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"Niva" on caterpillars is an original all-terrain vehicle

"Niva" on caterpillars is an original all-terrain vehicle
"Niva" on caterpillars is an original all-terrain vehicle

Four-wheel drive cars like our "Niva" with winter tires in most cases do not cope so badly with snow-covered tracks. However, if you want to drive off-road, which is littered with snowdrifts, then many of us want to have our own tank or at least an all-terrain vehicle on tracks.

Niva on tracks

Benefits of caterpillars

For harsh roads (hard places, swamps, mud, snow, difficult climbs, sand, etc.), the Niva on tracks or any other tracked transport can become the most passable vehicle. It is noteworthy that the tracks have a larger bearing area than conventional tires, and are also equipped with special high-quality lugs that enable the vehicle to increase even the most significant off-road performance.

Thus, most expeditionary, rotational and reconnaissance, as well as army all-terrain vehicles have tracks, since high cross-country ability is most important for such equipment. But, as studies have shown, caterpillars for the Niva car and other civilian vehicles are not useful.always, because on the asph alt road they are quite noisy and do not allow to reach the maximum speed.

However, cases when there is a need to get into remote villages or areas with heavy snowfalls and a long snow period are not so rare. And in this case, modern drivers simply need tracks for the Niva, which in a matter of minutes can turn a simple car into a real all-terrain vehicle.

Caterpillars for the Niva car

What can your Niva do?

The tracks will go well not only with the Niva, but also with many other vehicle models. So, "Niva" on tracks will perfectly move off-road, overcoming even the most impassable and most difficult terrain without any effort. Also, caterpillars for the "Niva" are often used for driving in deep snow. With such an upgrade, the functionality of your SUV will increase several times.

If you do not have money for branded tracks for your car, we recommend that you make tracks for the Niva with your own hands, which will significantly save your costs for upgrading the car. For example, a caterpillar can be made from old tires from a truck. To do this, it is necessary to cut out a treadmill from tires, which still has a tread. So, now you can pay less attention to the lugs, since the tire tread can work quite efficiently.

How to put on caterpillars?

Caterpillars oncornfield with your own hands

To make the "Niva" look good on the tracks, you need to put the tracks with ramps on the road, and then drive on them. Further, special clamps will immediately automatically fix them. Caterpillars, which adhere quite tightly to the tires, are set in motion by the rotation of the wheels of your car. Turning the steering wheel will turn the wheels, while simultaneously driving the tracks.

It is noteworthy that the "Niva" on caterpillars when leaving the asph alt can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. But it is very important to take into account the fact that installing tracks instead of wheels takes a lot of time, and besides, it requires you to have special equipment. But be that as it may, this is a rather convenient and necessary device for the Niva in our time!

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