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UAZ diesel: tuning, operation and repair. Overview of UAZ cars
UAZ diesel: tuning, operation and repair. Overview of UAZ cars

The UAZ car (diesel), the operation and repair of which is simple and affordable, is produced in various modifications. Consider the features of the versions using the example of two popular modifications: 469 and "Patriot", as well as a brief overview of other variations of the car from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

Domestic car UAZ

Features of installing a diesel unit on UAZ-469

When installing a diesel version of the engine on a traditional gasoline version of the 469 series, suitable analogues from foreign cars (Nissan, Toyota SUVs) are most often used. Among the advantages of the power unit:

  • best propensity for cargo transportation;
  • lower specific consumption compared to gasoline;
  • environmental friendliness, due to the lower content of lead in high-quality diesel fuel;
  • high reliability and maintainability.

Among the main disadvantages are the poor performance of a diesel engine at low temperatures, especially in the conditions of the regions of the Far North. The repair of such an engine also does not please many consumers, sincecosts more than its gasoline counterpart.

During the operation, tuning and repair of UAZ (diesel) black or blue exhaust emissions are often observed. This can be considered both a minus and a plus, depending on the aesthetic preferences of the owner, but it does not pose a threat to the car. Either way, the choice is yours!

What kind of diesel can be put on the UAZ "Loaf"?

Before changing a gasoline engine to a diesel counterpart, in the case of this model, you must carefully weigh the pros and cons. If you have the right equipment and the ability to properly maintain, go ahead and experiment!

The second subtlety that needs to be taken into account in this matter is who will be responsible for the installation, tuning, operation and repair of the UAZ diesel? It is advisable to make sure that there is a company near you that guarantees a quality transformation of engines. This procedure can be done on your own, but it is quite difficult to perform. You will need special tools for removing and installing mechanisms that are difficult to deploy without an assistant. The best option is to contact a specialized service station, where specialists will correctly and reliably mount all the elements in a short time.

UAZ diesel car engine


First of all, you need to decide on the configuration of the diesel UAZ model. It takes into account the dimensions, technical parameters and cost of the unit. Most foreign high-quality installations have a high price, from 40 thousand rubles and more. But determined owners of domesticthis fact does not stop SUVs.

Many craftsmen opt for a simple two-liter engine with atmospheric cooling type "C-T" ("Toyota"). This modification causes a rather low power indicator (88 horsepower), as well as a low speed parameter. The version of the Nissan TD-27-ETI diesel engine will become more relevant. In this version, 130 "horses" allow you to cope with the real tasks of transporting goods and passengers.

Also, units from Mercedes (OM-616) are considered popular diesel engines for Loaf. They have proved to be excellent, do not require special maintenance, are reliable and practical. The only negative is problems with dynamics.

UAZ "Patriot" diesel (ZMZ)

Modifications of this machine on a gasoline or diesel run do not have any special differences. The power of the second option is lower (128 hp), but the disadvantage is offset by improved torque (270 versus 217 Nm). The difference is especially noticeable off-road.

It is worth noting that a gasoline engine "eats" about 12 liters per 100 kilometers, and fuel consumption on a UAZ diesel is 2-3 liters less. Taking into account the characteristics of driving and the cost of fuel. The high-speed threshold of a car in diesel fuel is 135 km / h. This is 15 kilometers less than the gasoline counterpart. Due to the design differences between the two different types of engines, the engine compartment of each variation is made differently.

Gasoline and diesel engine UAZ

Exploitation nuances

The use of dieselmotors requires compliance with certain rules. This is due to the fact that this type of fuel has a high sensitivity to thermal parameters. Experts recommend following these tips:

  1. Do not start the engine at sub-zero temperatures immediately. It is advisable to put the ignition key in the first position, and then wait 2-3 minutes. After that, the engine can be started, since the fuel filter will preheat to the desired condition.
  2. The vehicle must be run-in. For the first 2.5 thousand kilometers, use the car in a gentle mode, with a minimum load.
  3. Pour into the fuel tank diesel fuel that meets the Euro-3 standard and higher.

It so happened that for UAZ-diesel tuning, operation and repair are more expensive than gasoline counterparts. However, the savings are manifested in an increase in the carrying capacity and operation of the vehicle. However, under critical driving conditions, the service life of the power unit is reduced significantly due to sudden overheating.


Any power unit needs timely maintenance. This procedure includes changing the oil every eight thousand kilometers. This approach makes it possible to ensure the extension of the working life of internal rubbing parts. To optimize the procedure, it is recommended to use the same brand of lubricant.

Another nuance is the timely replacement of the timing belt. It must be carried out after every 60 thousand kilometers. ATotherwise, the risk of unexpected breakage of the element increases, which is fraught with damage to the cylinder heads and their associated parts. It is also necessary to change the fuel filter element after 8 thousand vehicle operation. As evidenced by the reviews, the UAZ "Patriot" with a diesel "engine" requires flushing the fuel tanks every two years, as sediment and related debris accumulate in the tanks.

UAZ 3162 car

Motor tuning

You can improve the performance, regardless of which engine is installed on the UAZ, as follows:

  1. Carrying out chip tuning, which is expressed in the modernization of the power unit control program. The procedure makes it possible to increase the overall power of the “engine”, start in idle mode at a cold start, and engine performance.
  2. Mount an additional turbine that increases the performance of the power unit. In this direction, additional software development is practiced.
  3. Further tuning of the UAZ "Patriot" (reviews confirm this), consists in carrying out activities with the rest of the elements of the car. This category includes improving noise, thermal insulation and interior refinement.

Structural moments

The cylinder block and motor head of the machine are made of aluminum alloy by special hardfacing. This made it possible to significantly reduce the weight of the power plant. The UAZ Hunter engine (diesel ZMZ) is located superficially, with a separate position of the intake and exhaust valves.

Gas distributionthe mechanism functions with the help of an intermediate shaft and related elements. The stabilization of the mechanism is carried out by means of hydraulic tensioners and special resting mechanisms.

Attachment is actuated by activating V-belts driven by a gear train. The control of the thermal gap is carried out by means of hydraulic compensators. Each combustion chamber has four valves responsible for intake and exhaust. The piston group of the device works according to the scheme 1/3/4/2.

Characteristics of UAZ diesel

Character failures

The table below shows the main problems that occur during the operation, tuning and repair of the UAZ diesel.



No or poor fuel supply to the pumping unit

Cleaning the strainer element

Difficulty starting the engine in sub-zero temperatures

Checking and replacing, if necessary, candles or incandescent relays

Motor poorly develops the specified power indicators

Fuel needs to be adjusted

Similar failures in terms of power reduction

Violation of sealing, malfunction of the timing or turbine compressor

Smoke power unit

Increasedoil content, clogged filter, refrigerant leakage into working cylinders

Increased oil consumption

Long operation at low speeds, breakdown of the coolant status indicator, malfunction of the air filter, thermostat

Tuning UAZ diesel

Consumer Feedback

As the reviews about the UAZ Patriot confirm, the correct installation of the unit plays an important role on the diesel version. In addition, it is necessary to correctly match the motor with the gearbox. For example, on the "machine" it will be enough to reflash the on-board computer, which will make it possible to make the aggregation of nodes as logical as possible.

Mechanics in this regard is much more finicky. It is necessary to install such a box that is ideal for a specifically installed diesel engine (ZMZ UAZ "Hunter" or analogues). In any case, it is better to entrust the work to specialists if there are no appropriate skills and one hundred percent certainty.

Upgraded UAZ diesel

A brief overview of UAZ cars

For comparison, below are the most popular modifications of the latest generation of machines from Ulyanovsk manufacturers:

  1. Model with the intriguing name "Naughty", series 3150.
  2. Army copy 3151.
  3. Models 31512/514/519, differing only in equipment.
  4. Long-breasted, cargo-passenger, special variations.
  5. Minibuses.
  6. Ambulances and ambulances.
  7. Crossovers.
  8. Isothermalversion.

What kind of diesel engine to install on UAZ, discussed above. However, this decision requires a balanced approach and expert advice.

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