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Do-it-yourself winch for UAZ
Do-it-yourself winch for UAZ

Active recreation has become more accessible than twenty years ago. Many thrill-seekers equip Soviet UAZ and Niva SUVs and try to overcome places where an ordinary passenger car cannot pass. But even an experienced driver can get into a situation where you need to pull the car out of a pit or mud. And it’s good if there are people and equipment nearby. And if in the deep forest alone or with family?

do-it-yourself winch for UAZ
do-it-yourself winch for UAZ

In this case, only a winch can save you. You just need to find a suitable support (a fairly thick tree pole or boulder) and secure yourself with a cable. Rest assured, the winch, for example, installed on the UAZ Patriot, will slowly but surely pull your car out of the sand, mud or pit. But there is one downside - the price. This device is not affordable for every motorist. That is why in our today's review we will talk about how to assemble a winch on a UAZ in a makeshift way.

What does a DIY winch look like?

A winch assembled in a garage is a device thatcapable of moving, moving and pulling heavy vehicles out of the mud. Initially, it looks like the photo below.

winch for uaz
winch for uaz

Homemade fixture comes in different designs. Here are the most common:

  • hand winch;
  • device with hydraulic motor;
  • mechanical (gross);
  • motorized.

The above types of winches have a simple and understandable principle of operation: a steel cable of a certain diameter is wound onto a drum mounted on a car. This "rope" is wound by the gearbox or by the person himself (using, say, a crowbar). Outwardly, such a winch (this device can be attached to the UAZ 469) and its other varieties are very similar, but differ significantly in speed, gearbox power and size.

How does a manual winch work?

A hand winch (mounted on the UAZ "Loaf", for example) has the simplest design. The cable is wound onto the drum with a lever (you can use a small crowbar or mount). Such a device has its advantages:

  • independence from energy sources and other resources;
  • quite small size and light weight;
  • availability (low price);
  • as the lever increases, the winch traction increases.

Among the shortcomings, discomfort can be distinguished when working in inappropriate conditions (rain, snow, frost, mud).

winch for UAZ loaf
winch for UAZ loaf

Gross or mechanical winch

The essence of the work of thistype is that the device is connected to the drive shaft of the SUV motor. There are no other power sources. The main advantages of a mechanical winch on UAZ are a simple and understandable design of the device, low price and the ability to control the speed of winding the cable on the drum by increasing or decreasing the engine speed. The disadvantages are obvious: the functionality of the node depends on the he alth of the engine.

Hydraulic motor winch

A fairly common type. The beauty of this winch is that it can be mounted on any vehicle that has a hydraulic pump, including UAZ. The winch with a hydraulic system is quite powerful, has small dimensions, quiet running. True, the installation depends on the presence of a hydraulic booster in the car. Without this element, it will not work.

Electric Winch

This type is the most popular among many car enthusiasts. The main part of this winch is an electric drive, which is powered by on-board wiring. It's pretty easy to manage. The advantage of an electric winch is that it can work without a running engine, that is, autonomously. The principle of its operation is simple: it is necessary to unwind the required length of the cable, fix it and start the electric drive. Mounted on a special power bumper (its diagram is shown below).

winch for UAZ 469
winch for UAZ 469

Electric winch advantages:

  • quite high speed of the electric drive when winding the cable;
  • independence from running engine;
  • easy to use;
  • the ability to equip the device with additional sensors.

Disadvantages include moisture intolerance, relatively low battery power and high cost.

And now let's move on to the pressing issue. How to make a winch on a UAZ with your own hands?

Making a homemade part is quite real. To do this, you need to have the necessary tools, materials, skills and patience. A do-it-yourself installed winch (on a UAZ) must have a high torque in order to pull heavy vehicles out of mud or sand. Some car owners do not believe that a reliable fixture can be made at home. But it's real. And most importantly - it will save money and not buy an expensive thing.

Materials needed to make a winch:

  • 30x30 mm square frame tube;
  • pipe with a diameter of 150-180 mm for the future drum;
  • four metal sheets (5 mm thick) for the manufacture of the working surface and drum discs;
  • metal studs (M12 and M14) 200 mm long - six pieces;
  • six pieces of 12 mm pipe, 200 mm long;
  • chain, two stars, hub for installing the shaft and drum.

You will also need a cable of a certain length, a reliable carabiner, a welding machine, a grinder, paintwork materials.

Important to know

Before you start any business, it is advisable to draw up a clear plan of action. You need to draw a drawing with sequential steps for assembling a homemade winch. This is realwill facilitate the work, save time and nerves.

Do-it-yourself UAZ winch manufacturing steps

  • We take a grinder and cut a square pipe, and then we connect the parts by welding. We check their perpendicularity, equality of angles, dimensions. The platform for the winch on the UAZ is fixed, then we make special holes in it, with which the motor will be attached. The essence of the next stage is to clean, prime and paint the resulting structure. Then we proceed to the manufacture of the drum.
  • winch installation on UAZ
    winch installation on UAZ
  • From a sheet of metal we cut out two circles of 350 mm each, and in the center we drill a hole where the shaft will be attached. Around it, along a circumference of 80 mm, we drill six identical holes. Then four more for mounting the hub. We fix the prepared studs, put pipes with a diameter of 12 mm on them, and cover them with a second disk on top, tightening the whole thing with nuts.
  • A drum is put on the already assembled shaft. A hub and a large star are fixed outside.
  • The drum itself is attached to the base of the winch. The shaft is fixed with a hub and prepared bolts. We put the motor on a dry site. Its output shaft must have a small star. Then a special chain of a suitable size is put on and the tension is set (it should not hang or be overtight).
  • When adjusting it, you need to look so that the chain does not interfere with winding the cable on the drum. After this adjustment, securely fix the motor.
  • The cable is attached to the shaft and tightly wound onto the finished drum. We strengthencarabiner and steel hook. Do-it-yourself winch for UAZ is assembled and ready for use. Feel free to experience!

Yes, about the time spent at work. As a rule, installing a winch on a UAZ is not a very long process. Ten hours is enough.

Making a winch from a starter

Many do not know, but the winch can be made from a conventional starter. It works the same as above. The only difference is that instead of a motor, she has a working starter. For such a device, a planetary gearbox is better suited, which can be removed from the “penny” or “six” engine. A self-made adapter is attached to it, and then a starter. We put the gears on the input shaft so that they fit together. Next, install the starter and connect the wiring.

Handmade ratchet winch

For a device of this type, we need a brake mechanism from a KamAZ truck. This mechanism is able to withstand a load of up to six tons.

We disassemble the gearbox, pull out the gears, dismantling the so-called "worm mechanism". To do this, we need to knock out the splined shaft with a hammer. You can squeeze it out with a press, but not everyone has it.

winch for uaz patriot
winch for uaz patriot

We weld the resulting parts together according to the plan. We remove the gear, vertically fix the pipe in a vise. Between the slots and the tube we drive nails opposite each other. This will help center the mechanism on the gear.

After that, we cut the nail heads under the root and strengthen the structure by welding. Insert the gear into the bodygearbox, simultaneously with the "worm". The shaft is driven into the "worm". To install the drum, take two washers and weld them to the drive shaft.

The work is finished, now you can install the winch on the UAZ and use the useful device.

DIY motorcycle winch

You won't believe it, but a winch can be made from an old motorcycle lying around, or rather, from some parts that are great for making a "home-made" mechanism.

install winch on uaz
install winch on uaz

As in previous versions, we fix the motor to the frame. The working part of the winch is made of the main sprocket (it is located on the engine). A motorcycle chain is perfect for our needs. We fix the drum with previously prepared nuts and bolts. If the design allows, then longitudinal holes can be made on the frame. They will allow the drum to move, which will help adjust the chain tension.

In closing

You yourself have seen today that it is quite possible to assemble a winch yourself and from improvised means. The main thing is to have material, tools, perseverance and desire. And the result of your efforts will be a winch - you really need a device on the farm.

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