaz 2107 price

Key controls

The VAZ-2107 dashboard, the price of which in its modern version varies within 4 thousand rubles, is equipped with key switches. Basic elements of this type:

  • Outdoor light switch. Works in three positions, signaling the inclusion of instrument lighting and parking light, additional activation of the low beam, off external lighting.
  • Regulator for heated rear window. It is activated when the ignition is on.
  • Rear fog light controller. The mode is activated with active low beamby pressing the appropriate key.
  • Heat fan switch. The appliance operates at low and high speeds.

Additional pilot lamps:

  • Indicator notifying about unfastened seat belts (signals with a red color).
  • Sensor for heated rear window (lit orange).
  • Brake warning lamp.


Tuning the dashboard of the VAZ-2107 allows you to radically change the interior of the cabin, since there are plenty of materials and gadgets for this purpose on the market. It is recommended to start improving the panel with the installation of the original backlight. This will not only improve the knot aesthetically, but will also allow you not to strain your eyes at night. Other options for tuning the panel include installing a white instrument scale, finishing the arrows, installing a modern audio system, lining the case with innovative materials, and much more, for which there is enough money and imagination. To get a 100% effect, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.

LED backlight of the dashboard VAZ-2107

Such equipment gives the car dashboard a modern and original look. For tuning, you will need 8 or 10 3-volt LEDs, a special connecting cable and a pair of 680 Ohm resistor elements.

dashboard vaz 2107 scheme
dashboard vaz 2107 scheme

Stages of work:

  1. First cut off the heads of the LEDs using a file. Then the entire surface is sanded, cleaned and cut into pieces of 30 mm wiremolex type. They are bent in the form of the letter "G", soldered into the places where the LEDs will be mounted. One branch of the light element is attached to them by soldering.
  2. At the second stage of mounting the LED backlight of the VAZ-2107 dashboard, the diodes are trimmed. Then the cable is cut and the wiring is formed. Four elements are soldered in series into one circuit, and the side LED is connected through a resistor. Minus and plus is taken from the contacts of the old suspension.
  3. At the final stage, the brightness is adjusted in the middle two circuits equipped with four diodes.

Highlight arrows

Another option for upgrading the electronic dashboard of the VAZ-2107 is the illumination of the arrows. The operation is as follows:

electronic dashboard vaz 2107
electronic dashboard vaz 2107
  • Determine the length of the arrows and carefully grind the plexiglass with a sharp point at the bottom.
  • At an angle of 45 degrees, the opposite end of the arrow is ground, after which it is attached to the glue. The element is painted with red varnish in several layers, a furniture plug is used as a fixative.
  • You will need to weigh the old and new arrows. The difference should not exceed 100 milligrams. They dismantle the white scales, install a pair of LEDs, which are tinted with black paint on the sides.
  • In case of light transmission from under the arrow, you need to make a ring, varnish it and put it on the scale. Diodes are fixed to the dimensions. Properly made fixture will provide brightness even in the daytime.

Do-it-yourself panel replacement

You can replace the dashboard on the VAZ-2107 as follows:

  • Disconnect car wiring from minus AB.
  • Pry off with a screwdriver and carefully remove the nozzles from the heater control knobs.
  • Unscrew the nut securing the meter reset handle along with the washer, then push the handle into the niche behind the dashboard.
  • Use a thin screwdriver to remove the panel fixing screw caps.
  • Unscrew the fixing screws.
  • Carefully dismantle the dashboard of the VAZ-2107.
  • Gamma cable is disconnected after unscrewing the knurled nut of the speedometer drive.
  • The vacuum supply hose is removed from the econometric fitting.
  • Carefully remove the blocks of three-color wires assembled into one bundle.
  • The panel can now be completely removed from the vehicle.
dashboard vaz 2107 injector
dashboard vaz 2107 injector

If necessary, replace lamp indicators, install LED backlight or a new “tidy”. The installation operation is carried out in the reverse order of the removal process.